Maxi-Cosi Mura Plus Review

4.0 / 5
It's about as off-road as you can get whilst still maintaining that hard to find fully sized reversible seat unit, and its packed with great features. The 2013 upgrades have really made the Mura a pushchair that is very well suited to the UK climate.

Quick Summary: It's about as off-road as you can get whilst still maintaining that hard to find fully sized reversible seat unit, and its packed with great features. The 2013 upgrades have really made the Mura a pushchair that is very well suited to the UK climate.

Whats good?

  • Off-road capability
  • All weather upgrade
  • Comfortable multi-directional seat

Whats not so good?

  • Shallow basket
  • Fiddly hood
  • Heavy

New for 2013 Maxi-Cosi have given their Mura an all weather upgrade and released the updated Maxi-Cosi Mura Plus. The 2013 Mura Plus is a powerhouse of a pushchair; sturdily built and incorporating some clever design features to make it a clever compromise between an off road specialist and a city loving parent facer. Updates range from a redesigned canopy system to puncture proof tyres and plenty in between; many changes are based on feedback on the original Mura from their customers. Have a read of our Maxi-Cosi Mura Plus Review as we take a look to see if this all weather pushchair can weather the storm...

The Mura Plus is a forward or rear facing pushchair suitable from birth to approximately 3.5 years. The Mura Plus builds on the already popular Mura, and has some great updated features over and above the previous versions.

Maxi-Cosi Mura Plus 3 chassis

The smart oval shaped frame of the Maxi-Cosi Mura Plus has a strong and sturdy feeling to it. Although not the narrowest or lightest in weight perhaps, the Mura Plus feels surprisingly manoeuvrable and easy to push once you've got it set up.

All round suspension means that your little one should be comfortable no matter where your journey takes you; from shopping centres and cobbled lanes to woodland walks and sandy beaches. Most of your day to day outings will be handled with ease by the Mura Plus – eliminating the need for a separate off-road buggy for when you want to venture off piste.

For 2013, Maxi-Cosi have foam filled the tyres on the Mura making them puncture proof. It adds some weight, but means that you will never get stuck with a flat tyre!

The height adjustable bar handle is covered in soft foam, and the squeeze button in the centre allows you to adjust the height selecting one of four different positions.

I love the brakes on the Mura, they are easy to operate flip on flip off type; handily located to the side of the rear axle. Push down for on and use your toe, or tap the top of the brake pedal to release.

The shopping basket on the new Mura Plus has been improved to give you more space. At 33x40x14cm is still a little on the shallow side, but there is enough room for you to stash some essentials. Access from the rear is good with the seat up, but difficult when the seat is fully reclined.

Maxi-Cosi Mura Plus 3 Seat

The seat on the Mura Plus can be forward or rear facing, and it attached to the chassis securely using a set of double auto-locking clips underneath the seat base, giving a very secure and stable feeling to the seat when pushing over bumps. The seat is easily removed from the chassis by pulling a sturdy metal bar at the back of the seat base to release the clips; the seat can then be lifted away. The seat is an aspect of this pushchair that really sets it apart from its competitors, with lots of unique and unusual features.

The first thing to note is that the seat unit on the Mura Plus is a fairly substantial bit of kit, designed to keep your precious passenger secure and safe the bucket style racing seat features luxurious padding over a ridged outer shell with extra deep side wings which almost cocoon your offspring. It's not light, but it is secure.

Exceptionally spacious in all dimensions the seat on the Maxi-Cosi Mura Plus should easily past your child all the way through to around 3.5 years. The back is 53cm from seat base to hood and 33cm at its widest point.

When used in the fully reclined position the seat is suitable from birth. Once reclined, the Mura seat has a flat, yet well enclosed area for your new baby. With the hood fully extended and some more padding or a head hugger you could almost achieve a carrycot feel – although the tiniest of tots might feel a little lost given the sheer size of this seat.  

