iCandy Orange 4 Review

4.5 / 5
In this detailed review of the iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair/Travel System, we’ll cover everything you need to know to decide if it's the perfect fit for your family. With a balanced view of the pros and cons, this review aims to give you all the insights to make an informed choice for your little one.
iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair Bundle
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Whats good?

  • Offers over 30 different configurations
  • 5 Year iCandy Warranty
  • Large 64-litre storage basket
  • Integrated ride-on board
  • All essential accessories included

Whats not so good?

  • Quite heavy at 12.5kg
  • Lacks a carry strap on the chasis
  • No carry cot stand available to purchase
  • Only one frame colour available
  • Strap height adjustments require rethreading

Initial Thoughts

The iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair/Travel System makes a stellar first impression with its impressive versatility and modern design. One of the standout features is its readiness to accommodate a growing family, being double/twin-ready right from the start. This means that everything you need to convert the system into a double pushchair is included, making it an excellent choice for parents who have a second child or plan to in the future. The only potential additional requirement is another seat unit if your children are of similar ages.

The pushchair's design exudes the high quality and sophisticated aesthetic that iCandy is known for. The initial assembly process is straightforward and hassle-free; the main task is clipping the wheels into place, which can be done in no time. Our team fully appreciated this user-friendly setup, as it meant the pushchair was ready to use almost immediately.

Aesthetically, the iCandy Orange 4 does not disappoint. The choice of colours Pistachio, Latte, Rose, Fossil, and Black Edition adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the pushchair. The fabrics are not only stylish but also practical, being easy to clean with just a simple wipe of a cloth. This feature is particularly beneficial for busy parents who need a low-maintenance solution.

Overall, our initial thoughts on the iCandy Orange 4 were entirely positive. The combination of functionality, design, and ease of use makes it a strong contender in the pushchair market.

Chassis / Frame

The chassis of the iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair/Travel System is both sleek and robust, finished in a powder-coated Jet Black colour for a unique premium appeal. Unlike some other models, such as the Peach 7, the Orange 4 comes with only one colour option for the chassis, regardless of the fabric colour choice. This unified design choice ensures a consistent and stylish appearance across all configurations.

Constructed from 6000 series premium aluminium alloy, the chassis is designed for strength and robustness, capable of withstanding inevitable knocks and bumps when moving the system or loading it in and out of the car. Despite its sturdy construction, the chassis feels surprisingly lightweight compared to similar systems, with the full system weighing in at just 12.3 kg.

One of the most impressive features of the iCandy Orange 4 is its versatility, made possible by the included adapters that allow for over 30 different configurations. This flexibility makes it easy to customise the pushchair to meet the specific needs of your growing family, specifically with the integrated ride-on board, which is beneficial with children of varying ages. Additionally, when folded, the chassis is designed to free stand, making storage and handling much more convenient.

The folded dimensions of the chassis are L: 87 cm, W: 62 cm, and H: 28 cm, making it compact enough to fit in most car boots and small storage spaces. This practical design ensures that the iCandy Orange 4 is not only functional and stylish but also easy to manage in everyday use.

Overall, the chassis of the iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair/Travel System combines aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, offering parents a reliable and versatile solution for their mobility needs.


The iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair is equipped with a full set of high-quality wheels designed for durability and performance. The front wheels are swivel, allowing for easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces, but they can also be locked to provide stability when navigating over rocks or bumpier terrain. This locking feature prevents the wheels from buckling, ensuring a smoother ride in less forgiving environments.

One of the standout features of the wheels is their puncture-proof design. Made from high-quality polyurethane (PU), the wheels are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use without the risk of punctures. This is a significant advantage for parents who often venture into rougher terrain or those who simply want the peace of mind that comes with low-maintenance wheels.

The rear wheels are designed for convenience, featuring a quick-release mechanism. With just the press of a button in the center of the wheel, the rear wheels can be easily removed. This is particularly useful for reducing space consumption when storing the pushchair or for keeping the car clean if the wheels are dirty.

Additionally, the enhanced suspension system on the wheels significantly improves ride quality, ensuring that the pushchair glides smoothly over various surfaces. Whether you're strolling through city streets or exploring park trails, the suspension helps to absorb shocks and bumps, providing a more comfortable ride for your child.

Overall, the wheels of the iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair combine functionality, durability, and ease of use, making them a crucial component of this versatile pushchair.


The handlebar of the iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair is designed for both comfort and practicality, featuring a luxurious leatherette finish that feels cushioned and comfortable to the touch. The detailed stitching adds a touch of elegance, enhancing the overall premium look of the pushchair.

One of the key features of the handlebar is its adjustability. It can be set to one of five positions, making it perfect for parents of varying heights. The handlebar’s height range extends from 98cm, and up to 112 cm, an improvement over the previous Orange 3 model, which had a maximum height of 108 cm. This extended range ensures that taller parents can push the pushchair comfortably without having to reach.

