Safety 1st Travel System Review

3.0 / 5
Most pushchairs sold as travel systems include everything you will need for your baby from birth until they no longer need a pushchair. The Safety 1st Travel System is no different, it comes with the stroller, car seat, raincover and apron, all in one box!

Quick Summary: This pushchair offers everything you need, and with all the accessories included it really is amazing value-for-money and offers parents all they need for their baby from day one at a price that won't break the bank.

Whats good?

  • Incredible price
  • Built in car seat adaptors
  • Easy fold

Whats not so good?

  • A little heavy
  • A lot of plastic
  • Annoying rear apron

The Bundle

The Safety 1st stroller comes with a silver coloured chassis which looks fairly basic at first glance, with a large proportion of black plastic pieces. The handle is a one-piece, fixed-height bar handle with a foam covering, which makes it comfortable to push.

There is a very large shopping basket that is easy to access – great for carrying all your baby essentials. The front swivel wheels have built-in suspension, which can be locked by pushing down on the red plastic lever above the wheel. At the rear, there is a large bar brake which can easily be applied by pushing down with one foot. The wheels are quite small and plastic which could make for a bumpy ride but this is the same with most strollers.

It is not the most lightweight stroller on the market, weighing in at 9.2kg, but it does make for a more ‘solid' stable feel when pushing.

The seat unit of the pushchair is large and spacious, it would easily last your baby until they no longer need a pushchair. Jacob, pictured right, is nearly 4 and had plenty of room to sit comfortably.

The seat unit states that it is suitable from birth, and the recline does lay almost flat. Combined with the included infant carrier, it really is a true ‘from birth' option. It has a head hugger included to make it more comfortable for small babies and a 5 point safety harness keeps your child in place, although the absence of shoulder pads could make it a bit uncomfortable for smaller children.

There is no adjustable leg rest on this pushchair, but there is a removable plastic footrest for older children. The hood is fairly large and easy to operate and includes a small waterproof flap which could help keep off light drizzle.

The fabrics of the pushchair are ‘silky' feeling and seem good quality for the price of the pushchair. The recline is super easy to use – from behind the pushchair you simply pull up on the bar at the rear of the seat and drop the back rest down to the desired height. To sit the seat back up again, you simply push up to the height you require.

At the rear of the pushchair there is a large ‘flap' of material that hangs down behind the seat unit. When the seat unit is reclined this tucks nicely around the head of the seat but when the seat unit is upright it gets in the way and flaps around your legs.

Car Seat

This travel system comes with a first stage infant carrier car seat which can be attached with the built-in adaptors, meaning baby can face you, although this is only recommended for short periods of time as the car seat does not lay flat.

One of the best features of this pushchair are the built-in car seat adaptors that can simply be folded flat against the sides of the chassis when not in use, meaning you don't have to worry about carrying extra parts around with you, when you want to use the car seat option.

When using your car, you can simply remove your child from the car in their infant carrier and push it straight onto the pushchair – great for when you are popping in and out of the supermarket for example.


The fold of this pushchair is very simple. You push in the button on the handlebar and the whole pushchair folds in half making for a fairly compact fold – it can even be managed one handed!

It comes with a clip to keep the frame closed which automatically locks into place when the pushchair is folded – great for when you just want to pick it up and pop it in the car without having to worry about it springing open! Again, the weight could be an issue here – its not the lightest to pick up and put in the boot.

To unfold the pushchair, you simply undo the closure catch and pull the handlebar towards you until you hear a click – that's it!

Also inside the box, you get a raincover, child tray and an apron. The raincover is large and very easy to attach via popper straps that go round the chassis. The apron matches the material of the pushchair, which is a nice feature and again, attaches via popper straps around the chassis. This will protect little legs from wind and rain as it has a slight waterproof feel to it, although it is not very thick and has no padding, so you may want to invest in a proper footmuff as well.

The child tray is a great feature. It is a plastic tray that simply clips onto the chassis. It has a slightly dipped ‘well' perfect for holding small snacks or toys, and a drinks holder, which is perfect for older toddlers to stop them getting frustrated when they have to be in a pushchair. The child tray can be easily removed for washing or when it's not required.


The Safety 1st Travel System really is ‘everything you need for your baby in one box', and has one or two features which really stand out.

The fold is one of the easiest I have come across which really is a big bonus when you start using the pushchair on a day-to-day basis. It also has a spacious seat unit, meaning it will last until you no longer need a pushchair, making this a great budget buy!

Having the car seat adaptors built-in to the pushchair is genius. It means they are never going to be forgotten or misplaced. Anything that shortens the lengthy list of things you need to take out with you is a definite bonus.

The area where the Safety 1st Travel System is not quite as luxurious is the overall materials. They are not poorly made but there are lots of plastic parts, making the pushchair look a bit ‘cheap' – although for the price paid this is a very minor niggle!

I am also not keen on the flap of material that hangs behind the seat unit – I feel it would be nice to have a piece of Velcro so that you could attach it to the back of the seat unit for a tidier look overall.

This pushchair offers everything you need, and with all the accessories included it really is amazing value-for-money and offers parents all they need for their baby from day one  at a price that won't break the bank.

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