Stokke Crusi Parent Review

4.5 / 5
My name is Sarah - I am 29 and live in Spalding in Lincolnshire. I have a degree in psychology and love children. I am a stay at home mum to three lovely little girls. Bethannie 7, Emillie 5 and my newest addition Annabelle who was born on 21st June 2014. My days are filled with school runs, clubs and activities. Although I predominantly drive longer distances we walk to school and I often use public transport for days out. My girls accompany me pretty much everywhere, so I am a great fan of investigating child related products that will make both my life and my children's life easier, happier, healthier and stress free!

Quick Summary: Overall I love this pushchair, it is amazing quality and user friendly. I choose to use this over my other pushchairs so I will definitely be recommending to friends. It is expensive, but I think it is worth the higher price tag!

Whats good?

  • Huge basket
  • Large ventilated hood with removable visor
  • Lightweight for its size

Whats not so good?

  • No gate opening bumper bar
  • Hard wheels
  • Only compatible with Besafe car seats

First impressions

To my great excitement the Stokke® Crusi™ arrived today! When I saw a delivery van arrive outside my house I could hardly contain my excitement.

The Stokke® Crusi™ came in three large boxes, one each  for the chassis, seat and carrycot.
The chassis was easy to build with clear instructions. All I had to do was pop the four wheels on and it was ready to go. I noticed straight away how smooth the chassis is with no visible bolts or screws.

The carrycot, seat and chassis each had their own instruction book with very clear picture instructions. The carrycot comes flat but simply requires four supports to bye clicked in and the mattress put in and it's assembled.

I like that the carrycot can be folded flat for storage. You could also use this feature if you are short on car boot space. It did take a little bit of strength to click the supports in so I'm not sure I would want to be folding the carrycot flat on a regular basis, but it does mean you can fit your carrycot in a smaller space. The carry cot is lovely. It's padded and has a great finish. It is large too.

Annabelle is 12 weeks and around 11.5lbs. She is only 25th percentile but has loads of room in the carrycot meaning it will last to at least the required 6month mark. There is plenty room for a big baby too.

The carry cot cover zips down for easy access and the hood is lovely and large. I will be using the carrycot for Annabelle but the seat unit is suitable from birth and comes with a newborn wedge to make it comfortable. I won't be able to use the Stokke as a travel system as it is only compatible with the Stokke® iZi Go™ or iZi Sleep™ by Besafe (which I don't own). A quick look on the Stokke® website explains that the reason for this is because other non Stokke® car seats have the harness accessible from underneath which is dangerous when the Crusi™ is used as a double as the sibling could interfere with the harness. This is Annabelle in the seat unit. I had a quick stroll with it and she was more than comfortable and her head did not shake about. She did not seem too small and the straps were easy to alter. As Annabelle had her 12 week injections today she got fed up of photos but I will take some photos in the future for those considering only buying the seat option.

I normally buy colourful pushchairs but choose the new black option and it looks fantastic! Very stylish. The pram as a whole looks very classy. It is quite large but the basket is huge and it's still easy to push. There are a couple of really nice features such as an elastic loop on the inside of the hood and changing bag rings on the carrycot. I love the changing bag rings. This means you don't need to put your changing bag in the basket or on the handle bar. They are designed to use with the Stokke® changing bag but as my shoulder strap has hooks on my current changing bag clips on too. Overall the Stokke® Crusi™ looks good, is easy to set up and has some amazing features which I will go into one at a time. I am looking forward to our first trip out!

September 26th 2014

We have been out and about with the Stokke® Crusi™ this week and exploring some of its great features. The Carrycot has handles that zip out. This is really handy when lifting the carrycot.

The hood has three settings up, halfway up and down. I really like the visor too which adds extra shade and can be unzipped if you want to.

I also like the safety indicator on the carrycot that turns green when its properly attached to the chassis.

I am loving the basket. It is huge. I can fit two school bags, two school coats, a violin and raincover easily in the basket. Very useful for shopping and the school run. Annabelle has been enjoying the carrycot and seems very happy in it.

October 2nd 2014

I have had the Crusi™ in my car boot. It is easy to fold. The handle is pushed down and two white buttons  on the chassis pressed and its done. The chassis does not lock closed which can make it a little awkward when lifting in and out. I have a Vauxhall Zafira and the Crusi™ fits in my boot (when the back seats are not up) easily. But it is a large boot.

