Quinny Moodd Parent Review

4.0 / 5
I am a mother to two beautiful children Ella aged 4 and newborn son D.J, born in July. I was working full-time until this pregnancy and I am now a stay home mum. Our lifestyle has changed quite dramatically now I am at home and we are making the most of our free time, going on as many adventures as possible. We like to trek up mountains, visit the beach, feed the ducks and go on squirrel hunts! D.J and the Quinny Moodd will soon be joining Ella and I on our many adventures.

Quick Summary: My overall rating of the Quinny Moodd (seat unit and chassis) is 3.5 out of 5, simply because I did not get on with the hood, harness and bumper bar. To be fair to the Moodd, it does come with a good quality raincover that provides protection from the wind/rain. The pushchair also functions perfectly well without the bumper bar and I know that DJ isn't the only baby to get the foam off his bumper bar!

Whats good?

  • Easy to push
  • Durable
  • Automatic opening of chassis

Whats not so good?

  • T shaped bumper bar makes it difficult to do up straps and fit footmuff
  • Fiddly harness attachment
  • Hood doesn't provide adequate protection

First Impressions

It has been like waiting for Christmas for my son to arrive and then a week or so later like waiting for my birthday for the Quinny Moodd to arrive!

It is finally here and now I can give you my first impressions of the pushchair and carrycot.

I chose the Quinny Moodd in Black Devotion and carrycot in Blue Reliance. I chose Black Devotion as it was a neutral colour, plus I was a little dubious about how the white chassis would look after one of our trips to the beach or forest. I had looked at the Pink Passion with the white chassis in the shops it looked very nice, but could not find the Black Devotion on display.

The courier arrived with two boxes. I was quite shocked by how slim the carrycot box was, as I had seen the foldable Maxi Cosi Carrycot folded down and this seemed much slimmer.

After having a c-section less than two weeks ago my partner unloaded the Moodd and put it together. He usually has little interest in pushchairs (probably because we have had so many), but to my surprise seemed quite enthusiastic. He made a comment asking me if this was my equivalent of getting a new car!!! Yes it is!!!

The Quinny Moodd was well packaged in the box and I think it took longer to unwrap it all, than it did to put it together.

The Quinny Moodd, to me, looks like it has taken the best bits from the Buzz and Maxi-Cosi Mura and mixed them together with a swirl of imagination to make it modern and sleek.


The black chassis is lovely and looks very stylish. Although, if I am being very picky there was some slight bubbling under the paintwork on one side…which if I had paid for it I would have sent it back for a replacement. I am dreading the first scratch but I will let you know how durable the paintwork is as I use it.

The chassis automatically unfolds when you unlock it. This I have found to be excellent, having had a c-section as it is hard to bend down and fiddle about putting pushchairs up at this stage. The chassis has a clip on the side to keep it closed and also a clip lock loop as an extra way of keeping it closed. It is definitely a good idea to have two ways to keep the chassis closed to prevent any accidental unfolding of the chassis- especially as my daughter has taken quite a shine to it.

Shopping basket appears smaller than what I am used to and I think all the room will be taken up by the rain covers. I may need to invest in a Buzz Box-if it fits onto the chassis. Having said that, my daughter managed to fit a considerable number of teddies in the basket. On the plus side it is high enough off the floor that when it has things in it, the basket does not drag (I will let you know if it drags when I put something heavier in it).

The wheels are air-filled to my surprise- I thought they would have been foam filled as it is such a new model and there is nothing worse than getting a puncture when you are out and about. The Quinny Moodd comes with its own slim pump which is kept in a zip pocket on the basket.

There is a warning attached to the wheels which says they may mark light coloured floors and the marks may prove impossible to remove-something to bear in mind if you have light flooring- I am hoping my wood floors will not be marked.

There are Quinny logos on each side of the chassis. The logo is in a dark colour so hopefully it won't be as noticeable if it starts to wear off.  I will let you know how long the logos last for (I hate it when they come off)!

My daughter loves the pushchair for her baby brother. She spent a long time polishing it to make it look nice and shiny, not that it needed it.

Seat Unit

The seat unit is largely made of plastic which I am not used to, but seems very durable. The seat pad is nice and thick and I think my son will be very comfortable in it. However, it is hand wash only, not to sure how this will fair once he starts eating finger foods.

