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Car Seats

Looking for help and advice? Try reading our guide on choosing your first car seat.

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Beach Blue (Plus)Beach Blue (Plus)
Hibiscus Red (Plus)Hibiscus Red (Plus)
Lava Grey (Comfort)Lava Grey (Comfort)
Lava Grey (Plus)Lava Grey (Plus)
Moon Black (Comfort)Moon Black (Comfort)
Ocean Blue (Plus)Ocean Blue (Plus)
From: £237.95
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RRP £17.00
From: £299.00
From: £360.00
Leaf Green (Plus)Leaf Green (Plus)
Mirage Grey (Comfort)Mirage Grey (Comfort)
Mirage Grey (Plus)Mirage Grey (Plus)
Peach Pink (Plus)Peach Pink (Plus)
Platinum White (Plus)Platinum White (Plus)
Sepia Black (Comfort)Sepia Black (Comfort)
From: £249.95
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Autumn GoldAutumn Gold
From: £199.99
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Authentic BlackAuthentic Black
Authentic CognacAuthentic Cognac
Authentic GraphiteAuthentic Graphite
Authentic GreyAuthentic Grey
From: £249.99
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Essential BlackEssential Black
Essential GraphiteEssential Graphite
Essential GreyEssential Grey
From: £167.99
Anthracite MeshAnthracite Mesh
From: £509.00
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Mirage Grey (Comfort)Mirage Grey (Comfort)
Mirage Grey (Plus)Mirage Grey (Plus)
Off White (Plus)Off White (Plus)
Peach Pink (Plus)Peach Pink (Plus)
Sepia Black (Comfort)Sepia Black (Comfort)
Sepia Black (Plus)Sepia Black (Plus)
From: £174.95

Car Seats, Infant Carriers & Booster Seats

Your little one's car seat is perhaps the most important piece of equipment you will ever buy, so it is imperative that you purchase something suitable for your baby, car and of course, your budget. At Pushchair Expert, we know that no one wants to compromise on safety, so we are here to guide and advise every step of the way and with our qualified car seat fitting experts, you and your little ones are in safe hands. We have a wide range of seats available, so whether you are looking for your baby's first infant carrier, a seat that will last you from birth to 12 years old, or want more advice about extended rear-facing seats, our specialist team are on hand to support you.

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