Mutsy Evo Parent Review

4.5 / 5
Hi I'm Irene, a 25 year old stay at home mum. (My friends call me Peedie because I'm quite short). Simon is a full time hotel manager and we live in the North Highlands of Scotland. We have two beautiful children, 4 year old car loving Michael and our tester, 1 year old cuddle monkey Leyah. I'm a coffee drinking, craft loving, competition addict! We LOVE getting out in the fresh air and going on adventures, big or small. We can't wait to put the Mutsy Evo through it's paces!

Whats good?

  • Large basket
  • Easy to manouevre
  • Adjustable handle

Whats not so good?

  • Raincover not a brilliant fit

First impressions

I was worse than a child on Christmas Eve waiting for this to arrive. When it came it was Daddy's day off and the kids were milling about too. I immediately opened the boxes and set to putting 'Mutsy' together. (I was excited because normally I leave Daddy to do this part).

I took everything out the boxes and laid it out on the floor which is when I realised I had the rain cover but no foot muff. Each part was in a plastic bag. At first I thought the 2 smaller (front) wheels were missing but they were in a cardboard wrap in the folded chassis. Purely from excitement I unfolded the chassis before realising I had to put the wheels on first (doh), so I set it on it's side on the kitchen floor which was fine as it's not too big. (Too excited to collapse it you see). The wheels slotted in place easily, and you need to press and hold in a button for them to come off again which is reassuring as this would take some effort. The seat unit unfolded easily by pulling the lever used to recline the back. It then slotted onto the chassis nicely and clicked in to place. I put the seat unit on parent facing as this is one of the features I love about this pushchair and I knew we'd be taking Leyah to the doctors that afternoon.

This is a very easy to build pushchair even if you've never built one before, and the first thing I noticed once it was built was how smart the black chassis is with the shiny navy seat unit. I couldn't wait to take it out for it's first spin.

December 5th 2012

We had to take Leyah to the doctors today and we decided to walk with 'Mutsy' seeing as it was so quick and easy to put together (and because I couldn't wait to try it out/show it off).

It is lovely to push, light and sleek. I love the adjustable handle bar. Daddy is very tall whereas I am short and M also insists on pushing sometimes too. I've noticed it's quite long, I feel like I'm further away from the chair than I'm used to with the Bebecar Stylo. (Not a bad thing). 

To say the least, I was fighting to get a shot! So far we are all delighted with Mutsy.

December 11th 2012

After dropping M at nursery this morning I walked into town because I needed to go to the post office and also get some essentials. The shopping basket on this pushchair is amazing! My changing bag fits in nicely with room to spare. My parcel was small but there was still loads of room left which I'm not used to. If I put a parcel in my Silvercross Pop's basket it was awkward to get anything else in there.

After I posted my parcel I went to the Co-op for some blue milk and butter and both items fitted in the basket perfectly, I didn't need to use a bag. Delighted with myself I popped to Lidl to get bread, green milk and bananas. They all fitted in the basket perfectly along with my previous purchases! No need to buy a bag (I'm terrible for forgetting to take my own).

Yes the shopping weighed the pushchair down a bit but was still a dream to push and it was great not having to worry about it tipping backwards from heavy shopping bags. I was able to pick M up on the way home instead of dropping the shopping off at home first.

December 12th 2012

I had to run to an appointment today which I was late for with Leyah in the pushchair. Daddy and M were at a school concert. It was all downhill and I could definitely take it jogging/running with me. It glided up and down the kerbs fabulously!

December 19th 2012

The Mutsy footmuff came at the start of the week. It's gorgeous,  lovely and cozy warm. While I was waiting for it to arrive I used my black universal Mothercare one which fitted ok and the shiny black material matched the shiny navy pushchair.

The Mutsy footmuff is definitely better. It was much easier to put the straps through, it's bigger, much warmer and of course it matches the pushchair perfectly. 

December 21st 2012

Got the raincover out today and first impressions are; its quite flimsy and a very tight fit. The air holes are directly above Leyah's face which concerns me. So far the rain doesn't seem to be getting through to her but it hasn't been raining very heavily yet!

December 24th 2012

I went into town today to do some last minute shopping before Christmas, the Mutsy really impressed me!

The shops were very busy and I was able to control the pushchair easily as well as go through shop doors myself (whilst holding the door open and push Leyah through at the same time), I was able to pass other shoppers without bumping into them and most importantly, store lots of shopping in the basket!

January 6th 2013

Leyah will no longer nap in her cot in her bedroom upstairs (which she has done since she was tiny), it's the Mutsy or nowhere! As soon as we head for the stairs with her at nap time she cries, but will go in the pushchair with no fuss and will happily fall asleep! I think this says it all!

