The Joolz Day Tokyo Review

4.5 / 5
Joolz love a limited edition. We have already seen the Nautical version and reviewed the excellent Expedition version. We have now got our hands on their latest limited edition, the Joolz Day Tokyo. What can I say? Wow!

Quick Summary: The Tokyo exudes understated style and is sure to hold is value better than regular models simple because there are less of them. With this in mind, it makes the Tokyo one of our top picks if you are in the market for a set of designer wheels.

Whats good?

  • Great design
  • Limited Edition
  • Quality

Whats not so good?

  • Small basket
  • Stiff seat and bumper bar buttons


The Chassis of the Joolz Day Tokyo has had no upgrades over and above the Joolz Day Expedition, except the colour of course! The Tokyo frame comes in a super cool matt black finish with red Joolz logos on the handle bar. It's beautiful! The red accenting is carried over to the handle where red stitching holds a tan leatherette handle bar grip in place.

The wheels are the familiar Joolz pneumatic design at the rear this time set off in black, as are the EVA front wheels.

The look of the frame is stunning with the details really creating a cohesive feel.

The chassis' functionality is the same as that of the regular Joolz Day, so fold, handle adjustment, brakes etc all operate exactly the same. We love the chunky frame style of the Day and the Tokyo colour pack seems to accentuate this nicely.

As previously, the basket on the Tokyo is hampered by the frame design. It's good for a nappy or two, bottle and a change of clothes, but little else.


The seat  on the Tokyo is made up of hardwearing black fabric covering the black frame surround. When new, the covers come unattached from the frame requiring you to zip them in place. This is a simple task made easy by the excellent zips Joolz have used. Removal is therefore easy as well, making washing a cinch.

The Joolz Day Tokyo seat is long with a back height of 53cms! This probably reflects its Dutch origins (they are a tall nation after all). The footrest can be adjusted over a huge 23cms. This make the Day seat perfect for tall children extending its life through the toddler years.

Tokyo detailing includes a Kamon; Joolz own personalised red Japanese seal on the rear of the seat and a tan leather tab on the rear zip pocket.

The bumper bar that comes with the seat can also be used on the carrycot and has tan leatherette with red stitching as seen on the main handle.

As we mentioned in our previous review, the main seat has great flexibility due to the huge adjustment, but is let down a little by the method of which you open the bumper and/or remove the seat. Both require you to push a grey button into the frame for removal/opening, this can be a bit of a nail breaker.

The 5 point harness is slick with simple adjustment. It's a shame the shoulder height is not variable too.

Lastly, the hood on the main seat of the Joolz Tokyo needs a mention. This is covered in a lovely black suede material and has the mesh peek-a-boo window at the back just as in the Expedition. The interior of the hood is lined in the fabric designed by Hiyoko Imai and features the Joolz Kamon in red and green and her hand drawn trees. If this sounds a bit ho-hum, it's not, the effect is lovely and has to be seen.


Suitable for overnight sleeping, the carrycot for the Joolz Day Tokyo is made of the same hardwearing fabric as the seat and is lined with the patterned material as is the hood. It all feels great to touch with a lovely material choice for the inside of the carrycot. Once again red Joolz logos and that ever present Kamon give the Tokyo feel. The Carrycot hood is made of suede and also lined with Hiyoko Imai's fabrics.

The mattress is nice and thick and made of air flow type material.


I think the footmuff that comes with the Joolz Day is really worth a mention. The materials used are excellent, and I especially love the suede panel sporting a Kamon on the front.

The footmuff has a few little surprises. At the bottom, using a zip, you can open it up around the feet. Inside there is a mesh that allows some air to circulate – perfect for those cold, but ‘hot in the sun' days. In addition, concealed magnets hold the front of the footmuff top down give your little one plenty of space for their arms when they are awake.


You really do get everything with the Tokyo, in addition to the usual plethora of items that fall out of the box, you also get a parasol and changing bag which really do go on to complete the look. Lovely.

Unusually you will also find a Furoshiki included. This is a Japanese wrapping cloth that can be used as anything from a bag to a blanket or bottle insulator. This is a nice little touch that just makes the Joolz Day Tokyo something a little out of the ordinary.


The packaging of a pushchair is never normally something we are too concerned about. Will it survive the journey by courier is usually the only question that gets asked, but Joolz packaging is different. The packaging of the Tokyo goes that extra mile to make the product feel special.

The outer boxing is really clever – the pushchair box can become a chair and the carrycot box can become a birdbox! What a great use of the materials. Of course you could always keep them, making shipping the pushchair easy when you come to sell it.

Internally, the changing bag, footmuff and parasol come in their own mesh bags. This may not seem like much, but who remembers marvelling at the packaging of an iPhone the first time they saw it? Well the effect is similar and at this level, that is important.


So, how to conclude this Joolz Day Tokyo Review? The Joolz day is already a 4 star pushchair. Yes I know the basket is too small and the buttons on the frame and seat can be a little stiff to push in, but I just love the overall product quality and the limited edition appeal of the Tokyo. You are more likely to be the only one pushing a Tokyo down the high street and that's a good feeling!

The devil is in the detail and Joolz make the delivery, un-boxing and ownership of their products something special and that's what purchasing and owning this type of product is all about.

The Tokyo exudes understated style and is sure to hold is value better than regular models simple because there are less of them.

With this in mind, it makes the Tokyo one of our top picks if you are in the market for a set of designer wheels.

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