The foot-rest is adjustable for comfort and can be folded backwards to make the seat unit more compact for putting in the car.

You need to remove two plastic parts from the seat unit to attach the hood…I am just hoping I don't lose them. The hood goes on easily enough, is very lightweight, but there is no viewing window. The hood material is 50+ UV protective which is good. It is made out of polyester and elastane and is water repellent, but not sure if it would withstand a great British downpour, so I better not forget the rain cover.

The seat unit is suitable from birth and lies nice and flat. The Quinny Moodd comes with a cocoon which is very snug. There is a head support and zip off plinth inside the cocoon which can be removed when baby gets bigger. I like way the new style harness opens and closes, but the poppers under the shoulder pads have so far proved impossible to undo to lengthen the straps and I am worried about tearing the material if I pull them too hard.  

The seat unit clips on and off the chassis with ease as you don't have to press the buttons in at the same time.


I am glad I chose Blue Reliance it looks very sleek on the black chassis. The carrycot is also lined with blue fabric, which is soft and padded. The mattress has a blue mattress cover which is removable for washing. The adaptors provided are for use with the carrycot, Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix and Pebble car seats. The adaptors attach easily onto the chassis and the carrycot attaches onto the adaptors. The carrycot is not too deep or too wide, so when I put D.J in he did not look like he was being swallowed up by the carrycot. It looks as though it is the perfect size up until about 6 months. D.J slept in the carrycot in the living-room quite happily.

The carrycot is foldable which is great for storage. The mechanism for folding and unfolding is easy to use and is best described using a photo!

The hood is a good size, folds down with ease and has a built in carry handle. The apron unzips from both sides so you can get baby out from either side with ease.

August 9th 2012

First trip out with the Quinny Moodd-Shopping Centre

D.J had been using the carrycot and chassis in the house to try it out. We went to collapse the chassis down with the adaptors on and it would not fold so we took the adaptors off and it folded with ease. We tried folding the chassis again with the adaptors on, this time it folded, the chassis is just much stiffer to fold with the adaptors on. The chassis (with the wheels still attached) and carrycot fit snug in the boot of my 308.

As I said in my earlier post, my partner usually has little interest in pushchairs, but I hardly got an opportunity to push it! I think the adjustable handle is a big plus for him as he does not have to stoop to push and the handle adjusts with the click of a button. When I finally got to try the pushchair, I loved the fact the carrycot is high up as it is easy to see baby, I did not have to bend down to tend to him or lift him out. The wheels performed well on the shiny floors.

The only problem we encountered was that D.J was woken up moving from carrycot to the car seat and he cried for a good 10 minutes on the way home.

August 10th 2012

We went to the duck pond and the weather was boiling hot…a good opportunity to try the parasol clip. When we were out and about I had to adjust the parasol quite a few times to make sure the carrycot was shaded properly.

The parasol clip was a right pain; it kept popping off the chassis whenever I adjusted the parasol. On the plus side the carrycot hood has a n extendable visor which offers extra shade when it is pulled out.

August 15th 2012

We took the Quinny Moodd out with the carrycot again, but no parasol. It was quite hot and the sun was bright.

I tried moving D.J to the top of the carrycot to see if the hood and extendable sun visor would be enough to keep his face entirely shaded.

They did not keep him entirely shaded, so I will be taking the parasol next time it is bright and sunny, hopefully the clip won't keep popping off the chassis. 

August 18th 2012

We went to the park in the rain and took the Quinny Moodd over the playing fields.

The grass had just been cut, but was still thick and long.

The Quinny Moodd's wheels were covered in grass but it still pushed with ease over the grass, even with the front wheel on swivel mode. 

I am looking forward to seeing how it performs on the sand!

August 23rd 2012

As I have been using the Quinny Moodd I have noticed that my feet don't end up knocking the back of the chassis when I am walking like they did occasionally with my old pushchair. I was trying to get the Quinny Moodd up a steep kerb on our last outing and missed the fact that I did not have anywhere to push on the chassis to help tip the pushchair to get it up the kerb.

