What Do You Really Know About i-Size?

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What Do You Really Know About i-Size?

The new i-Size regulations are set to radically change the car seat market but how much do you actually know about it? For many the answer is not much. With it being such a big game-changer for the car seat market, we have asked leading car seat manufacturer Maxi-Cosi to simply and easily explain these new rules. So, if you are expecting a baby or have a young child get clued up by reading the below and watching our video!

1st September 2017
Sophie Bell
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Here we talk to Nikki Bhogal, Head of Marketing UKI, from Maxi-Cosi on everything you need to know about i-Size.

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If you could sum up the impact the new i-Size regulations will have in one sentence, what would that be?


The first phase of the latest car seat safety regulation, known as R129, that aims to bring the safety performance of car seats for children from birth to 105cm to a new, higher level.


Ok, so can you explain simply the new i-Size regulations?

i-Size is a new European car seat safety standard that came into force in July 2013 and forms part of the R129 regulations. R129 aims to increase the safety of children in cars by bringing the safety performance of the car seats to a new, higher level.

i-Size is the name of the first phase of the new R129 legislation ensuring enhanced performance criteria for car seats for children from birth to 105cm (approx. 4 years) which are installed with ISOFIX. R129 was developed using the very latest research into child safety in cars and is therefore the future of car seat safety legislation, but will continue to run side-by- side with ECE R44/04 in the years to come.



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What is the difference between this and the old legislation?


The table below highlights the main and most important differences between R44/04 and the newer i-Size (R129) regulation.


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As a leading car seat manufacturer in the UK, are you confident the new i-Size regulations and car seats will better protect little ones in a car?


Most definitely! There are a number of key safety benefits of the i-Size (R129) regulation namely:


• i-Size car seats offer improved protection at higher forces for side and front impact and a much better protection of head and neck.


• Unlike the R44/04 regulation which allows a baby to move to a forward facing toddler car seat at 9kgs (approx. 9 months), under the i-Size regulation, rearward facing travel is mandatory up to 15 months. This means a baby's head and neck will be fully supported in a potential impact, for a much longer period of time. Many i-Size


• i-Size car seats require installation with an ISOFIX base. This greatly reduces the risk of incorrect car seat installation. Maxi-Cosi bases all provide visual and/or audio feedback when the base and car seat are installed correctly.


• Lastly, i-Size car seats are classified according to a child's height rather than weight, making it easier to select the correct car seat for each child.


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What are the benefits of rearward facing a child for longer?


It is very important for a new born baby to remain rearward-facing for as long as possible. When a baby is born, it does not have a fully developed bone structure or adequate muscle strength and is therefore unable to prevent its relatively large and heavy head from being thrown forward in the event of an impact.


When a baby is rearward-facing, its head and neck is fully supported by the car seat, with the forces of an impact being spread over the whole back and not just the head and neck.


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Are i-Size seats available to buy now? What ones should parents be looking at?


Yes, Maxi-Cosi i-Size car seats are available to purchase in stores and we have three award-winning i-Size car seats in our current range namely:


Pebble Plus baby car seat (from birth to 75cm) used in combination with the 2wayFix Base

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2wayPearl toddler car seat (from 67 to 105cm) used in combination with the 2wayFix Base

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AxissFix toddler car seat (from 61 to 105cm)

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The Pebble Plus, 2wayPearl and 2wayFix Base make up our 2wayFamily collection and allow for extended rearward-facing travel from birth to approx. 4 years. The AxissFix is our 360° swivelling car seat that provides optimal ease of use.


If you go in to a shop, will an advisor know about i-Size and be able to advise on the best seat to get?


Yes, at Maxi-Cosi we pride ourselves in providing all sales staff with consistent and up-to- date training on the latest in car seat safety regulations as well thorough demonstrations and product info on our entire car seat range. As a result all sales staff will be able to confidently guide you to the best i-Size car seat for your child.


i-Size can be quite overwhelming for parents who are not familiar with car seat safety regulations. Do you have a leaflet that summarises all there is to know about i-Size that parents can refer to and pass on to others?


Yes, understanding what parents need is at the heart of our manifesto and we realise that i-Size can be a lot to take in and remember at first. As a result, we have compiled a really simple and easy to understand infographic that details all there is to know about i-Size. Simply click on the infographic below and print it out to keep as handy reminder or to share with friends and family

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