Nuna IVVI savi Review

4.5 / 5
Nuna have been creating nursery products for some time now and the IVVI savi is a fashion forward, smartly designed, multi-purpose pushchair designed to do it all! With a reputation for quality and putting parent and child's needs above everything else, we were keen to test this premium pushchair.

Quick Summary: If you are looking for a stylish and quality pushchair that will stand the test of time, then the IVVI savi is definitely not to be overlooked and can easily contend with other top name brands on the market. We really would recommend having a push of the IVVI savi!

Whats good?

  • Large sun hood and dream drape
  • High seat position
  • Great wheels handle all terrains
  • Large basket

Whats not so good?

  • Harness can be fiddly
  • Handlebar shape might not suit everyone
  • Large fold package


Nuna products are always great quality, so we had high hopes when we opened the box for this one - needless to say, we weren't disappointed! There was a little building to do, but nothing stressful. The four wheels clicked onto the chassis, the seat unit popped on easily and the sun canopy needed zipping and clicking onto the frame too. All-in-all, this took about 5 minutes in total and was without fuss or fury. We must admit, we were slightly mesmerised by the IVVI savi when it was set up in all its glory. It stands really proud and has a great presence with its higher set seat unit. Everywhere we looked and touched, we seemed to find another new feature to intrigue! The overall first impressions were of distinct quality and ultra stylish design. Savi by name, savvy by nature!

The pushchair currently only comes in one colour way, Graphite. Usually it's nice to have a great range of colours to choose from, but actually the simplicity of this gorgeous and subtle tone of grey is just perfect. It is unisex, classy and bang on trend. We very much doubt that any other colour would stand a chance when put in a line up against the gorgeous hue!

The subtle fabrics are set off beautifully by the brushed silver and uniquely shaped chassis. This shape continues into the handlebar. Some pushers may find this an unusual shape to start with, but the more we used it, the more comfortable we found it to hold. The continuous handlebar also meant that it was easy to push and hold hands with a second child if needed. The handlebar is soft and luxuriously covered in leatherette with gorgeous stitch detailing. It's the little details like this that remind you of the quality of the IVVI savi. The handlebar is also height adjustable using two pull levers on either side of the handlebar. At 5'5", our tester pushed the handle bar on its second setting.

The wheels on the IVVI savi are a total winner from the start. Although they have the look and feel of air filled rubber tyres, they are actually foam filled airless tyres that can literally be pushed over anything! We used the IVVI savi over grassy fields, bumpy paths, pavements and in shops - all the while our tester slept soundly and enjoyed the ride. So far quality has been oozing from the IVVI savi and it doesn't stop when it comes to the brake pedal. The brake system is a simple flick on and off pedal located next to the right rear wheel of the pushchair. The style and substance of the IVVI savi is even visible in the pedal design with its brushed metal superior finish - we almost felt guilty putting our muddy shoes on it!

If storage is what you need, then the IVVI savi certainly won't disappoint. The basket is huge (and very very deep!). It also contains a really clever compartment that can pop up and down if you need to store bottles or smaller items. Whilst testing the IVVI savi we went on a food shop and got nearly the full weekly items inside the basket! The access is so easy too thanks to the higher seat unit on the pushchair.


The seat is a bucket style seat which reclines as a whole unit. To operate the one handed recline, you simply use the lever at the back of the seat unit (just underneath the hood) and tilt the seat to your required position. This style of seat makes the seat unit suitable from 6 months onwards, however the spacious carrycot can be used from birth and is just as stylish as the seat unit - it even has nifty storage compartments too!

The seat is covered in fabric front and back. The back fabric is tough and seemed to withstand being popped on the floor whilst we folded the pram really well. The actual seat fabric itself is soft and extremely luxurious and comes complete with a foam liner and an infant head support. The seat is framed in a brushed metal and is extremely spacious for toddlers as well as babies. Sitting quite high on the pushchair frame, our nosey toddler tester loved the seat. Mum and dad loved it too as they were closer to baby and found it easier to chat and soothe when needed.

The harness gives a great range of sizes and is height adjustable via sliding the cord adjusters up and down. It has pads which are embroidered with the Nuna logo and nicely match the graphite colour of the seat unit.

One thing we did notice about the harness was that sometimes it could be slightly fiddly to do up when baby was in the seat. It is designed to be a one-click release though. The footrest can be popped up or down depending upon the length of your child's legs and it is also generously padded. Our two year old toddler slept happily in the pushchair for over an hour with the footrest propped up and there was plenty of room for his legs and feet.

Whilst testing the IVVI savi, we were blessed with gorgeous English weather and we needed to deploy the raincover! Even the raincover on the IVVI savi is of fantastic quality. The material is supple and feels more like rubber than brittle plastic. It slips on with ease and there was definitely no fussing or faffing.

Not content with the already fabulous new seat on the re-designed IVVI savi, Nuna have added a totally different dimension to the seat of this quality pushchair.

The whole of the seat padding zips off to reveal a very smart and very clever mesh seat design that keep babies cool and comfortable in hotter weather, or whilst you are on holiday. This is a real party trick of the IVVI savi seat and even without the padding, the mesh looked comfortable and our tested really enjoyed sitting in the summer-ready seat.


The tackle everything wheels certainly roll with ease over lots of terrains. You will notice the width of the rear tyres, which drives the pushchair over lumps and bumps in grass and over sticky ground too. We tested the IVVI savi in shops, on pavements and over muddy paths and fields - all of which it handled brilliantly. Baby always seemed to be happy and content in the seat too. The rear wheelbase did feel wide though, and our skirting boards and the local cafe door frame took a few knocks. As with any new pram though, once you've shook off your L-plates, we're pretty sure this won't be an issue. The IVVI savi definitely lived up to its name as a multi-mode, do anything pushchair and was great to push. The only thing to mention is that the handlebar shape might not be too everyone's preference.


If you are after a compact pushchair, the IVVI savi might not be the one for you when it comes to its fold. It's a two-part fold pushchair which means you need to remove the seat from the chassis before you fold the frame itself. You can do this by squeezing the elegantly shaped silver levers on either side of the seat unit. These are the same levers you use to turn the pushchair from parent to world facing. The second part of the fold sequence is to simply pull up the silver buttons on either side of the frame and the handlebar will release and flip forward.

The IVVI savi will fold into a pretty flat parcel so it can be laid in your car. It is a quick process from start to finish, but the end product is by no means small. Carrying the seat and frame is easy though as Nuna have cleverly placed two carry handles on the shopping basket which perfectly balance the chassis as you carry it. The bumper bar makes the perfect carrier for the seat unit.

Our verdict

The Nuna IVVI savi is without question an exceptional quality pushchair. The effortless style combined with workmanlike qualities really set it apart from the rest of the pushchair crowd. It boasts a bountiful of fabulously useful features and all the while remains elegant and fashion forward in its design. The super sized shopping basket, quality rain cover and compatibility with carrycot and car seat make it very desirable to parents looking for a fuss free set of wheels for their little one to ride in, from birth right up to childhood. Even the big fold, lack of auto-lock and fiddly harness failed to deter us from falling in love with IVVI savi. If you are looking for a stylish and quality pushchair that will stand the test of time, then the IVVI savi is definitely not to be overlooked and can easily contend with other top name brands on the market. We really would recommend having a push of the IVVI savi!

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