August 26th 2012

We went out on a shopping trip, the shallow basket was not much help to carry the shopping we had bought and because the handle is one bar so we were unable to hang any of the bags off the pushchair, so I ended up carrying the bags in one hand and pushing the pushchair with the other, which was quite difficult to manoeuvre (one handed) in a really busy shopping centre.

August 31st 2016

I am still unable to drive so we were going to take the bus to town. Unfortunately, the only bus that turned up was small with steps and there was no way we could get the Quinny Moodd on it. So we went back to the house to get the car seat and went in a taxi instead. This was the first time I personally had taken the carrycot off the chassis with the baby (he weighs 12lb) still in it and it felt quite heavy to lift! Our car seat is very easy to click on and off the chassis. It is very light to push with the car seat on and looks nice, as seen on the photograph.

September 2nd 2012

D.J was sick in the carrycot so I have had to clean the mattress cover and the sides of the carrycot. The mattress cover is handwash only and has cleaned well. When I was cleaning the carrycot I noticed that you can feel the side supports even though there is a layer of padding around the carrycot, this has not affected our use of the carrycot at the moment, but I will let you know if it does.

September 3rd 2016

My partner took his car without taking the Quinny Moodd out of the boot, so I have had to use my old buggy with the car seat on it instead. I really miss not having the Quinny Moodd with the carrycot on it, especially when I wanted to put DJ somewhere higher up whilst doing the housework. I have also missed using it for the school run...looking forward to having it back!

September 9th 2012

My partner's car is a Zafira and with the additional seats up they leave hardly any room in the boot. We put the Quinny Moodd chassis in the boot. The chassis had to stand on its side and we had to take one of the wheels off to get the chassis in. It was great the way the wheel came off with the click of a button and went back on with ease as well. 

September 13th 2012

Okay, think I may have spoken too soon. Got the pushchair out of the car put the car seat on it and without even being knocked or touched a piece of paint fell off the pushchair....couldn't believe it, I wouldn't expect paint to drop off any pushchair. This has totally ruined the stylish look of the pushchair and I am not impressed with the quality of the paint work at all.

The chassis has its first little nick out of the paint work - so I am a bit sad about that but it really is only little.

I have used the carrycot raincover for the first time, it appears really good quality and fits on the carrycot really well. There is a large zip that you can undo to get straight to the baby if needed. A little rain water had collected underneath the parasol clip and the contents of the basket do get wet! One thing I didn't like was that the foam handle retains some of the water and it is not nice to hold when it is wet.

September 22nd 2012

We have been using the raincover on the carrycot alot recently, so I thought I would show how good the access zip is into the carrycot.

September 23rd 2012

We went for a day out at Chester Zoo to meet all the animals and the dinosaurs.

I took the sling as I knew we were going to be out all day, but I did not need it as DJ was happy in the carrycot :-)

I also managed to get the carrycot (folded) and chassis in the boot of my car, along with the changing bag and quite a few other bits and pieces.  

October 6th 2012

I forgot to mention, we took D.J to Llandudno on his first sleep over a couple of weeks ago and he slept in the carrycot for the night. It was super, we just unzipped the apron off completely and he slept in there quite happily.

October 12th 2012

Got another surprise today when the delivery man turned up again with another parcel! This time it was a Quinny Moodd footmuff in Black Devotion (yipee! and it is same colour as my seat unit) to test. Can't wait to try it out, especially now the mornings are getting colder. 

October 15th 2012

I have now spent a lot of time using the carrycot and I thought I would write a summary of the pros and cons I have come across so far whilst using it. I never used a carrycot with my first child, but after using the Moodd carrycot there is no doubt about it, I wish I'd had one first time round!

It is foldable and the mechanism to do this is simple and quick to use.
Hood is large, with a pull out visor (although it would be great if this was a little bigger) and it is quite sturdy.
The carry handle is part of the hood which makes it easier to carry.
The hood pulls into the upright position and stays in place just by pulling the hood right the way forward.
The apron zips off completely. It also unzips down each side so you can get access from either side.
It is not too deep or too wide for a new baby.
The carrycot has memory buttons to click it off the chassis, so you only have to press one at a time-this makes it much easier to lift off the chassis and is a great help.
The carrycot uses the same adaptors as the Maxi-Cosi car seat so you can interchange them as you please and with ease.
The carrycot is just the right height on the chassis, so I do not have to bend much to lift him in and out.
The raincover fits perfectly and has a great viewing window and large zip access to baby.

