Mee-Go Pramette Review

3.5 / 5
A new and exciting British nursery company, Mee-Go are passionate about delivering new innovation to parents all over the world. We check out their new pramette in our Mee-Go Pramette review.

Quick Summary: The Mee-Go Pramette comes with everything including the car seat so is pretty good value for money at £399.99. It provides everything you need for your baby from day 1. When you are up to speed, the push is smooth and comfortable thanks to the large air filled rear tyres and soft suspension. We also love the fact you can purchase adaptors for car seats from Maxi-Cosi and BeSafe. It is great to have a choice.

Whats good?

  • Everything is included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Parent or forward facing

Whats not so good?

  • Small main seat
  • Low speed manoeuvrability
  • Car seat not very padded
  • Small raincover

Table of contents

Mee-Go are fairly new to the pushchair scene, but have over 17 years of experience under their belts. On paper, the Mee-Go really is everything you could want for your baby, coming with all accessories you could possibly need, from car seat to changing bag – all at a great price. So can this package really offer everything you need from baby to toddler? Let’s take a look in our Mee-Go Pramette review!


Mee-Go’s chassis is matte silver in colour and everything curves – the handlebar is curved, the footplate is curved – it gives the Mee-Go a lovely smart look and I love the slight sheen on the silver – it is unusual and gives the Mee-Go pramette a more exclusive feel.

Down at the base, you will find a fairly large and deep shopping basket being 44cm long x 37cm wide and 16cm deep it will easily hold everything you could need on a day out – I could even squash in my full changing bag! It is easily accessed from all angles with the seat facing in either direction.

The Mee-Go’s rear wheels measure 27cm and are large, air filled tyres, giving a comfortable and smooth ride, while the front wheels are made from EVA and are 16cm in diameter. The front wheels can be locked by a simple slide lever on the wheel casing. The rear suspension is very soft and will no doubt give a great ride over lumps and bumps.

The brakes are operated via a push pedal in the centre of the chassis – flip up to move off and push down to stop. Once applied, the brakes are strong and firm – there is no movement in the wheels or chassis at all. They are really easy to use.

Adjusting the handlebar height is done by pressing two small push buttons just below the foam of the handlebar. This easily allows the handle to be extended from 103cm to 107cm. The handlebar foam is soft and comfortable to hold.

When pushing the Mee-Go with the handlebar in the lower position, the pushchair is a little hard to turn before you are up to speed. This improves if you move the handlebar to the highest position away from the rear wheels. This is an easy fix, but not a great solution if you are short like me, and need the lower handlebar height. I think this is something to do with a combination of chassis design (geometry) and soft rear suspension. The handle is very close to being in line with the rear wheels meaning you have less leverage when making a turn. The problem is exacerbated when you add more weight.

Your little one will love the foam covered bumper bar that comes with the pushchair. It can be positioned at 3 different heights using buttons on the side which is great if they like to hold on. This function is also useful when taking your child in and out of the seat, it is not gate opening, but it is better than being fixed. I really like the option to move the bumper bar up and down – I have found fixed bumper bars a real fiddle in the past, especially when trying to take a larger child in and out of the seat in their winter coats.


The parent or world facing seat unit on the Mee-Go pramette is quite deep but the backrest height is only 40cm. It is big enough for most toddlers, but taller ones will struggle to fit and it could become a problem if you intend to use the pushchair for an extended period as your child may outgrow it. The seat depth is 20cm from the back to the front before it falls away to the adjustable footrest. The footrest itself has 2 different adjustable positions.

The hood attaches to the seat unit with poppers and can be done in seconds, the hood itself is fairly large, providing good protection from the elements. The colour packs also include a co-ordinating seat liner and strap pads – the materials feel wipe clean and will protect the seat unit itself from mucky little fingers. I like the fact that you could change the colour pack if you fancied a different colour – it makes the pushchair much more versatile for style conscious pushers!

Removing the Mee-Go pramette seat is easy – just push in a lever on either side to release the seat catches, then lift off. To replace, just slot the seat into the frame until it clicks.

To convert the seat unit into a pramette, you must first recline the seat and then extend the straps and undo the buckle at the rear. Insert the quilted mattress and liner to make a lie flat carrycot section for newborns. The mattress is well padded and supportive, and the liner holds everything in place with no slipping.

A 3 position recline is facilitated by a lever on the top of the seat unit which you lift and the seat drops back. When the hood is attached the lever for the recline is not very easy to access.

The car seat fits straight onto the chassis in the same way as the seat unit with the use of the included adaptors. It is very simple to use, and a great travel system option for popping out of the car to the shops.

The car seat itself is not the most padded, and seems rather shallow. It is also quite tricky to fit in the car – the seat belt guides are quite narrow and it can be hard to slide the seat belt through them. There is however the option to buy universal (Maxi-Cosi and BeSafe) car seat adaptors for the Mee-Go pramette which is a great idea as it provides a choice of car seat for those who want a more recognised brand.

The Mee-Go pramette has an easily adjustable 5 point safety harness, featuring 2 different shoulder heights so you can move them to the right height as your little one grows. Adjusting is easy – the straps just slide in and out through slots in the seat back.

The raincover is a simple pull on and pull off job, but is not very generous – I think it may feel small, especially for older toddlers who like a bit more foot room.

Included in the price is a footmuff, which is a good fit, and easy to attach with the harness straps. It is well padded, lined with cosy fleece and fairly generous in size. There is also a matching changing bag, which is a reasonable size and will be fine when you are out and about for the day. It contains a changing mat and a thermal pocket for keeping bottles or food at the right temperature – great features that you don’t always see in a changing bag.


Folding the Mee-Go pramette is simple and quick but we feel could be improved a little. You can fold with the seat unit removed or with it in place as long as it is world facing which is great.

To fold with the seat world facing, first, apply the brake. Now find the 2 black plastic sliding catches on the side of the chassis. Just behind the right hand one on the underside of the chassis tube, you will find the safety locking lever. Move this lever sideways to release the first lock. You can then pull the sliding catches up towards the handlebar. Now push down gently on the frame and it will fold over on itself. You can then secure with a frame lock. The fold is pretty compact even with the seat in place but it is quite long at just over 1 meter when fully folded.  

I found the sliding catches were a little difficult to use, lacking any real place to get hold of and pull back. This made this part of the fold quite tricky. If the levers had somewhere to get your fingers behind and pull, it would be much easier.

To open up the pushchair again, just undo the chassis lock, and pull the handlebar up towards you. The frame will unfold and click into place. Unfolding is simple and quick.


The Mee-Go Pramette comes with everything including the car seat so is pretty good value for money at £399.99. It provides everything you need for your baby from day one. When you are up to speed, the push is smooth and comfortable thanks to the large air filled rear tyres and soft suspension. We also love the fact you can purchase adaptors for car seats from Maxi-Cosi and BeSafe. It is great to have a choice.

There are some niggles though. The position of the handlebar means that initial manoeuvring is not the best when there is some weight in the pushchair. The fold is compact but 1 meter long and could be improved by re-designing the catches. The seat back height is only 40cm possibly ruling out larger toddlers.

The thing that makes this pushchair stand out is the all-in-one box solution. You get absolutely everything included in the price of this package, so you know there are no hidden costs, or extras you need to buy. It can be used right through from birth to toddler. If you want a hassle free one-stop buy, this could be worth a look.

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