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iCandy Orange - The Pushchair With The Most Configurations

The iCandy Orange is the pushchair parents all over the country are lusting after at the moment. 

16th May 2017
Sophie Bell

Here at Pushchair Expert, we're bringing you all the juice on this ground breaking, futureproof set of wheels.

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With 30 different ways to set this multi-mode pushchair up, there's nothing it can't do. If we were to list every single configuration, then we'd be here a very long time! You can check out all of the fab modes that the Orange can be set up in the image below.

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We've had a month or so to play with the Orange since its star studded futuristic launch in February and we've given it a thorough testing in our full review. We've picked out three of our favourite modes to give you a teaser on what the Orange is capable of and just how fabulous it really is!



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We love this set-up for an older baby and sibling. The integrated ride-on board, which is situated between the rear wheels of the Orange, can hold an incredible 20kg! We tested the Orange with a just under 2 year old in the seat unit parent facing with a nearly 6 year old on the board. It was so lovely to see the siblings chat with each other and interact as we strolled, whilst the older child still had the option to hop on and off the board as they wished. The included elevators give the child on the board more space which means they can find the perfect position to balance comfortably instead of being squashed between the seat unit and the handlebar.



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Our second favourite mode that has to have a mention is when used with the carrycot in the parent facing position, whilst the toddler seat is in a forward facing position. This configuration is perfect for parents who have children with a small age gap, so for a toddler and a newborn baby. The included elevators add height to the seat so your toddler can be inquisitive and take in their surroundings, and the bonus of having the carrycot facing you means your newborn is right in your line of vision so you can keep an eye on them at all times. There's even room in the basket still too, which can be accessed from the large gap at the front of the pushchair. Both the carrycot and seat unit are full sized and both babies can travel in comfort and style. 



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If you have twins or children of a similar age, then the cinema style seating offered by the Orange is just perfect. With the Orange, you don't need to worry about one baby being in the ‘bottom' seat or slumming it in the basket - both children can have equal vision of the world or their parent, whichever they prefer. We loved to roll with both children facing us whilst we had a clear vision of both little faces. We all had some great conversations together and nobody felt left out!

Whichever configuration you choose to set the Orange up in, one thing is for certain - you won't find a more flexible pushchair out there, it truly is futureproof.

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