The carrycot does fold flat if you need it to. The chassis is quite long when folded. I think it will be more compact when used with the seat unit as the seat unit will rest inside the chassis. I have had a couple problems with getting the carrycot to click on the chassis properly. The security indicator remains red and sometimes I have to completely take the carrycot off and put it back on. I do think this demonstrates that the security indicators work well. 

October 12th 2014

The wet weather this week has meant I have been able to test the rain cover for the Crusi™. The rain cover comes included with the Crusi™ and fits both the carrycot and the seat unit. I have only so far tested it on the carrycot. It is made of standard rain cover material and is fairly basic. It is shaped and has a window that can be rolled up.

I would have liked to see the rain cover be made of one of the newer fabrics that I have seen on other high end pushchairs which fold small and don't crease. However the rain cover fits easily and nicely covers the whole carrycot. It was quick to put on and not too tight. I did put it on in the house to test before going out in the rain just incase it required a special method but it is easy to fit. I did have a little trouble getting the hood to stay up but found this easier when the extra visor is removed.

The window also lines up better with the visor removed. The rain cover kept the carrycot nice and dry and did not steam up so it did its job. The basket remained relatively dry when sheltered by the carrycot but this may not be the case when the seat is on. A basket rain cover would be good!

October 20th 2014

I have discovered that the Crusi™ has two handle height settings. I initially thought there was only one. I tend to store the Crusi™ in my hallway so baby can nap in the day and I push the handle down to take up a little less space. When pulling the handle back up it clicks first into a lower setting, then the button can be pressed again for the higher setting.

However it does not seem to click into the lower setting when pushing the handle down. The higher setting is quite high for a shorter parent so the adjustable handle bar is great. The carrycot is harder to remove on the lower setting.

October 26th 2014

This week Annabelle and the Crusi™ have been to The Baby Show in London. I was very excited to be able to go and as my friend offered to drive was able to take the Crusi™. As we had two pushchairs to fit in the car I had to use the seat rather than the carrycot. I was a little nervous as Annabelle loves the carrycot. The seat unit is suitable from birth with the seat wedge. The straps are easy to alter so Annabelle was nice and secure. I was worried the straps would annoy her but she was fine.

I don't have a footmuff for the Crusi™ but as I knew the venue was going to be warm I tucked a blanket around Annabelle. She slept most of the day and was so happy we even got a smile at the photo stand.

The hood gave Annabelle lots of privacy. The basket was really useful and I was able to fill it with freebies. I really like that the seat has changing bag hooks so it doesn't take up room in the basket. I also invested in some buggy hooks I don't normally like to hang anything on the handle bar but as I had lots of light bags I thought I'd give them a try. The Crusi™ felt nice and stable, no dreaded tipping.

I also invested in a cupholder that easily clicks on the handlebar with no adaptors. I am pleased I took the Crusi™, Annabelle was very comfy and I was able to carry all my shopping! 

November 3rd 2014

I am still having problems clicking the carrycot on the chassis. I have to put the left side on first or the safety indicator stays red. I was unable to use the Crusi™ in the car this week as I had to put all the seats up and the Crusi™ does not fit in my very small boot when the seats are up. However we do walk to school most days and the Crusi™ is ideal for carrying all the bags. Even fully loaded it is not heavy to push.

I have managed to get a mark on the Crusi™ carrycot (sticky fingers) - I will double check the cleaning instructions and see how easy it is to clean. I have noticed the black fabric will show white marks and dust but a wipe over with a damp cloth normally makes it look as good as new. 

November 17th 2014

The carrycot cover came up nice and clean.

What I have noticed this week is that the chassis is nice and light. Just over 8kg. As I use another pram if I need to use my car seat I have really noticed the difference in chassis weight. However the Crusi™ chassis does not lock shut. This makes it a little awkward when lifting in and out of the car as sometimes it swings back open. If I have my back seats down I actually just push the handle down and lift the chassis in without folding.

Annabelle is nearly 5months old. She has loads of room in the Crusi™ still and is very comfy in it. I do use a baby nest in the Crusi™ as I find it more snug than a blanket. There is plenty of room to fit it in the carrycot. The Stokke® soft bag for the Scoot™ could probably be used in the carrycot also. 

November 19th 2014

After shopping last week with a different pram and not being able to fit anything in the basket I really apprieciate the Crusi™ basket. I can get around 8 carrier bags in the basket so probably a weeks shop.

As you can see by the photo with the handle bar down I can leave the chassis in the car whole and not have to unpack the shopping. The chassis is easy enough to lift in the car. I think if you put a large reusable shopping bag in the basket you would be able to fit more shopping in. Really great for christmas shopping or if you need to walk to the supermarket. 