January 7th 2013

Granny took Leyah out for a walk today in Mutsy and this is what she said, "Once you get used to the front being narrower than the back, it's an amazing pushchair to use. Much better than your Silvercross Pop."Personally, I never really noticed this much until she pointed it out. I think it adds to being a dream to push around shops and through doors.

January 16th 2013

I'm sad to report that the mutsy raincover has ripped in two different places on me. First it ripped a little at the bottom beside Leyah's feet, looks like the foot muff is just too big to fit inside it. Then Leyah put her finger through one of the air holes, which I can't stop her doing as they are right infront of her. Quite disappointed to be honest, can't fault the pushchair itself, but the raincover is poor quality. It's very thin and flimsy, I wish the air holes were on either side rather than on top, and it's almost too small it's so tight. 

January 17th 2013

The freezing weather is definitely with us now but I'm happy to say we are still getting out and about with the Mutsy! Leyah is lovely and warm inside the cozy foot muff and it pushes easily over the frost covered grass. The front wheels get stuck now and then because they are smaller but overall I'm happy with it. I recently joined Slimming World and the Mutsy is really good motivation to get me out and about everyday, a dream to push!

February 6th 2013

As the rest of the country seem to be enjoying lots of snow (I'm very jealous) all we are getting is buckets of rain and wind! I can't wait to try the Mutsy out in lots of lovely snow. Avoiding all the puddles however, is a breeze with the Mutsy. I love how easy it is to push with one hand while I'm on the phone or holding M's hand. The handle is comfortable to hold and I love the stitching detail on it, it looks really nice. It seems to be holding up ok in the strong winds too, as I don't drive (Daddy does) there are some days where we still have to go out in it regardless.

The rain cover is not so good. I'm starting to think maybe the cover I have is meant for the carry cot top and not the toddler seat unit? It's a lot shorter than the foot muff. I really have to put effort in to tuck it into the rain cover. Which is obviously the cause of one of the tears. A friend also commented the other day on how flimsy and thin it is.

February 11th 2013

Poor Leyah came down with tonsilitis on Friday which resulted in an emergency stay in hospital over the weekend so the Mutsy hasn't really been in action much since. While she's recovering I'm trying to find things I can look at.

The bar across the body of the seat unit is great for hooking toys on to and still be within reach. The footmuff has also been taken off for its first wash which I am excited about (easily amused).

February 15th 2013

Leyah is starting to feel better now thank goodness, but she's still quite sleepy through-out the day. We ventured round to a friends house this afternoon and while the older kids were decorating biscuits, I put Leyah in Mutsy for a nap. However she insisted on staying in the kitchen to watch the biscuit decorating. So I'm very greatful for the wonderfully adjustable handle Mutsy has! I was able to push it right down so she could still feel included in the fun.

February 18th 2013

Leyah is now back to her normal cheeky self, hurray! After collecting M from nursery we went for a nice walk in the sun (yes sun) and ended up at a local play park. I am once again commending Mutsys handle! I was able to rock Leyah to sleep with one hand while pushing M on the swing with the other, with ease. Who needs the gym! 

February 25th 2013

My mum had the kids yesterday for me so I could catch up on housework. She was raving about how much she love Mutsy! Think she'll be asking to take the kids more!! Ha ha.

March 3rd 2013

Oh dear, when I unzipped the footmuff this afternoon to take Leyah out, one side of the harness had popped open! Not too much of a problem I guess because the other side was still firmly closed. Maybe I didn't close it properly in the first place. Will keep a closer eye on this. 

March 6th 2013

A lovely friend gave us a 'Toddletug' the other week as a gift. It's a gorgeous bright red colour, i love red pushchair accessories.

It's very easy to attach to the pushchair handle and it has been there ever since I first put it on. M loves it because it is something for him rather than Leyah, like the pushchair. It sits at a more comfortable height on Mutsy for him than holding my hand is and I love how I can just slide it round the handle to which ever side he's standing on at the time. Leyah also likes to fiddle with it when M isn't there.

March 7th 2013

Washed the footmuff today (2nd time in it's life) and it still looks like new, used a colour catcher sheet both times because I was worried the lovely white cozy inside would turn dark blue but it's still very white thank goodness. I just unzipped the top part off and bunged it in washing machine in 2 parts, on a 20 minute wash at 20 degrees. 

