Nuna Rebl Review

5.0 / 5
Entering the i-Size car seat market with a bang, Nuna have released the Rebl.

Quick Summary: We would recommend the Nuna Rebl if you are looking for a car seat to use from birth up to around four years old, in the safer rear facing position. As it is suitable for use from 40cm, it is also an ideal solution for premature babies. It's a great investment that feels reassuringly safe and also comfortable for the child.

Whats good?

  • Lots of padding SIP
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Seven different recline positions
  • i-Size compliant
  • Easy to fit

Whats not so good?

  • Heavy
  • Quite expensive

Offering a car seat that complies with the latest in safety specifications and with features to make your life easy, the Nuna Rebl is a combination group car seat. Previously known for their pushchairs, infant carriers, travel cots, baby seat and highchair, Nuna have branched out into the i-Size world, where they meet and exceed the standards. The car seat is beautiful to look at, while looking solid and well built.

The first thing that strikes you about the Nuna Rebl is how big and padded the seat is. It would offer any child the ultimate in luxury and comfort with the thick insert and sides. It's also a pretty hefty weight at 13.5kg, as the seat and base are fitted together. We wouldn't suggest this car seat if you have to swap cars regularly. Although a substantial car seat, the Rebl doesn't take over the space in your car, but does reassure that your child is secure while travelling in it. Surprisingly, it is lighter than other car seats available, which allows the higher child weight limit of 19.5kg rather than the usual 18kg, or 105cm in height.

Installing the Rebl really couldn't be any easier. One of the parts of the i-Size regulations is that the ISOfix ensures a correct fit, and that's definitely the case here. There are only two stages to the installation. First you press the ISOfix release button on the side of the seat, which allows you to extend the ISOfix arms right out in order to connect them onto the ISOfix points on your car. Once connected, the indicators on the side of the arms will turn green. To ensure a good fit in different vehicles, the ISOfix are capable of nine different positions. Then the load leg just needs to be adjusted to the correct height for your footwell, with the button at the side. When it's foot it level, there's a green indicator at the front of the base. Removing the seat again is just a case of pulling back the buttons on the ISOfix arms.

The Rebl is impressive as it can offer rear facing from birth to 105cm, which should be around four years old. It can also be used forward facing from 15 months up to the height limit. One of the best features of the seat is the innovative 360 degrees rotation. It makes getting your child in and out of the car easy and prevents banging your toddlers head on the top of the car while you lift them over the side! As it is truly flexible, spinning all ways, you can do it from the front, back or either side without any adjustments, just squeeze under the front of the seat while you rotate round. Once it is in the reverse or forward position it will lock into place. Paired with the seven recline positions, it means that you can also have the seat in a level position to place your child, even when it is swivelled round to the car door side.

As the Rebl is suitable from birth, it has to have more support than a toddler seat. The three part infant insert that comes included with the seat features a headrest, body support and cushion. With memory foam inside, it wraps around the baby and keeps them secure and comfortable, increasing the level of side impact protection. It is also quick and easy to remove once your child outgrows it, with the headrest poppering on to the body support and the cushion poppering underneath. Nuna recommend that the full insert is used while the baby is under 60cm, with the head support, cushion and body support removed separately when the child no longer fits comfortably in each part.

To grow with your child, the headrest is adjustable and can be done one-handed. Simply reach to the back of the headrest, squeeze the button and move up and down. This also adjusts the harness height, making sure that you have the perfect fit for your child. The five point harness features the same lovely padding on the shoulder straps. To keep the harness out of your way while placing and removing your child from the seat, there are small pockets at either side to slot the harness into. A simple detail that makes a big difference to ease of use! As the harness is a split design, you have to fit together before pushing into the buckle. Loosening the harness is done by pressing the button under the buckle and tightening again is by pulling the strap. When your child is older, and wanting to climb in their seat themselves, there is an integrated footrest to give them a helping hand (or foot), on the base.

There are seven recline positions available in either Baby or Toddler installation mode. This is great, as offers a position to suit any baby or child. We also love that there are just as many positions when rear facing, meaning that an older child will still be happy to rear face as sat upright. The recline positions are done by squeezing underneath the seat and tilting, and there is a numbered panel at the front of the base to show which one it is currently at.

The shell of the seat itself is perfectly designed to keep your child cool when travelling, with visible ventilation panels. Though airy, it is still built to last with top of the line plastics and a steel reinforcement. Constantly thinking of the child's comfort, Nuna provide an additional cover to use in warmer climates. It's pretty easy to strip the fabrics off and replace with this mesh liner.

As side impact protection is increased with i-Size car seats, there is all over SIP on the Rebl with EPS energy absorbing foam. Other safety features include a crumple zone within the stability leg which absorbs the impact and an integrated rebound bar to the back of the base which minimizes the risk of rotation in the event of a collision.

Our verdict...

The Nuna Rebl really does offer a lot of safety features and functions for its money. Though more expensive than other options, it does remove the need to purchase a from birth infant carrier and then another car seat to cover the Groups 0+ and 1.

Child comfort and parent usability has been well thought out, with each feature built beautifully and of excellent quality materials. The i-Size regulations have been met and also exceeded, with the Rebl capable of carrying a child up to 105cm in rear facing mode. We now all know that rear facing is up to five times safer for the child, so this is a big plus.

With the added feature of a 360 degrees rotating seat, you don't have to struggle to get your child in the car, whichever mode they are travelling in. This also makes it safer as you can adjust the child's harness with a perfect view. The seat spins smoothly and then locks safely into position. As the ISOfix fitting is so easy to fit, the chance of user error is greatly reduced when installing it into your car.

We would recommend the Nuna Rebl if you are looking for a car seat to use from birth up to around four years old, in the safer rear facing position. As it is suitable for use from 40cm, it is also an ideal solution for premature babies. It's a great investment that feels reassuringly safe and also comfortable for the child.

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