Adjusting the handlebar is a simple and intuitive process. By squeezing the button in the center of the handlebar, much like the iCandy Peach 7 and other similar systems, you can easily set the handlebar to your desired height. This intuitive design ensures quick adjustments, making it convenient for families with multiple users.

One often overlooked yet brilliant design feature is the branded rubber bumper block on the handlebar. This ensures that when the pushchair is folded, the leatherette finish does not come into contact with the ground. Instead, the rubber protector makes contact, preserving the handlebar's pristine condition and maintaining the pushchair's aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, the handlebar includes two clips for attaching the included changing bag. This thoughtful design touch saves you from having to carry the bag or place it in the storage basket, providing easy access to essentials while keeping your hands free.


The iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair/Travel System features an exceptionally spacious under-seat basket, boasting a capacity of 64 litres, whilst this might not mean a lot to many new parents, the team were very impressed with this in comparison to those other other similar systems. This ample storage space is a stand-out feature, providing parents with the convenience of carrying all necessary items for their child on the go. Whether it's shopping bags, baby essentials, or personal belongings, this basket can handle it all.

The basket's impressive capacity is complemented by its ability to support up to 10 kg of weight. This robustness ensures that parents can load the basket with a substantial amount of items without worrying about compromising the stability or performance of the pushchair. This feature is particularly beneficial for traveling parents who need to carry numerous essentials for their child, making it a practical and reliable choice for daily use.

An often overlooked yet crucial aspect of the basket's design is its built-in drainage vent. This thoughtful inclusion helps to keep the basket dry and clean by allowing any liquids or spills to drain out, preventing the accumulation of water. This is especially useful during rainy weather or when carrying items that might leak, such as a drinks bottle.

Accessibility is another key feature of the basket. It is easily reachable from both the front and rear of the pushchair, allowing parents to quickly and conveniently access items without having to maneuver around the pushchair. This easy access enhances the overall user experience, making it simple to load and unload the basket even when the pushchair is fully assembled.


The iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair/Travel System includes a luxurious carrycot designed to offer comfort and convenience for both parents and newborns. The carrycot is lined with luxury fleece, making it incredibly soft and comfortable for your baby. This premium material ensures that your newborn is snug and secure, offering a warm and inviting space for rest and sleep.

The carrycot comes with a 740 x 300 mm foam mattress, covered in cotton, providing an extra layer of comfort and support for your baby. The interior mattress area measures 74 cm x 30 cm, ensuring ample space for your newborn to stretch and move comfortably. One of the standout features of the carrycot is that it has been tested and approved for overnight sleep, making it a great alternative to a Moses Basket. This versatility allows parents to use the carrycot both during the day for outings and at night for sleeping.

The carrycot dimensions are L: 83.5 cm, W: 46 cm, and D: 27.5 cm. It features six feet on the bottom, which serve multiple purposes. These feet protect the carrycot from coming into contact with dirty ground surfaces but mainly assist in promoting greater air circulation underneath the carrycot. This design helps to keep the carrycot environment fresh and well-ventilated.

However, one downside is that iCandy does not offer a carrycot stand, which would have fully complemented the carrycot's suitability for overnight sleep. This omission is a minor drawback but one that potential buyers might consider if they intend to use the carrycot extensively for overnight purposes.

Materials / Fabrics

The iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair/Travel System utilizes high-quality materials in the seat unit that enhance both comfort and practicality. The fabrics are water-repellent and breathable, ensuring your child remains comfortable in various weather conditions. The canopy, available in five trendy colours - Pistachio, Latte, Rose, Fossil, and Black Edition - provides UPF 50+ protection, safeguarding your child from harmful UV rays.

One of the standout features of the seat unit is the ease of cleaning the fabric. We were impressed by how effortlessly the seat fabric could be wiped clean. Even after spills and messes, a simple wipe-down was sufficient to restore the fabric to its original state. Once dry, the seat looked as good as new, which is a significant advantage for busy parents who need to maintain the pushchair's appearance with minimal effort.

Additionally, the aprons that come with the pushchair can be machine washed at 30 degrees for convenience. This feature adds to the overall practicality of the iCandy Orange 4, ensuring that maintaining the cleanliness of the pushchair is both easy and efficient.

The seat unit is constructed from durable, high-quality fabrics designed to withstand daily use. These materials not only offer a comfortable and supportive surface for your child but also ensure longevity and resilience. The combination of water-repellent properties and easy maintenance makes the seat unit a practical choice for everyday use.

Seat Unit

The seat unit of the iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair/Travel System is designed for immediate use, requiring no complex zipping of fabrics or construction, unlike some other models such as the Peach 7. This user-friendly feature ensures that parents can get started with minimal setup, making the build process hassle-free.

