Fisher-Price Safe Voyage™ Deluxe Stroller

3.0 / 5
Nippy and easy - strollers provide the quick and lightweight version of toddler transportation. The Fisher-Price Safe Voyage™ Deluxe Stroller is all of the above and comes with some nice little extras.

Quick Summary: The Fisher-Price Safe Voyage™ Deluxe Stroller is attractive and has one or two features that really stand out. Their Safe Voyage™ range provides a solution to suit all of your adventures.

Whats good?

  • Good looking with the liner in place
  • Footmuff included

Whats not so good?

  • Expensive for the quality
  • Flimsy for a newborn

From the top

The punch hold handles are covered in thick foam and are positioned at a comfortable height, regardless of your stature. The medium sized canopy has a wide band of mesh covered PVC  that allows you to see your passenger but still protects them from the sun, as does the flip out sun visor. The brackets on the side of the canopy are stiff but they tension the flimsy hood enough to make it neatly rigid. The rear of the canopy has a handy pocket with a lovely magnetic closure, a convenient place for keys, phone and purse when you are on-the-go.


The Seat unit is 35cms wide, 22cms deep with a back height of 45cms plus a further 17cms head room in the canopy - a roomy size for any toddler. The five point harness has two shoulder positions that can be adjusted by undoing the main restraining clip and re-threading each strap through the appropriate hole – a fraction fiddly but not difficult. The recline is awkward, but like everything...there is a knack. Apply the brake and from the front of the pushchair, squeeze the brackets either side of the chair, just above the basket, and recline the back of seat to one of four positions. The rear of the canopy encloses the head of the chair to protect against the elements and the calf rest can be extended to support sleepy legs giving a total bed length of 80cms. Simply push the back of the chair up to upright when your passenger needs to sit again.


Below the seat is an average sized stroller basket that would accommodate a bag of shopping, but as with all strollers the access and the size is limited if you want to recline the seat. The four 16.5cm sets of wheels each conceal suspension, the front having lockable swivel wheels and the rear having a brake mechanism with the ability to be applied on the left or right. The wheels are particularly smooth and would not offer a great deal of grip on anything more than a flat surface.


The fold of the Fisher-Price Safe Voyage™ Deluxe stroller is not wholly conventional for a stroller. With the canopy collapsed, the seat in the upright position and the basket empty you can begin.... In the centre back of the frame is a hub with two buttons, the first on the left must be pressed, before the second on the underside can be triggered, this releases the horizontal tension in the frame. Then, step on the red foot pedal on the right of the frame and the handles will narrow and fold forward towards the front wheels. The automatic closure clip will keep the frame compact while the rubber carry handle on the side makes transportation more controllable.

To open, simply undo the closure clip, grab the handles and shake the frame out in front of you, re-introducing the tension to the frame by stepping on a small foot pedal just below the hub you used to collapse the frame.


The liner contrasts with the base colour (black) of the pushchair to give it a completely different look and of course, more comfort. The footmuff is impenetrable and affixes to the frame to ensure super snugness. The raincover fits over the canopy, around the handles and down far enough to protect your basket at the same time as giving your passenger plenty of room to not feel too sealed-in.

Best of all, the bug net is a very chic, silky drape that follows the curve of your canopy and attaches to the sides with press studs to stop it blowing away. I could see a child being very comfortable, safe and well shaded whilst having a summer snooze.


The Fisher-Price Safe Voyage™ Deluxe Stroller is attractive and has one or two features that really stand out. The bug-net is a great quality and hassle-free enough to actually encourage you to use it. The seat liner gives the whole pushchair a contemporary feel and the ability to reverse it caters for all tastes. I'm glad the footmuff is included, it provides a durable cocoon for your child that won't slide off as it attaches to the frame.

The area where the Safe Voyage™ Deluxe is not quite so deluxe is the overall quality. I'm not saying it's poorly made, just that the materials used seem a bit plastic and given that the price exceeds £200, I would hope for a little better. The recline is easy to perform but I don't like the fact that you have to straddle your pushchair to achieve it.

This pushchair is supposed to be used from birth, however in my opinion it is a little too flimsy for a newborn but  would be more practical from around six months when  your mini-me has more stability. The accessories raise the value of this stroller but you can still get the same package for less with other manufacturers.

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