December 5th 2014

Well I forgot the rain cover on an outing this week but fortunately the hood is a lovely size and Annabelle remained dry anyway.

I have also had no problems with leaves on the wheels.

December 18th 2014

Annabelle is very nearly 6months. She is slightly smaller than the average 6months old but still has plenty room in the carrycot.

She has a good six inches of length left in the carrycot.

We have been Christmas shopping this week and as I needed the room in the car boot I took the seat unit. Now annabelle is almost sitting she was more comfortable with the seat wedge removed but with the seat reclined for most of the time.

December 24th 2014

Its Christmas Eve! We have battled the crowds with the Crusi™. I do find the seat much lighter than the carrycot. For a large pram both the chassis and the seat unit are noticeably lighter than other two piece pushchairs I've used. It makes lifting in and out the car nice and easy. 

December 28th 2014

Christmas is here and we have snow!!

Although we did not get out in peak snow conditions we have been out and tested the Crusi.

The Crusi pushes ok on slush and on crispy snow, although some ice blocks do get caught in the mud gaurds. Annabelle is not so keen on her snowsuit though! 

January 3rd 2015

We have been to our local indoor play place this week and the basket on the Crusi™ was the perfect place to store all 9 pairs of little person shoes.

Normally they get left all over and the children are constantly tripping over them. I still had space to store my bag on top too. 

January 13th 2015

We haven't been out much with the Crusi™ this week as its been cold and wet. As I can't use my carseat with the Crusi™ it is easier to use my other pushchair on wet school days. I do miss the basket on the Crusi™ on these days and also the lightness of the chassis. Annabelle does still use the carrycot on the Crusi™ for day time naps. The height of the pushchair keeps her safely away from our dogs whilst sleeping and in view while I get on with jobs.

February 3rd 2015

Due to me having tonsillitis and sinusitis Annabelle and I have not made it out much at all these last two weeks. However I think this is a good time to review the pros and cons of the carrycot.


Large carrycot with plenty of room to last at least 6months even for a bigger baby
Beautifully lined for comfort.
Large hood with added zip on visor provides perfect coverage for both sun and rain.
Zip open mesh panel for hot days.
Suitable for overnight sleeping.
Pram bag hooks, saves basket space.
Folds flat for storage.
Zip out carry handles.
High position for eye contact with baby.
Safety indicators when mounting to chassis.


Large when putting in car boot. Although you can fold it flat I would not want to do this every single time I was putting it in the car.
As carrycot is large it is awkward to carry. Especially for a smaller person.
I have experienced some difficulties with the safety indicators which require me to take carry cot off and put it back on.
As you can see the main downside is the size of the carrycot. But this is also a major pro as it really will last baby until they sit well. I absolutely love the crusi with the carrycot. It provides comfort for baby and eye contact too. It has a real traditional pram feel to it which i love. I always admire coach built prams and the crusi with carrycot is a more practical and modern alternative. I would definitely recommend purchasing the carrycot especially if you walk a lot and have lots of car boot space!

February 6th 2015

The weather has improved slightly so we are back to walking to school. The Crusi™ has such a big basket I was able to fit in two scooters!

As the weather has been bad I have been using a footmuff I had from my older daughter. The Crusi™ straps have a clip to unhook them which makes it really easy to thread the straps through a footmuff. This also gives the option of using a universal footmuff if you dont have the Stokke® one.

February 15th 2015

Today we are off to Alton Towers! Very exciting. The Crusi™ is all packed and ready to go. I'm excited to take the Crusi™ mainly for its huge basket but also so Annabelle is nice and high in the crowds.

So today we were visiting the waterpark. You are not allowed to take photos in the waterpark but the Crusi™ held all our swimming stuff, clothes and shoes, which saved renting a locker.

This evening we went for a meal and to the cbeebies land disco.

Annabelle enjoyed sitting up in the Crusi™ at the table whilst we enjoyed dinner, she also a enjoyed a nice snooze. The hood gives lots of privacy. The Crusi™ pushed well on carpet and we were able to store all our stuff in the basket.

February 16th 2015

Today we ventured to cbeebies land at alton towers. We had to get a bus from the hotel. I found the brake worked well and it was easy enough to get on and off the bus.

My eldest daughter enjoyed pushing the Crusi™ although she struggles to see over it!

I really love the one handed recline, it's nice and smooth.

As the Crusi™ is so high we were able to use it as a highchair annabelle is still small and struggles in wooden highchairs.