The inner material and mattress cover are not machine washable.
When you fold the hood down it clicks which sometimes wakes the baby or makes him jump.
The carrycot could do with some protection on the outside at the foot end so it does not scuff when resting it on the floor to fold it.
It does not come with a new born head hugged/ support and it would be much better if it did.
You can feel the metal supports when you feel round the carrycot (although this has not caused us any problems).
Baby sometimes wakes when moving him between the carrycot and the car seat.

October 20th 2012

I took my friend to the shopping centre with D.J in the Moodd. It was great my friend loved pushing the Moodd around (whilst I shopped!!!), she said it pushed really easily in comparison to other pushchairs she had used and that it did not feel heavy to push at all. I also keep getting a lot of positive comments from people whilst I am out and about, saying how lovely the pram is. I have also heard some people chatting amongst themselves about how they would have loved to have one.  

October 28th 2012

I haven't had chance to use it yet, but thought I'd show some pictures of the footmuff...some handy instructions on the back of the box :-)

October 29th 2012

The back tyres on the pushchair seem really robust and one thing that I really like is, even when they have been out in the rain and the mud the wheels (plastic part) still shine when the sunlight/ light hits them.

November 3rd 2012

I got a pram handle bar hand muff for my Moodd and it looks great on! It should keep my hands warm and the handle bar dry. Will take a picture when I use it. This is not made by Quinny but it would be great if they made matching ones as accessories to their range.

November 3rd 2012

A nice day out for us at the Legoland Discovery Centre. D.J was very happy in his pram.

I have noticed that when I am out and about in some of the smaller shops that the width of pram (back wheels) sometimes means it gets caught because the pathways are not wide enough.

November 7th 2012

I am finding that the memory buttons on the carrycot are jamming every now and again making it difficult to release the carrycot from the chassis.

November 12th 2012

When we were out and about this weekend, I spotted another Quinny Moodd. It was red and the colour looked very nice. It is the only other Moodd I have seen out and about so far!

November 18th 2012

Moodd chassis in the zafira with all 7 seats up.

Moodd chassis and carrycot in the 308 with the carrycot unfolded.

November 25th 2012

We have now had a chance to try the footmuff on the seat. At first I thought it may slip down as it does not hook over the back of the seat unit, but it seems fine so far. Zips are a little stiff, but I dare say they will ease over time. Due to the design of the footmuff it is not as large as others I have used and  it folds away neatly/compact.

November 26th 2012

I just thought I would mention that the paint work on this chassis seems great :-) no problems so far. 

December 4th 2012

I could not decide which pushchair to take to Ireland for the week, it was a choice between having a buggy board or having the carrycot.

I decided it would be better to have the carrycot, so we took the Quinny Moodd. We were really dependent on the pushchair throughout the holiday and it did not let us down.

It was great on the ferry, DJ had a nice comfortable place to sleep. We went to a wedding and thankfully DJ slept through most of it in the carrycot. 

He is now just over 4 months and I think he won't get much longer out of the carrycot. The carrycot tilts forwards when it is on the adaptors and he did manage
to wriggle down to the very bottom of the carrycot (with his legs hanging over the top!) when the apron was not on it.

December 8th 2012

I have noticed that the catch that keeps the chassis closed does not seem to hook over the chassis very well as it seems to have bent a little, so the chassis has popped open (and tries to go fully up) a couple of times whilst lifting it to put it in the car. It looks as though I will have to use both ways of keeping the chassis closed from now on. I don't really like the clip lock because it's awkward to find in the dark, dangles at the bottom of the chassis so gets wet in the rain and is quite a tight fit so it is a bit of a struggle to use (the handle has to be on the lowest setting to use it).

I would have preferred it if the clip lock was more accessible or the catch on the side was more durable so there was not the need for two.

December 9th 2012

I could really do with a cup holder for my Quinny Moodd for my daughter's water bottle, but can't seem to find a Quinny one in the UK!

The pushchair manoeuvres very well most of the time. Although I have found that it does not side step very well when I am in a narrow space and need to move over to let people pass.

