Top Tips For Keeping Your Pushchair Clean

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Top Tips For Keeping Your Pushchair Clean

We all love taking our little ones for a stroll at the weekends, whether it is stomping the urban jungle, or climbing hills and traversing ravines in the wild, there is nothing better than getting out and about with your children. The one downfall however, is the dirty pushchair at the end of it. But worry no longer, because we have a few tips to help keep your buggy spotless.

10th November 2015
Helen Taylor
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REMEMBER: Before doing any cleaning or using any products, always read your pushchairs instruction manual to see what is recommended and check the warning labels on any cleaning agents.

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So let's begin with the toughest part to clean, the fabrics! Some pushchair fabrics can easily be removed from the frame, making it nice and simple to just throw them in the washing machine on a cool wash, with a nice, non-bio detergent, as suggested by Michelle Jones on our Facebook page. But what if this isn't possible? Well, first of all, give the whole stroller a good vacuum to get rid those errant crumbs, grains of sand or pebble collections lodged in the crevasses of the seat. Then get a bucket of warm water, a little bit of soap and a sponge and give it a good scrub.

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Another issue which comes with fabrics is smells. Whether it is smoke, damp, or food, nasty smells can make your pushchair a horrible place for your kiddies to be. A popular way of removing these is by using a steam cleaner. The high temperature of the steam both sanitises surfaces and lifts away grease and grime and for those sticky smells, why not add some scented ironing water to the mix, as suggested by Amanda Gower on Facebook. If you can't get your hands on a steam cleaner, then a good alternative is soaking your fabrics in bicarbonate of soda and water, like Ali Bonner-Evans.




Being exposed to the elements, the chassis can take a bit of a beating. It is therefore, vital to keep it as clean as possible, not just for aesthetic reasons, but safety reasons too! Too much water and grime can cause damage and rust, compromising the safety of the whole pushchair.


Start with the basics. Strip it down to as small as it can go and wash each part individually using a bucket of warm soapy water and a cloth. By breaking it down, you can guarantee that you are getting in all of those hard to reach places. If however, you can't break it down, or you are not confident in doing so, stand the pushchair up with the brakes on and give it a thorough wash.


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If you have a nice glossy chassis, it can be easily susceptible to scratches, making it lose it's shine. Never fear though, we have a solution for you. Using a scratch remover, similar to those used on your car, and a piece of fine steel wool, you can work out those superficial scratches, making it look as good-as-new!




Being in constant contact with the ground, your strollers wheels will always be the grubbiest part. The wheels go through a fair bit of punishment in their lifetime. It is always worth removing them and giving them a brush down after every use to check them over for any rogue stones or sharp objects, which could cause punctures or damage.


With muddy tyres, give them a blast with a hose or pressure washer to dislodge any stubborn traces and then wipe them over with warm, soapy water and a rag. If the mud is dried on, you can attack it with a stiff brush to get the wheels clean.


It is always better to fully remove the wheels when cleaning them. This way you can also clean the connections too, making sure they spin freely and do not catch at all.


Get Dad on it!


Wait, hear us out. As we know, the majority of men love spending time cleaning their cars, for some it is an obsession. So why not utilise this and get dad in to clean the pushchair, he can even use the same products!


For the fabrics, you can use upholstery spray, great for when your little ones may have spilt food and for the plastic parts on the chassis, try a dashboard cleaner.


Speaking of the chassis, why not use car shampoo in your warm water to wash it down? Some of these come with polish too, which will bring your pushchair up nice and shiny, just like the car.


Finally, the wheels can be cleaned using a tyre and rubber. These will return the wheels back to the brilliant black they were when new.


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Have we missed out anything? What tips do you have for keeping your buggy clean? Perhaps your mum passed down a secret tip which works wonders. Why not share them in the comments below and we can put them to the test! 

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