One of the key features of the seat unit is its versatility. It can be positioned both parent-facing and world-facing in various configurations, catering to different needs and preferences. The seat unit dimensions are generous, with a back height of 47 cm, providing ample support for your child.

The weight limits for the seat unit are as follows:

  • Off Elevators: 25 kg
  • On Elevators: 15 kg
  • In Double Mode: 15 kg

These weight limits ensure that the seat unit is robust and capable of accommodating growing children. Additionally, like other iCandy systems, the footrest can pop out to offer additional leg support, enhancing comfort during longer rides.

The seat unit is also designed with convenience in mind. The chassis folds with the seat unit attached only in world-facing mode, simplifying the folding process for parents. Another practical feature is the additional storage pocket on the back of the seat unit, perfect for holding small items such as mobile phones or wipes, keeping essentials within easy reach.

Ride-on Buggy Board

The iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair/Travel System features an innovative integrated ride-on board, designed to accommodate an older sibling. This thoughtful inclusion makes the pushchair an ideal solution for families with multiple children, providing a convenient way for an older child to ride along while the younger one is seated in the main unit.

The ride-on board is seamlessly integrated into the chassis of the pushchair, maintaining the sleek and modern aesthetic that iCandy is known for. This design not only ensures that the board is always available when needed but also means it does not interfere with the overall look and functionality of the pushchair.

The board can hold up to 20 kg, making it suitable for a variety of children. This weight capacity ensures that even older siblings can comfortably use the board without compromising the stability or maneuverability of the pushchair. The integrated design also means there is no need for additional attachments or accessories, simplifying the setup and use.

Parents will appreciate the convenience this feature adds to their outings. The ride-on board provides a practical solution for keeping an older child with tired legs close and secure, reducing the need to juggle multiple strollers or worry about the safety of a walking child in crowded or busy areas.


The iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair features a highly secure and user-friendly one-touch 5-point safety harness, designed to ensure that your child is securely fastened during walks. This harness provides peace of mind for parents, combining ease of use with robust safety features.

One of the notable features of the harness is the ability to split the shoulder straps from the waist straps if desired. This flexibility allows for easier adjustments and a more customised fit for your child. The straps are equipped with comfort pads, ensuring that they are gentle on your child's skin and comfortable during long periods of use.

The straps are made from durable, high-quality materials that can withstand daily wear and tear. They are also washable, making them perfect for cleaning up after children have been snacking while seated. This practical feature ensures that the harness remains hygienic and in good condition over time.

At the center of the main harness lock is the iCandy logo, which adds a touch of brand identity to the design. While a magnetic harness would have been a nice addition, as seen in many other modern pushchairs, the manual clicking lock is not overly complex to operate. Unlocking the harness is straightforward: simply push the iCandy logo, and the two sides pop free, allowing for quick and easy release of the child.


The iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair/Travel System includes a luxurious footmuff designed to provide exceptional warmth and comfort for your child during colder months. This footmuff is an essential accessory, ensuring your child remains cozy and protected from the elements, making winter outings much more enjoyable.

The footmuff is crafted from high-quality, durable materials that are both soft and warm. The plush inner lining provides a snug environment, retaining heat effectively to keep your child warm even on the coldest days. This luxurious lining stands out for its quality and comfort, significantly surpassing the standard footmuffs that come with many other pushchair systems.

To attach the footmuff, the harness straps need to be threaded through, which can be a bit of a hassle. However, this process is generally only done a few times a year, so it’s a minor inconvenience for the benefits it offers. Once attached, the footmuff integrates seamlessly with the pushchair, maintaining the sleek aesthetic of the iCandy Orange 4.

One of the practical advantages of this footmuff is its ease of maintenance. The high-quality materials are not only durable but also easy to clean. Parents can simply wipe down the outer material to remove dirt and grime, keeping the footmuff looking fresh and new. This ensures that the footmuff remains in excellent condition despite regular use and exposure to the elements.

The inclusion of a high-quality footmuff is a notable advantage of the iCandy Orange 4, as many pushchair systems do not include a footmuff at all. This thoughtful addition enhances the overall value of the pushchair, making it a more attractive purchase for parents. The iCandy footmuffs, included with all of their systems, consistently impress our team with their luxury and quality, further justifying the premium price of the pushchair.

Changing Bag

Included with the Orange 4 system is a stylish and practical changing bag that matches the overall aesthetic of the pushchair. This changing bag is designed to provide parents with a convenient and organised way to carry all the essentials needed for their child while on the go.

The changing bag is spacious, offering ample room for nappies, wipes, bottles, and other necessities. It features multiple compartments and pockets, allowing parents to keep items neatly organised and easily accessible. The thoughtful design of the bag ensures that everything has its place, making it easy to find what you need quickly. We found it could easily hold all essentials, our parent tester in fact told us it has become an essential in making sure everything is ready to go in one place should they need to leave the house in a hurry.