December 14th 2012

Treated myself to the front wheel unit that turns the Moodd from a three wheeler to a 4 wheeler.  I thought it would be good to compare them and see if it make any difference to the stability of the pushchair and how it manoeuvres, plus the wheel unit looks very stylish!

December 17th 2012

Ella the 'superhero' also enjoys pushing the Quinny Moodd.

December 22nd 2012

The Moodd with the additional wheel unit. It looks nice on but I haven't noticed any difference in how it manoeuvres yet. Its great that you don't have to remove the seat in the forward facing position to fold it down.

December 24th 2012

I am chopping and changing between the seat unit and car seat on the chassis, thus putting the adaptors on and off more frequently. I almost lost one of the adaptors because it fell out of the shopping basket when I unfolded the chassis. It would be good to have some elasticated slots on the basket to retain them.

December 30th 2012

We found Christmas shopping a bit of a pain with the Moodd as we couldn't hang very much off the pushchair and we didn't have enough hands to carry all the shopping bags. Plus with the shops being so busy at this time of year it was quite difficult to get around the shops because the Moodd is quite wide at the back.

January 2nd 2013

Happy New Year Pushchair Expert. Our first adventure of 2013, a trip to a very muddy park in Llandudno.

January 7th 2012

We haven't been out and about much since our trip to the park, so we haven't really used the Moodd in the past 5 days. I have checked the tyres on a number of occasions and they have stayed fully inflated, I haven't had to use the pump once yet.

January 13th 2013

Finally managed to get hold of a cup holder for the Moodd, plus it will fit on my Quinny Zapp which is a bonus.

January 20th 2013

An adventure out in the snow to feed the ducks. The Moodd travelled nicely over the snow and my friend really enjoyed trying the pushchair out too.

January 26th 2013

We have been out and about on the ice and snow and the Moodd handles really well. The tyres grip well although the grips are not all over the surface of the tyres and are not that deep. I like the grips on the tyres as they don't seem to pick up as much mud etc. as tyres with grips covering most of the tyre surface. 

February 3rd 2013

My bag hook attached to the side of the Moodd allowing us to carry some shopping. I don't think I'd want to carry too much weight on the hook though, especially with the handle extended.  

The back wheels made a clicking noise during the cold spell and snow, but they seem to have gone back to normal now it has warmed up a little.

February 3rd 2013

I am still getting lots of fab comments about how much people like the Moodd, which is great. Before I had the Moodd I did not realise quite how popular the Quinny Buzz pushchair is, but I am seeing them everywhere at the moment. I have seen another Moodd out and about in Natural Delight with the white chassis, it looked lovely and to my surprise the chassis was still bright white even though the weather had been terrible. 

February 12th 2013

It is great having a cup holder. However, like when the parasol clip is attached the cup holder also interferes with the adjustable handle locking into place properly on some height settings.  

February 14th 2013

I haven't got on well with the Moodd footmuff and I much prefer my older style Quinny footmuff or my Loola footmuff. I didn't find the Moodd footmuff warm enough for the cold weather we have had recently, it's not very roomy (my son does not like to be restricted) and the waist straps again come up from beneath where the child is sitting so it's uncomfortable. We have been enjoying some lovely walks with the Moodd recently and now D.J is bigger he is enjoying sitting up right in the seat, watching the world go by. 

February 17th 2013

This picture shows where the waist harness straps come out of the seat unit. I think this would be quite uncomfortable to sit on without a footmuff. Depending on how the straps need to be adjusted to fit the child the plastic adjusters are right beneath where the child is sitting. My son does not like sitting down on the straps at all or how they come around his waist.  

February 22nd 2013

My daughter went to see the Lion King at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, giving DJ and me a couple of hours to meander about the city. It was very cold, but DJ was happily wrapped up in a blanket and his cosy toes. I think he enjoyed being chauffer driven around Manchester in his Rolls-Royce equivalent pushchair. Enjoying power naps along the way, I had to adjust the seat to suit his needs on several occasions, which was done with ease. I didn't lay the seat unit completely flat because the hood is so soft I felt it left his head a little exposed, especially in busy shops. DJ was adamant that the seat unit had to be bolt upright when he was awake. The adjustable handle was great for fitting in the busy lifts, as I just adjusted it to the lowest setting to give me a little more room! We were out and about for a good 3 hours and my only criticism is again, the lack of storage space on the buggy. I'd hung a small shopping bag on the buggy clip and lost it on my way back to the theatre. I didn't notice at first and had to retrace my steps, only to find it had come off as I had gone up the kerb when I crossed over by the tram tracks. 

