GB Convy-Fix Review

4.5 / 5
Birth to seven years in one seat, offering extended rear-facing and then moving into a Group 2 Booster Seat - meet the GB Convy-Fix!

Quick Summary: The GB Convy-Fix is a great car seat that has longevity, suitable for use from birth right up to 25kg or around 7 years old! It's easy to install in the car with ISOFIX and the support leg and as it comes aways from the base, is lighter to transport.

Whats good?

  • Easy to install
  • Can rear face right up to 18kg
  • Lasts longer as converts to Group 2 Booster Seat
  • Can use recline all the way through
  • Deep side wings

Whats not so good?

  • Harness is stiff to tighten
  • Would love to see an i-Size version

Things we love…

The GB Convy-Fix is a clever car seat that can be used rear-facing right up to 18kg, as well as Group 2 Booster Seat with the vehicle seat belt from 15-25kg.

It is easy to install thanks to the ISOFIX arms and support leg. As the seat comes away from the base, it is easier to fit the base first and then place the seat back on top when done correctly. Sit the base on the vehicle seat and then just squeeze the front and back buttons on the ISOFIX connections to release and push each one out fully. Then line up with the ISOFIX points in your car and push until they connect and the indicator turns green. Next press the button on the front of the support leg and drop to the floor until you get a green indicator on the top.

As the Convy-Fix can be used rear and forward facing, there is something you need to do to allow it to fit on in your desired position. We love that the seat can be used in the rear facing position right up to 18kg, which is your average four year old and would recommend that your child is kept in this position for as long as possible. There is a switch on top of the base showing A and B - A allows the car seat to fit on rear-facing, by pushing it to B, it will allow it to forward face! That little physical change means that parents have to consciously make the decision to forward face their child, but as it's on the older R44 regulation, they should still be at least 9kg and a minimum of 76cm.

Once you have chosen your position and placed the car seat on the base, you will have another green indicator on the panel at the front to let you know it is attached safely. Lastly, just pull out your integrated linear side-impact protection panel on the side closest to the vehicle door, which offers better protection in a side impact collision!

It's really easy to put your little one into the seat, with a good amount of space for leg room too. We have been testing with a chunky 2 ½ year old who still has plenty of space. The harness straps pull smoothly out and can be hooked to the side thanks to two fabric slots. 

The headrest is lovely and deep, so offers great protection for little one's heads and keeps them in a better position when sleeping. To adjust the height of the headrest you need to put your fingers on the inside of the headrest, just about the harness, push the button and move up or down.

The recline feature is possible to do when rear and forward facing as a Group 2 Booster Seat. When rear-facing, you just need to reach to the back of the seat and push the button to recline. Forward facing it is done by reaching under the front of the seat.

If using the seat from birth, it comes with a newborn inlay that is soft and comfortable to offer additional support and protection around the head and body of a small baby.

Once your child is older and outgrows the harness, you can change the seat to forward facing and use it as a Group 2 Booster Seat up to 25kg, with the vehicle seat belt to secure them. The harness simply tucks away inside the seat and the buckle inside it's own compartment. By putting the buckle inside this compartment, it presses a small button which allows the headrest to be moved up into a higher position to fit your older and taller child.

We have been testing the gorgeous Laguna Blue colour. It is quite light, so more susceptible to marks and stains, but there are some other lovely options to choose from too including: Night Blue, Velvet Black, London Grey, Sweet Pink and Rose Red.

A great safety feature added to the Convy-Fix is the Energy Reduction Technology. When fitted in the car forward-facing, the safety technology slowly releases the harness in the event of a front impact collision. This limits the neck's exposure to impact forces and can lessen the risk of injury by reducing the forces by up to approx. 20%. 

Things to look out for…

After testing over a period of time, the only real fault that we found was that the harness can be a bit stiff to tighten, which is obviously very important when you are securing your child safely in the seat. You need a little more force to ensure it is tightened sufficiently.

When you need to remove the car seat from the base to turn it around or install, we had to double check the instructions on how to do it! You need to reach into the back of the seat with your hand facing down and pull the button to release it.

Our verdict...

The GB Convy-Fix is a great car seat that has longevity, suitable for use from birth right up to 25kg or around 7 years old! It's easy to install in the car with ISOFIX and the support leg and as it comes aways from the base, is lighter to transport.

Our favourite feature is that it can be used rear-facing up to 18kg, especially as we all know that rear-facing is five times safer. It still offers good space for longer legs too when in the more upright position.

The deep sides really cocoon the child and help keep them comfortable and safe in a collision, with the extra side impact panels popping out to reduce the forces too.

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