The recline system itself allows the backrest to drop down away from the seat base into one of three postions; upright, semi reclined, fully reclined, and these can be achieved when the seat is either forward or rear facing. The recline on the Mura Plus is a lovely easy one handed operation, with a squeeze latch on the rear of the seat back; a smooth, quick and quiet process.

The hood on the Maxi-Cosi Mura Plus has been improved for this version, with a vast canopy featuring viewing windows to the sides and top and a flip out sun visor. Perfect when the seat is fully reclined the hood gives excellent coverage to the occupant and creates a really secure and snug enclosed space. However, with the seat fully up and the clunky stiff hood fully retracted you are left with copious amounts of fabric bunched around the top of the seat. Maxi-Cosi have cleverly allowed you to tidy it away a little by using a magnetic closure to snap the hood segments shut. Its a nice little touch that almost stops this hood being annoyingly in the way with the seat fully upright - but not quite.

The adjustable calf rest can be used in one of two positions; fully raised or lowered and the wipe clean plastic footrest is a good distance below the seat to give even taller toddlers somewhere comfy to rest their weary toes.

The Mura Plus has a T-Bone shaped bumper bar, which really helps when persuading a reluctant toddler to sit in long enough to do up the five point harness. A smart and unusual touch this style of bumper bar is a nice feature (especially if you little one likes motorbikes! Unfortunately if you need a foot muff only a split leg one will do.

The five point safety harness can be altered to one of three shoulder height settings using a clever, yet fiddly popper system. The length of the shoulder and waist straps can also be altered, but not the length or position of the crotch strap.

The raincover is very well designed. Its simple to fit and I love the way that Maxi-Cosi have included a zipped section in the back that extends the raincover when the seat if fully reclined.

All in all, a nice deep comfortable seat for your little one, that should work well for them at all stages of their growth during their pushchair using years. 

Maxi-Cosi Mura Plus Fold

Not the smallest when folded this one, but should be able to fit in most car boots and could be stacked neatly enough in a corner or cupboard. The Maxi-Cosi Mura Plus can be folded with the seat unit off, or it can be partially folded with the seat on and in the forward facing position (although this results in a large fold – too bulky for smaller car boots.

With the seat removed; slide the two latches on either side of the pushchair handlebar upwards (one needs to be released from a safety lock). Next lift forwards (bear with me!), it will also start to move vertically downwards. A nice smooth concertina fold will result, and the pushchair is left standing up without the handlebar touching the floor and the auto lock engaged. To unfold; release the auto lock and lift the handle up and backwards until you hear the pushchair click into place.

A nice touch here is that with the front wheel removed, you can further compress the pushchair frame down by folding the basket using a squeeze button on it, giving you a lovely flat frame perfect when you are pushed for space.

If you are folding with the seat in place, you must follow the same procedure, but first you must move the seat into a special forward position. To do this, press in a little button next to the recline latch, pull the recline latch with the button depresed and push the seat as far forward as it will go.

The pushchair concerinas down, but only just enough for it to free-stand. Its not perfect, but good if you are in say a restauraunt and need to get your wheels out of the way.

Maxi-Cosi Mura Plus Conclusion

Sometimes a pushchair can try to do too much, and fail at everything, but I am pleased to say that the 2013 Mura Plus is successful in every aspect of its purpose; it does everything it is designed to do, does it well, and won't leave you wanting more.

It's about as off-road as you can get whilst still maintaining that hard to find fully sized reversible seat unit, and its packed with great features. The 2013 upgrades have really made the Mura a pushchair that is very well suited to the UK climate.

It is however a substantial pushchair, both folded and unfolded, at 15.8 kilos the weight of it may put you off if you need to carry it long distances folded, get it in and out of a high car boot with the seat on, or lug it up and down stairs.

The 2013 Mura Plus gives the impression that it would quite happily live on for many years, seeing not just your current child but any future additions through their pushchair using days. It's perfect for those of you who want something suitable for long walks without having to compromise on that all important parent facing aspect. If you love the outdoors and want something with a facing seat and a touch of urban feel, the Mura Plus could be your perfect match.

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