March 3rd 2013

We tried the bumper bar for the first time this week. I think he may have had too many layers on as he only just fitted in, we will try it again when it gets a bit warmer.

March 4th 2013

I have now found a footmuff that works well for us on the Moodd. It is designed for the Maxi Cosi Mura and it is a split leg footmuff, which is great for us as it will fit on the seat when the bumper bar is on. 

March 11th 2013

D.J enjoying a trip to Salford Quays. He is definitely getting used to the seat unit and I have found that the crotch harness pulls out a little, which makes the harness much easier to fasten together.

March 18th 2013

The road outside our house has a very gentle slope to it and the wheels are quite responsive so the Moodd will roll on even the gentlest of slops…I must remember to always use the brake!

March 21st 2013

I have another pushchair which has a foam bumper bar and I have noticed that D.J is starting to chew on it.  I don't think D.J will be able to reach down to the T-Bar on the Moodd to chew on it when he has his harness on and even if he could, it is hard plastic so he won't be biting off any foam, a definite plus.

March 23rd 2013

We went on a trip to Lyme Park. Some of the terrain is quite rough but D.J seemed fine in the pushchair and he looked as though he was enjoying the ride as we went up and down the slopes, over a bridge and across a fair amount of grass.

March 24th 2013

We took the kids out to play in the snow this weekend. I pulled the sledge whilst my partner pushed D.J in the Moodd. He found that the larger back wheels really helped the pushchair travel through the snow. 

April 2nd 2013

I think it might be time to use the pump on the wheels as they don't seem as full as they were (probably because it has been so cold recently) and it is not as smooth to turn at the moment . I will let you know how I get on! 

April 6th 2013

D.J has found the hood on the Moodd now and often pulls at it, he finds it quite fascinating. He had been eating a biscuit last time he did it so I will have to sponge it clean!

April 19th 2013

We had fun pushing the Moodd over these tiny pebbles at Brockholes Wildlife Trust. I think the standard front wheel would have done a better job than the one that's on it, as it was quite difficult to push not that D.J was too bothered!

April 29th 2013

I have just noticed DJ's (he is 9 months!) feet can rest on the foot rest when he is sitting in the Moodd, so the ride is even more comfortable for him! 

May 3rd 2013

We went to Lyme Park again for a picnic. My daughter decided she wanted to walk through the stream over the stepping stones, so I took over pushing the Moodd. As I pushed it up the hill I realised that the seat unit was in the forward facing position!! DJ was enjoying seeing the world as I was pushing him up the hill.

As we went to the picnic table he happily sat in the Moodd at the picnic table as we all had our food. We had an opportunity to fold the pushchair down and put it in the car as a one-piece fold (it doesn't fold down as a one-piece when the seat is in the parent facing position) which was much quicker than taking it apart. Thankfully we keep the raincover in the basket under the pushchair as we needed it!

DJ's feet reaching the footrest! Plus he loves playing with the harness clip and holding the sides of the handle.

May 7th 2013

DJ's feet reaching the footrest! Plus he loves playing with the harness clip and holding the sides of the handle. 

May 15th 2013

The Moodd has even been handy in the garden for DJ to sit in whilst we filled up his paddling pool.

May 28th 2013

I find that we use the hood on the Moodd pretty much every time we use the pushchair.

It was really windy when we were on our walk and I noticed that the hood is not snug against the seat unit, so even though he was facing away from the wind he wasn't completely protected. 

June 2nd 2013

We found a stray biscuit in the gap where the bumper bar is inserted into the seat unit... luckily the Moodd comes with an insert to cover up the gap when the bumper bar is not attached. 

June 3rd 2013

The weather has improved so we decided now was the time to put the bumper bar on the Moodd and see what DJ thought of it. The bumper bar looks fab on the Moodd and I think it makes the Moodd stand out from the Buzz, but it lasted two days on the pushchair but I decided to take it off.

