Cybex Mios 2019 Review

4.5 / 5
The Cybex Mios blends evident quality and elegant, contemporary design with the functionality parents need for life on the go. It's designed to be the perfect pushchair for urban dwellers and we have put it to the test to bring you this in-depth review.

Quick Summary: Cybex has really tried to please the city-loving, style-savvy parents out there with this latest revamp of the Cybex Mios stroller. The handling is second to none, with one-handed steering making slaloming in and out of busy places a breeze.

Whats good?

  • Small fold
  • Light to lift and push
  • Deep and comfortable seat
  • Large extendable hood

Whats not so good?

  • Limited basket space

Our verdict

The narrow rear wheelbase may make for a quirky (if elegant) appearance but the chassis really does give baby the smoothest of rides, as well as allowing you to fit through small gaps with ease. 

The Lux Carry Cot and Lite Cot are both superb options for newborns, offering a cosy and luxurious space for baby to lie in the early days. 

The reversible seat cradles baby and the clever ergonomic shape from the top of the seat back right down to the footrest really does make strolling as comfortable as can be for your passenger. The option to remove the seat liner and use the mesh seat to keep baby cool in summer weather sounds appealing but we found our little testers weren't too keen on travelling this way, preferring more padding. Neither they nor us had any complaints about the excellent UPF50+ rated extendable hood, though - we were all more than happy with the shade and protection it gave them as it extended right down to the bumper bar. 

Basket space is an unusual shape and a bit sparse underneath the seat of the Cybex Mios, so you may need to take your backpack with you when you're out and about, but the one-piece fold and extra-lightweight make for easy travelling, especially when jumping on and off public transport. 


It's hard not to be taken with the elegant looks of the Cybex Mios. Assembly is tricky and adding the seat pack onto the seat frame isn't too kind on your nails, but once set up it is worth it. Very obviously related to its big brother in the Cybex Platinum family, the Priam, the Mios also boasts an angular, minimalist chassis inspired by the legendary design details of Charles and Ray Eames. Be it rose gold, matt black or chrome, the Mios chassis always looks simply beautiful. It was great to know that even if we were having one of those parenting days that see you leaving the house in a thrown-on plain white T with baby food smeared down it and a pair of old jeans, we would still look stylish standing behind the handlebar of the Mios! And as well as looking good, it's light to lift and even lighter to push. 

The all-wheel suspension gave the smoothest ride and steering was never an issue. We were always able to manoeuvre around the tightest of corners and squeeze through the smallest gaps using just one hand. The fact that this pushchair is only 50cm wide was a real bonus when shopping, nipping into tiny backstreet cafes and navigating through the turnstiles of bus and tube stations.

The brake is operated with a foot pedal right in the centre of the rear wheels - and even this is stylish in its design! It is easy to use and doesn't get in the way at all.  

It was nice to discover that all members of the family could have a go at pushing the Mios, even our toddler when she wasn't hitching a ride in it, as the handlebar moves to three different positions using the central palm button to suit almost any height. We must also mention the finish on the handlebar. The stitching, logo and buttons are all produced to perfection, giving the Mios that extra luxurious and glamorous feel.  

All parents rely on their pushchair as a sort of luggage trolley when out and about, especially city parents who walk and hop on and off public transport. We must admit that the basket space underneath the Mios is one of the very few features that left us watching more. From the exterior the basket looks large and deep but actually fitting things into it was tricky. The awkward shape means the opening is narrow and the chassis sometimes blocks items from going all the way in and prevented us from carrying all that much.

Seat and carrycot options

Using the Mios from birth, you have two options, either of which has to be purchased as an additional extra to the pushchair: The Lux Carry Cot and the Lite Cot. 

The Lux Carry Cot is long and spacious for baby without being bulky for parents. As with all Cybex products, the design is sleek and really pleasing to the eye. The hood on the carrycot is almost the same one as used for the seat unit with the same benefits of extending to shelter baby in those precious newborn months. It has a zip-open ventilation panel to keep a healthy amount of fresh air flowing through to baby and a clever additional ventilation panel/viewing window for baby at the front of the carrycot, which can be zipped open and closed as you wish. We loved this feature as babies who love tummy time but are as yet unable to push themselves up or sit up can stroll along on their tummies and view the world from a different perspective!

The carrycot is transported using the carry handle in the centre of the hood and clips off the frame using the thumb release button on the carry handle. It was really easy to remove with just one hand, even with the weight of a baby inside.

The mattress inside the Lux Carry Cot is sumptuous and comfortable, and there is a carefully positioned lip around it where baby's head is so that they have a soft bumper if they push up to the edge of the carrycot. 

The Lite Cot option is a soft bassinet, which worked just as well and provided an equally cosy space for newborns without being as large as the Lux Carry Cot. The Lite Cot obviously doesn't offer the flexibility of use off the pushchair chassis but does have the advantage - rare in the pushchair world - that you can fold it on the frame for a handy one-piece package. 

After the battle to stretch and squeeze the seat fabric pack onto the seat frame, the seat of the Mios had a lot of making up to do if we were going to love it as much as we did the Lux Carry Cot and Lite Cot! 

We could see from the start that the hood was going to be brilliantly useful. It is large enough when pulled forward, but when you unzip the expandable panel it completely covers baby and gives more shade and shelter than they will ever need! It isn't noisy and is smooth and easy to use, with the added bonus of a silent-opening mesh viewing panel.

The seat has the nifty feature of being made of durable mesh. If you wish you can use it without the comfort inlay on hot days to allow air to get to baby's back and reduce the chances of overheating or sweating. We tried this and our little one wasn't a fan and much preferred the comfort of the seat inlay.

The seat fabrics will be welcomed with open arms by parents who expect the odd ice cream or juice spillage. They are easily cleaned with a baby wipe, and feel and look as though they can really withstand the test of time, whilst still appearing sleek.

The recline on the seat unit is a one-handed operation via the lever on the rear of the seat. There are several recline positions so baby can rest and play whilst on the move. The seat unit is innovative in the fact that it is hinged at the base so when the recline is changed, the whole seat moves at the base as well to make baby as comfortable as can be. We loved how it supported our baby - the back shape curves around them, making them feel secure, and even the shape of the leg rest curves to complement the shape of their little legs.

The harness is height adjustable by pulling on the webbing straps and covered with pads in the same lovely fabrics as the hood. It's a 5-point harness with a round central buckle clasp. Simple to adjust, there is plenty of reach on it to grow with your child. We also liked how the bumper bar is completely removable if needed, although it does also rotate and pivot so you can get baby in and out with no fuss at all.

Of course, we mustn't forget that the seat can be parent and world-facing, which is perfect for babies just coming out of the carrycot but not yet ready to face the big, wide world. It took a few goes to make sure we could operate this function properly but it is very easy once you know how!   


The Mios has a delicate look to it and we had no doubt that the fold would be small and convenient. You don't need to lift the pushchair off the frame - in the forward-facing position, just fold the seat in half using the recline lever and then press the button on the handlebar and fold the pushchair down.

When using the Lux Carry Cot or the seat in parent-facing mode, these will need to be removed from the chassis before folding.

The fold package is neat and takes up no more room in your car boot than a shopping bag would. It was so handy for train rides and trips where we needed to squeeze the pushchair into the tiniest of spaces.

The chassis locks together and can be released again by pushing the palm button on the handlebar.

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