Annabelle was nice and cosy all day, slept well and we were able to carry all our stuff in the basket! The Crusi™ definitely helped us enjoy our day.

February 26th 2014

I have been visiting a friend in York this week and chose to bring the Crusi™. I love the shopping basket and the size of it is really great for walking and shopping. I have noticed however that now we are using the seat unit the basket is not sheltered from the rain at all, but a black bin bag can be easily used as cover. The rain cover is easy to use on the pushchair and it didn't steam up either.

I am yet to see another Crusi™. I like that we have something a little different and lots of people have admired it.
The only issue I had was getting the Crusi™ up and down a flight of stairs. It is necessary to take at least the seat off the chassis. It is not heavy but the size of the Crusi™ is too awkward. I know some parents "bump" pushchairs up and down stairs but the Crusi™ wheels are not suited for this.

I have to say that my love for the Crusi™ has really grown. The more I use it the more I like it. Now Annabelle is older we can really benefit from the raised seating position too and enjoy interacting on our walks.

March 10th 2015

As I have not yet discussed the features of the seat unit I thought now we have been using the seat its a good time to show its features.

The seat has the same large hood with zip off visor as the carry cot and also a mesh panel can be opened for ventilation.

The seat has a 5 point safety harness with three shoulder height settings - I have not yet tried to alter these but will soon need to move the harness up a setting.

The crotch strap is a good length so no issues when coats or footmuffs are on and plenty room for an older child.

The footrest is adjustable and can be extended. Annabelle at 8months just reaches it at the first setting so lots of room for growth

There are pram bag loops underneath the seat unit that can be used with a stokke bag or any bag with clips.

The seat has the same saftey indicators on the side as the carrycot which is great to know the seat is installed properly.

The seat unit forward and parent faces with three positions each way. The upright setting is great for babies that love to be sat nice and straight.

The seat comes with a from birth inlay which is great if you dont want a carrycot.

One of my favourite things is that the hood has good clearance over the head for a larger child and due to its size does not block the baby from view when up.

March 21st 2015

I have been using the Crusi™ for quite a while now and I have a couple little niggles. I am not keen on the rain cover as I find it difficult to get on and leave the hood up. It takes a lot of messing about to get it right. The mud guards regularly click - normally making sure they are on properly stops this but if you hit a bump it starts again which is annoying. I also find the brake a little stiff to get off; fine with shoes on but not barefoot or flip flop friendly. I still think its a shame that I cannot get car seat adapters for my brand of car seat. Although I only use the car seat on very short trips like the school run it is useful to have that function particularly as I am using the Crusi™ as a single pushchair.

On the whole I love the Crusi™ but these are the main downsides.

March 29th 2015

The Crusi™ seems quite large when folded so I decided to compare it to two other two piece fold pushchairs.

I have compared just the chassis folded and the chassis and seat unit combined. The chassis is quite big but not significantly bigger than the other chassis and when the seat unit is also stored there is very little difference in size.

I also compared the pushchairs when up. The Crusi™ certainly has the biggest hood and highest seating position. I also have felt that the Crusi™ wheels are small but in actual fact they are not.

So although the Crusi™ seems big to fold it really isn't much different to other similar two piece fold pushchairs. The Crusi™ is also very lightweight for its size which makes lifting it much easier.

Final Summary

I have really enjoyed using the Crusi™.

I have been through a few pushchairs in the past and normally the novelty of a new pushchair soon wears off, but I like the Crusi™ more and more every day. It is extremely luxurious and is the next best thing to a coach built pram when using the carrycot. The quality of the whole pram is wonderful and most importantly Annabelle loves it. The height of the pushchair seat gives great connection with your child. The hood is huge and the seat is a good size. I think this would easily last into toddler hood especially with the extendable footrest.

I love the basket - this is my favourite thing! You can fit so much in it, I have even seen someone with a dog sitting in the basket. There are a great range of accessories available too, which allow you to change the whole seat fabrics if you wish. I also like the idea that you can add a toddler seat as your family grows.

Although the fold is big it is not significantly bigger than other two piece fold pushchairs and the low weight of the chassis and seat unit make this less of an issue. I'd like to see a gate opening bumper bar and air filled tyres though as the wheels are quite hard.

I would also prefer the Crusi™ to be compatible with a wider range of car seats.

Overall I love this pushchair, it is amazing quality and user friendly. I choose to use this over my other pushchairs so I will definitely be recommending to friends. It is expensive, but I think it is worth the higher price tag!

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