DJ seemed to enjoy holding it but after a couple of hours of use, I was fishing foam out of his mouth as he'd managed to bite a chunk out of it. It was only when he'd bitten it I noticed that only the middle was hard plastic and the parts that jut out were covered in foam.

The bumper bar made it difficult to do up/undo the straps and harder to get DJ in/ out of the Moodd. DJ looked uncomfortable as there was no room between him, the clasp and the bumper bar. I couldn't put a liner on the seat because of the shape of the bumper bar. On the plus side, the bumper bar acted as a good handle to lift the seat unit off the chassis.

June 13th 2013

The Moodd proved a great help during our recent house move, DJ enjoyed sitting in it watching us lug boxes!

June 22nd 2016

Thinking back I was probably a little hasty dismissing the bumper bar so quickly. We have put it back on the Moodd for another go. I found it better to clip it on once DJ is strapped in. If the bumper bar is already in place I recline the seat unit then strap him in, as there is a little more room to get to the crotch strap. So far no more bites on the bumper bar either!

June 25th 2013

We are using the Moodd footmuff quite often at the moment, its great for this unpredictable weather.

When it is hot we just tuck it down or take the front off and put it back on for the cooler times.

Now DJ is a 11 months we occasionally use our Quinny Zapp for short trips and the Moodd for longer trips out or rougher terrain. I found that the Moodd footmuff also fits really well on the Zapp too.

July 3rd 2013

The Moodd could do with a good clean all over (fabrics and chassis) I will let u know how I get on! I have noticed some wear to the shoulder pads from where his arms have been moving about.

July 8th 2013

It was quite a struggle (even without DJ sat in it), getting the Moodd up the dunes yesterday, but we did not see any pushchairs move elegantly over the dunes...most were being pulled or dragged over!

July 8th 2013

Glad I didn't get round to cleaning it in the week, as this it what it looks like after our trip to Formby! I have noticed a little rust on two of the screws near the back wheels, this come as a bit of a surprise as it usually lives in the house or the car when its not being used.

July 13th 2013

The Moodd with the fabrics stripped off ready for cleaning. The seat pad comes off really quickly because it is attached with poppers all of which are accessible.

July 22nd 2013

The clean up went well on the seat pad but it is quite hard to get the hood nice and clean. Noticed a couple of scratches to the paint work where the latch sits against the chassis when it is closed and some paint is coming off on the extended section of the handle.

July 23rd 2013

I left the Moodd out in the garden and when I came to putting DJ into it, I noticed that the metal section (the part that sits between the baby's legs) of the T shaped bumper bar was extremely hot from being out in the sunshine.

Final Summary

I can't believe how this year has flown by, DJ has now turned one and is getting into plenty of mischief and the year reviewing the Moodd has now come to an end. I would first of all like to say a big thank you to Pushchair Expert and Quinny for the opportunity to use and review the Quinny Moodd over the past 12 months.

This is my final summary of my experiences using Quinny Moodd.

My son was newborn when I started using the Moodd and during the past 12 months I have used the chassis with the carrycot, car seat and seat unit attached. I found that the needs of both myself and my son changed quite a lot as he developed and I needed the Moodd to be as versatile as possible; to accommodate the needs of an 8lb newborn to a 10kg 1 year old and all the stages in-between!


I think that the carrycot should have its own mini review! I used the carrycot from birth until DJ was around 6 months old. I hadn't used a carrycot before with my daughter (we had a Loola and a Creatis car seat for her) and really wish I had. The carrycot for me was an excellent piece of baby kit and I would not be without it! I think DJ enjoyed his relaxing rides in it and many sleeps whilst I trekked out and about with him.

I can think of a long list of pros for this carrycot but I have to narrow it down to three, so here are my top 3!

1.       I really liked the hood on the carrycot it is a good size and is sturdy, DJ felt well protected from being bumped in busy shops and from the elements.

2.       The ability to fold the carrycot so easily was great. The mechanical feature to fold it is on the outside, so there was no need to remove the sheet and mattress. It folds quite flat which  is a fantastic feature, we folded it up car journeys when we needed more space for shopping and even fit it in our car when it was packed to the rafters on our trip to Ireland.  

