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BOB Revolution SE Parent Review

My name is Jeanne. I`m a proud forces wife, and stay at home mum to my two gorgeous children. Joseph has just turned 5 and started `foundation class` at big school. Elise is 14 months old and keeps me very busy at home. She is always on the go, and into everything! My husband is in the Royal Navy and can be away a lot, which means a lot of the time, it`s just me and the kids. When he is home, we like to do fun things together as a family. We`ve just got a Springer Spaniel puppy, and enjoy taking him on long walks through the woods, country parks, and anywhere he can have a good run, and sometimes a swim! I`m really looking forward to being able to put the BOB stroller through its paces, and especially excited to be able to go out jogging with my little one – something which has been impossible for me to do when my husband is away.

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