One of the standout features of the changing bag is the included changing mat. This mat is a practical addition, providing a clean and comfortable surface for changing nappies when you are out and about. The mat is easy to clean and folds neatly into the bag, ensuring that it doesn't take up too much space.

The changing bag can be easily attached to the handlebar of the pushchair using the built-in clips. This feature keeps the bag within easy reach and frees up the storage basket for other items. The convenience of having the changing bag attached to the pushchair means that parents don't have to carry it separately, reducing the load and making outings more manageable.

The exterior fabric is water-resistant, helping to protect the contents from spills and light rain. This durability ensures that the bag remains in good condition over time, providing long-lasting use.


The Orange 4 Travel System comes equipped with two high-quality rain covers, ensuring your child is protected from the elements during unexpected weather changes. These rain covers are designed to provide full coverage, keeping your child dry and comfortable while also maintaining visibility.

The raincovers are easy to attach and remove, making them convenient for parents to use as needed. They fit snugly over both the seat unit and carrycot, ensuring comprehensive protection. The material is durable and transparent, allowing your child to see outside and for you to keep an eye on them.

One of the standout features of the raincovers is their tailored fit. Unlike generic raincovers that can be cumbersome and ill-fitting, the iCandy raincovers are specifically designed to match the contours of the Orange 4 Pushchair. This precise fit ensures that there are no gaps for water to seep through, providing maximum protection.

The raincovers are also designed with ventilation in mind. Strategically placed air holes prevent the interior from becoming stuffy, ensuring that your child remains comfortable even when fully covered. This feature is particularly important for maintaining airflow and preventing condensation buildup inside the cover.

Another practical aspect of the rain covers is their compact storage. When not in use, they can be folded down to a small size and stored in the pushchair’s basket or changing bag. This makes it easy to carry them around without taking up much space, so you're always prepared for sudden showers. Our parent tester said they wouldn't leave the house without them, and that their small size once folded meant it didn't come at much of a sacrifice.


The Orange 4 features a user-friendly fold mechanism designed for convenience and efficiency. This makes the process of collapsing and storing the pushchair quick and straightforward, catering to the needs of busy parents.

The pushchair folds compactly, with dimensions of L: 87 cm, W: 62 cm, and H: 28 cm when fully folded. This compact size ensures that the pushchair can fit easily into most car trunks and small storage spaces, making it ideal for families with limited space. The chassis is designed to free-stand when folded, which helps keep it clean and makes it easier to store upright.

One key aspect of the fold mechanism is that the chassis can fold with the seat unit attached, but only when the seat is in the world-facing mode. This feature adds to the convenience, allowing parents to collapse the pushchair without having to remove the seat unit first, thereby saving time and effort.

The folding process itself is simple and intuitive. By pressing the button on the handlebar and pushing downwards, the pushchair collapses smoothly. This one-handed operation is a significant advantage, especially when you are holding your child or carrying other items.

While the fold mechanism is efficient, it’s worth noting that the pushchair’s full system weight is 12.3 kg, which, although manageable, might be slightly heavy for some users when lifting into a car or storage area. Unfortunately, one disappointment is the lack of a carry strap, which was available on other iCandy models. A carry strap would have helped to manage the weight by allowing it to be carried over the shoulder, making transportation even more convenient.


The iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair/Travel System stands out as a versatile, stylish, and highly functional option for modern parents. Its ability to seamlessly transition from a single to a double pushchair makes it an excellent investment for growing families, ensuring it adapts to your needs over time.

The high-quality materials used throughout the system, including durable, water-repellent fabrics and a robust aluminum alloy chassis, provide both comfort and longevity. The easy-to-clean seat unit, machine-washable aprons, and practical storage solutions enhance everyday convenience, making it an ideal choice for busy parents.

The integrated ride-on board, generous 64-litre basket, and comprehensive set of accessories including a footmuff, changing bag, and rain covers add significant value to the pushchair. These features ensure that the iCandy Orange 4 can handle a wide range of situations, from everyday outings to longer trips, with ease and style.

Despite its many strengths, the pushchair does have a few drawbacks. The weight of the system, the lack of a carry strap, and the need to thread the harness straps minor inconveniences. Additionally, the chassis folds with the seat unit attached only in the world-facing mode, and the absence of a carrycot stand, which would have complemented the carrycot’s suitability for overnight sleep, is a minor oversight.

Overall, the iCandy Orange 4 Pushchair/Travel System excels in delivering a comprehensive, high-quality solution for parents. Its adaptability, premium materials, and thoughtful design features ensure it meets the demands of everyday life with style and ease. Whether you're a first-time parent or expanding your family, the iCandy Orange 4 is designed to grow with you, providing reliable performance and comfort every step of the way.

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