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Fitted for your baby’s most comfortable adventures

  • Designed to support the ideal frog-position, acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI)
  • Special stretchy materials allow the shape to adapt perfectly to the child’s body
  • Unique and patented Airgonomics air cushion supports the baby and evenly distributes the weight when sitting outward facing
  • Moisture-absorbing Lyocell on the inside for a comfortable environment
  • Fold-down head support gives the baby extra space and a great view
  • Size-adjustable shoulder straps give more space for the baby’s head
  • Steplessly adjustable and padded zippers enable an ergonomic sitting position when sitting outward facing
  • Soft and removable sun canopy with UPF50+ protects from sunshine, shields from stimuli and adds extra head support

Mistake-proof safety design

  • Flex-Shape Buckle only opens with a press-and-slide motion
  • Thoroughly chemical-tested
  • Waist belt safety-buckle can only be opened in a 3-point-contact
  • Chest strap when back carrying prevents the straps from sliding and adds comfort
  • Extensively tested for material durability
  • High-quality fabrics and sturdy YKK zippers
  • Tested and approved to CEN TR 16512

So comfy, so adaptable, so easy

  • The Flex-Shape Buckle automatically adjusts to the parent’s body shape
  • Comfortable design with cross-straps distributes the weight evenly
  • Easily adjustable waist belt fits from sizes XS to XXL
  • Flex-Shape Buckle enables pulling into any direction to tighten the shoulder straps
  • Removable Comfort Pads protect the skin and reduce pressure from straps
  • Easy-access pockets allow quickly storing a bank card, keys, etc.
  • Included storage bag makes bringing along the carrier easy
  • Strap ends can conveniently be rolled up and secured with elastic bands

The BeSafe Flex-Shape Buckle

Adapts to parents of all shapes and sizes

The Flex-Shape Buckle has a unique construction that automatically rotates into the position that fits best to the parent’s shape and size. No extra adjustments, no straps cutting into the skin, no loose strap fit. The Flex-Shape Buckle is also one of the few buckle constructions in the market that allows parents to tighten the straps by pulling forward instead of to the back. This makes putting the carrier on quick, easy and especially comfortable for new mums who often experience back or shoulder pain.

The BeSafe Airgonomics

For extra comfort, while outward facing

Airgonomics is a unique integrated air pillow that is developed and patented by BeSafe and incorporated in the waist belt of BeSafe Haven. Equipped with a special vault, in can be inflated in seconds and gives the child a comfortable area to sit on while outward facing. This way, Airgonomics not only facilitates a healthy spine and hip position while outward facing, but also helps to distribute the child’s weight onto the waist belt to also give the parent the most comfortable carrying experience.

High-quality materials

Smart functionality for a comfortable carrying experience

The outer material of BeSafe Haven is made of 96% polyester, which has a high tensile strength to endure all kinds of everyday usage and great colour fastness. The 4% spandex added material flexibility and helps to adapt to and support the baby’s shape. On the inside, 40% cotton is soft against the baby’s skin and adds strength to support the baby. 60% are made of Lyocell, a natural lyocell fibre extracted from sustainable wood that enables great breathability and transports moisture away from the baby.

“The material is very comfortable on the skin and in the Zagreb summer heat, Lyocell is a complete hit! I was less hot in Haven than in a net carrier. The carrier is very comfortable and soft. Haven is a good choice to wear front during the first year of a baby’s life”.


  • Approved: CEN TR 16512 & Acknowledgement by IHDI (International Hip Dysplasia Institue)
  • Machine-washable: Yes, after removing the Airgonomics™ air cushion
  • Outside materials: 96% polyester, 4% spandex
  • Inside materials: 60% Lyocell, 40% cotton
  • All fabrics are following the strict REACH standards


Suitable for

Up to 15kg, From 55cm

Baby Carrier Mode

Back, Front facing in, Front facing out

Car Seat Child height (min)


Weight capacity (max)



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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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