March 23rd 2013

I'm very thankful for the great recline on the Mutsy seat unit. At the moment Leyah is insistent on sitting bolt up right and holding on to the bars either side of her. I do think it makes the pushchair look a little odd, maybe it's just because it's different. I think it's about time I test the seat unit facing the other way. It's taking me so long to do because I just love having Leyah facing me! 

March 31st 2013

Yesterday we went into town and met some friends for lunch. The car is currently out of action so Mutsy is getting lots of use, which is helping with the weight loss journey. I'm glad because I'm really struggling with it at the moment! I blame the horrible cold weather. Thanks to Mutsy for getting me out walking though. So we met our friends for lunch and Mutsy quickly became the topic of conversation! All good of course. My friends (some mummies themselves) commented on how they love the seat unit and how it can be forward or parent facing. They were also impressed with the handle bar and liked that I could lower it right down making it much easier to get Leyah in the seat when she's parent facing. The place we went for lunch is a popular place with families because there is a child's play area, so it's generally always busy. I was impressed by how well the Mutsy squeezed into confined spaces. I was able to pop it.

April 10th 2013

Noticing Leyah is much heavier in Mutsy lately but I still managed to push her down the steps outside my friends house today with one hand while helping my niece down them with the other. On the side of the bar and it never got in anyone's way. 

April 12th 2013

Just out for lunch and even with the 'hustle n bustle' of lots of kids running around and music playing Leyah still manages to get comfy in Mutsy for a nice wee nap. 

April 14th 2013

Mum had the kids today and told me she kept getting Mutsy's back wheels stuck in door ways! She commented that the front wheels being narrower are starting to confuse her (lol). My sister spent the day with them and she commented that she doesn't like the length of the handle bar, she felt she'd have more control of Mutsy if it were shorter. (The seat unit is currently parent facing). 

April 15th 2013

My sister is just pushing Mutsy up the hill to my house and she just said "God this is easy to push up the hill, it just glides". 

April 16th 2013

Leyah had an eye appointment today at the hospital in the next town. I decided to make a day of it seeing as we had to get the train there and bus back. My sister and neice came with us because Daddy was working. Mutsy was very easy to push on the train without having to take Leyah out. Unfortunately due to my very active 18 month old Leyah, I didn't get much else reveiwed train wise this time, she insisted on sitting next to her cousin and brother! I didn't need to fold Mutsy down which was a bonus, I just parked it beside the door and put the brake on. I found getting off the train a little tricky. I tried to just push Mutsy with all 4 wheels still on the ground but the smaller front wheels struggled to make it across the gap inbetween the train and platform. So I tipped the pushchair back on to it's big back wheels which worked much better.

When we got to the hospital I was very impressed with Mutsy, instead of taking Leyah out the pushchair to take her coat off to make sure she didn't get hot etc. I just unzipped the foot muff. When we went in to her appointment I didn't need to take her out the pushchair for the eye examiner to do the test, all I needed to do was lower the handle bar right down, so the examiner could wheel Leyah right up to her to look into her eyes. (Parent facing still). An absolute god send! No tantrums with having to keep putting her back in the pushchair, no chasing her round the hospital while in the waiting room. It made the hospital visit a stress free, breeze! Thank you Mutsy!

We got the bus home when the time came. It was a city bus (as opposed to a big coach bus) and to be honest I was thankful I didn't have to worry about Leyah and M staying beside me while I collapsed Mutsy. Getting on the bus was easy peasy, and we sat in the seat at the very front and I parked Mutsy in the space there. There wasn't much breathing space to be honest, but it squeezed in ok. I think we would've been better over the other side but the seats were taken up already. Getting off the bus was much easier than it was getting off the train!

April 22nd 2013

Just been to an eye appointment with M at the local health center and had Leyah with me in Mutsy. It's a wet day but very muggy inside! I didn't want to take Leyah out of the pushchair to take her coat off so instead I just unzipped the cozy toes from the liner. Problem solved - happy baby, happy mummy! Very handy that it zips right off! 

April 24th 2013

Excited to be getting a new rain cover as the one I have is now unusable because of where it has ripped. It's just so tight round the bottom of the foot muff!  

April 26th 2013

The dreaded sick bug arrived at our house a few days ago. M and myself got over it in less than 24 hours but poor Leyah started with it yesterday morning and it is still going strong. (Daddy must have a stomach of steel, he always manages to avoid picking up these things). Poorly Leyah was napping in Mutsy earlier as it was the only place she would settle, but of course she ended up being sick all over the poor Mutsy! So, pushchair spring cleaning time has come. We've taken all the harness pieces off the seat unit and the footmuff completely off for a wash. The harness bits were a little tricky to get off so I enlisted the help of Daddy who of course managed with no problems at all. I figured out for the first time that the shoulder pads come right off the straps, no need to try and squeeze them through the holes in the footmuff with great difficulty like I have been doing! The seat unit and shopping basket need a good hoover and wipe down, along with the frame. As with many pushchairs, lots of crumbs have gathered underneath the liner. Bring on the cleaning! 

