Quinny Zapp Xtra Review

4.0 / 5
The Quinny Zapp Xtra has arrived. But does it give the Zapp a whole new lease of life? Having got hold of one of the first to arrive in the country, we take a look at the inner workings of the re-design and assess the new tricks Quinny has gifted this established favourite.

Quick Summary: The Zapp Xtra fits a niche market. If your looking for a ultra compact urban travel system to use from birth, we recommend you take the Zapp Xtra for a test drive.

Whats good?

  • Now forward or rearward facing with up to 3 recline positions

Whats not so good?

  • Now a two unit pushchair instead of the old ultra compact Zapp

Table of contents

The original Zapp was a unique, compact second-stage stroller. The Zapp Xtra gives the buggy greater range; now suitable from birth as it is now a travel system. Having got hold of one of the first to arrive in the country, we take a look at the inner workings of the re-design and asses the new tricks Quinny have gifted this established favourite.

Quinny have listened to their customers and substantially redesigned the Quinny Zapp to create the Quinny Zapp Xtra. The seat reclines totally flat and can be used in either forward or rear facing positions. This makes the Zapp and the Zapp Xtra, completely different propositions.

The original Zapp is an ultra compact folding, 'second stage' buggy with an element of style that made it more desirable than other similar pushchairs. It can be used from birth if you take out the seat fabric and insert the Maxi Cosi car seat - do-able, but cumbersome.

The Zapp Xtra is definately a fully 'from birth' compact pushchair as the Maxi Cosi seat can easily be fitted with only the addition of the seat adaptors. The new design eliminates the need to purchase a 'second stage' stroller when you want to downsize.

It comes in two colours, Rocking Black and Rebel Red and will retail at £225.

The frame is very compact when folded. Picking it up with one hand is simple as the Zapp Xtra Frame is perfectly balanced and reasonably light. Unfolding is achieved by following the 3 - 2 - 1 indicators, a manouvre that will be familiar to owners of the original Zapp.

When unfolded the solid 'horn-like' handles give the user an immediate feeling of complete control over the seamless glide.

The seat unit locates onto two pegs either side of the frame with a reassuring clunk. This is not just a sound effect, it is actually clicking into a very clever mechanism that allows the seat to be removed from the frame in a seamless one handed movement! More on this later. Installing the seat is a little tricky, it is definitely a two-handed job.


The multi-function handle located at the top of the seat is also used to adjust the seat recline. With the child facing away, the seat has three possible positions; fully flat, semi-reclined and upright. With your child facing you, the seat has two positions, semi-reclined and fully flat. Simply squeeze the seat adjust button with one hand and move the seat to the required position. The seat recline and removal mechanism is a fabulous piece of design and extremely practical.

The hood on the seat is huge and when extended to it's full span gives more shade than any parasol could muster.

We love the rain cover, this easily fits around the seat and better still, moves with the seat when you adjust its position.

The five point harness can be set in one of three heights and is padded around the shoulder and crotch. The clip can be easily snapped shut one handed, even with a struggling child!


When it comes to folding the pushchair, we feel the old Zapp scores higher marks over the new Xtra.

The Zapp Xtra no longer remains one unit when folded, you must first remove the seat. This however is very easy one handed job and we love it. Pull in the recline button, move the release lever and the seat comes smoothly away from the frame.

Thereafter, the frame fold is exactly the same as the original Zapp, three buttons reduce the frame to 75cm, a length that will fit in most car foot wells. The seat however, is now a rigid frame and does not fold. It does however flatten to a miniscule depth of 10 cm but remains 94cm in length and 41cm in width.

The Zapp Xtra is still pretty compact, but it has lost that one piece advantage the original Zapp had.


Quinny now includes a shopping basket. It is large enough for a small pack of Nappies and a carrier of shopping, however, the frame cuts through the middle of it, but the basket is low and keeps the Zapp Xtra very stable when loaded. 

The Zapp Xtra's three wheel design has a double wheel at the front that has the ability to lock in the forward position or to rotate freely 360 degrees. This pushchair is fantastically manouvreable with only one hand. The Zapp Xtra is perfect for urban use, the small moulded wheels scooting smoothly over pavements and flat surfaces.

When it comes to kerbs, the handle position and shape makes lifting the front wheel a breeze, even when the pushchair is loaded. You don't need to use your foot to lift the front wheel.

The compact nature of the Zapp Xtra means you can squeeze through the tightest of gaps on your way to Costa, and the short wheelbase means it does not stick out too far when you get sat down with that Cappuccino!

When it's time to stop, the foot brake is a very obvious, no nonsense red and immediately responsive.


The Quinny Zapp Xtra, is well designed and the materials it is made from have a quality feel. We love the style, the frame certainly stands out from the crowd.

Quinny have taken the feedback from their customers and really made an effort to cover their requests. We love the new seat design and the fact that you can now use the Zapp Xtra as a travel system.

The original Zapp's party piece was its amazing folding mechanism, the Zapp Xtra has lost this unique feature. Although the Xtra is very compact, light and easy to handle when folded, you now have 2 pieces where you used to have one. This won't be a problem for some, but we feel this new Zapp Xtra design was some of its unique appeal. 

The Zapp Xtra fits a niche market. If your looking for a ultra compact urban travel system to use from birth, we recommend you take the Zapp Xtra for a test drive.

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