3.       The carrycot was so easy to use.

I really did like the carrycot and I have found it quite difficult to think of some cons

1.       When folding the hood down the mechanism makes a loud click noise which occasionally unsettled DJ when he was asleep.

2.       The internal fabric, mattress cover and hood can come off the carrycot for cleaning but it is hand was only, I would have preferred to have been able to machine wash them.

3.       I think I would like to have a separate stand so I could use the carrycot in the house, this really would have made the travel system complete for me.

I think I would give the carrycot 4.5/5 and I am being a bit picky!


During the first 6 months, I used the carrycot the majority of the time on the chassis, occasionally using the car seat on the chassis for shorter trips in and out of the shops. I used seat unit very occasionally and more to try it out than because I needed to use it during that stage. From 6 months onwards I used the full pushchair (seat unit and chassis) most of the time. I also found that I used the car seat on the chassis more between 6 and 10 months, than I had between birth and 6 months.


1.       The automatic opening of the chassis was great after having a C-section, I didn't have to struggle opening the chassis at all and it still functions fine after all the use it has had.

2.       The pushchair has been a pleasure to push almost everywhere we have taken it, from the towns and cities to more rugged areas such as the mountains and coastlines. I say almost everywhere because, I couldn't push it over the sand dunes, but I would like to see a pushchair that would!  I have found the suspension to offer a smooth ride for DJ when we have been out and about.

3.       The durability of the pushchair has been great, the tyres have been used for all different terrains and we haven't had a puncture yet (fingers crossed we won't get one either) and they don't appear too worn, the paint work has stayed mainly intact with only some minor scuffing, the fabrics have only had minor pulls to the material and I have not used a liner to protect them.


1.       I didn't really notice how important the hood was on a pushchair until I used this one, and for me the hood on the Moodd is a major con. It does not provide adequate protection from the elements. The hood does not stay flush with the seat unit so the wind gets in through the gaps and it does not stay attached to the seat unit very well at the sides or where it clicks into the seat unit at the top. It doesn't keep the sun off very well as it is small and is only shower proof. The hood doesn't pull out very far from the pushchair, so I think when DJ is bigger he will be too cooped up between the seat and the hood and his view will be quite restricted.

As the hood is not ridged at all I didn't feel as though it offered enough protection for a young baby lying down and it really put me off using the seat unit which is suitable from birth, until I really had  to.  

As the hood is not ridged DJ pulls it in on himself when he is in the pushchair and it often loses its shape.

2.       The T-shaped bumper bar is also a con for me. The bumper bar made it difficult to do up the straps or even fit DJ in the pushchair during the winter months when he had a snow suit on! It restricts the type of footmuff that can be used with the pushchair when the bumper bar is on.

I think DJ likes the bumper bar as he likes sitting bolt upright and enjoys holding into it, but unfortunately he has been biting large chunks out of the foam, so we can't really use it properly, especially if he is not parent facing as I can't see if he is chewing it.  

I couldn't believe how hot the metal part of the bumper bar got and I am glad I noticed before I put DJ in the seat unit, as it was scorching and he had bare legs.

I was not really able to hang buggy books off the bumper bar.

3.       The way the harness attaches to the seat unit and chest pads is very fiddly and I found adjusting them a big fuss. There was no ability to just whip the footmuff off to throw it in the washing machine!

I think the Quinny Moodd looks ultra-modern and I really have enjoyed using it. I know that my family and friends have also enjoyed pushing DJ in the Moodd and made lots of compliments about how nice it is to push.

I used the videos on Quinny's website to find out more about how the Moodd worked. For me, the Moodd has been a sturdy, reliable and comfortable pushchair…just the other day I was tackling some awkward steps into a building and the large rear wheels meant that I could pull the pushchair up the steps backwards very easily.  

My overall rating of the Quinny Moodd (seat unit and chassis) is 3.5 out of 5, simply because I did not get on with the hood, harness and bumper bar.  To be fair to the Moodd, it does come with a good quality raincover that provides protection from the wind/rain. The pushchair also functions perfectly well without the bumper bar and I know that DJ isn't the only baby to the foam off his bumper bar!

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