April 27th 2013

Pulled the footmuff and harness bits and bobs out the washing machine this morning and they are sparkly clean! As good as new. I put them on a 60 degree wash thinking 90 would be far too hot. I did worry a little that even 60 would be too hot but did it anyway as there was sick involved. I also used 2 colour catcher sheets just to be safe. I don't think I'd be worrying so much if the pushchair was mine.

April 30th 2013

Leyah is finally better after what felt like forever. What a horrible lingering bug that was!

We ventured round to the swings this afternoon after piecing Mutsy back together. I hoovered the seat unit and shopping basket and then I wiped down everything from top to bottom with a damp micro fibre cloth. Worked a treat, looks as good as new. During cleaning, I discovered something new... a secret compartment... I'm not sure what it's for! There's a zip at the bottom of the seat unit, (where Leyah's feet sit), and it just looks like the zip that attaches the fabric to the frame. It's actually a wee hidden bit. Very interesting!

I found it very tricky to put the harness straps back on to the seat unit, it's almost like the holes are just to small and no more. Still very handy that they come off though, especially if they have unfortunately been covered in sick! I really like that there is 3 different height options for the shoulder straps. Very useful if you plan (like me) to only have one pushchair for your baby, the Mutsy Evo grows with your child.

May 3rd 2013

Lots of room in Mutsy's big shopping basket for our glass recycling. Even unzipped the footmuff on the way to the bottle bank because it's quite warm for a change! Could almost pass for summer! 

May 4th 2013

The extendable hood is very handy indeed, especially for the rare occasion the sun decides show face! It's a shame it doesn't extend further for when the seat is fully reclined.

May 11th 2013

On our way to a friends house we ended up on a particularly stoney, rough pavement so I decided to video Mutsy handling this with ease! Uneven and rough pavements and roads are very common where we are, so it really is essential that our pushchair can cope with them. The Mutsy certainly does! I was able to steer one handed while filming and Leyah was still able to comfortably eat and drink (her two favourite things to do at the moment). I just hope that the wheels are tough enough to cope also!

May 20th 2013

Gazed over at Leyah napping this afternoon and realised she's grown quite a bit since we got Mutsy! The pushchair is still as easy as ever to use though. Must talk myself in to turning the seat unit around.

May 21st 2013

Leyah is definitely growing up quicker by the day. When we take M to nursery in the mornings she used to sit in Mutsy quite happy while I went to his peg with him and signed him in. Now she has to come with us and give him a kiss and a cuddle too (very cute). This is all fine and dandy. But then when it comes to putting her back in Mutsy - she refuses point blank to let me lift her. She insists on walking all the way home while pushing Mutsy herself. I'm glad we are only a 5 minute walk from the school! It's nice to be able to lower the handle to a more reachable level for her so she can push it but I wish the front wheels would lock because she ended up going all over the place a bit! She's determined to be independant and do it herself so of course she grumped everytime I helped straighten her up again. They certainly don't stay babies for long!

May 29th 2013

Oh dear Leyah managed to undo the harness in Mutsy this morning after dropping M at nursery. She's at the stage of wanting to walk everywhere and has a paddy when I put her in the pushchair. She unclipped it and climbed out quite easily. Hope this doesn't become a regular thing!

May 30th 2013

Finally Changed the seat unit to forward facing for sports day at school.

First impressions:
* the handle feels much longer, further away from the seat unit
* can feel a difference in the weight distribution, it's more even in parent facing mode
* the shopping basket is a lot more open now and can only be accessed from the back
* think I'm a lot more worried about the transition than Leyah is!

June 2nd 2013

The Mutsy has ended up back in parent facing as its much easier to collapse this way.

June 11th 2013

The new raincover arrived yesterday. Thankfully we haven't had any rain for a while now and hopefully won't need to use it for a while longer yet.

June 21st 2013

I have taken the cosy toes and liner completely off of Mutsy today because it is very muggy and clammy! The seat unit is still comfortable and padded without it. Going to throw it in the washing as its a bit grubby where Leyah's shoes sit due to her walking more now.

June 25th 2013

My gorgeous niece climbed into Mutsy the other day and she loves it in there! She is 7 and a half months older than Leyah and quite tall for her age. She fits in the Mutsy perfectly. She has even slept in there before!

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