Cosatto You2 Review

4.5 / 5
Cosatto are well known for putting personality into pushchairs and this quirky spark can be seen splashed all over the You2, our current test more!

Quick Summary: Great value and a break from the norm, the Cosatto You2 delivers a practical product with absolutely everything included. Keep up the good work Cosatto.

Whats good?

  • Great price
  • Everything included
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to manoeuvre

Whats not so good?

  • Being a stroller it won't last forever


Owl and Pussycat


Polka Dogs

Bro & Sis

Little Tweeters

The Owl and the Pussycat You2 hits the colour middle ground perfectly; with a black background accented with turquoise for the owl and mustard/yellow for the pussycat, both sitting in a pea-green boat...of course!

The characters feature on the footmuff, the shoulder pads and the rear of the canopy, all telling the infamous story.

Technically speaking

The questions you should be asking before you buy a side-by-side double pushchair are a) ‘How does it manoeuvre?' and b) ‘How wide is it?', crucial elements in making a practical decision.

The Cosatto You2 is a stroller, so a lightweight frame is a given but the You2 exceeds expectations when it's 13kgs seem featherweight and nippy on the six sets of wheels controlled by the three handles. The addition of a middle handle really improves your pushchair juggling abilities and allows you ultimate control, especially if you are a shortie like me. The width of the frame is only 74.5cms enabling it to clear a standard doorway of 82.5cms with ease.

Moving down the frame, the two canopies are tensioned by brackets either side and provide an ample amount of shade to your passengers. The rear apron of the canopy extends down as far as your knees to enclose the head of the seat when reclined.

The seats give ample room for each child at 21cms deep and 27.5 cms wide. With a back height of 47cms and a further 15cms head clearance in the canopy, your child is going to be too old for the You2 before they ever grow out of it.

The recline of the seats is controlled by brackets on the sides of each chair. Lift them to recline and push the back of the chair up to sit up, simple and effective. However, the You2 is promoted as being suitable from birth and although the canopy extension makes the cavity beautifully enclosed, the recline is not completely flat.

The footrest can be altered between around 0 and 90 degrees. By sliding the triggers on the sides it will go down but on the way up it latches into place automatically.

The pushchair is halted by stepping on the brake on the back axle. It's a little firm to release if you are wearing flip-flops but it's pretty standard in umbrella strollers. The baskets sit under each seat unit and are deep but not particularly wide. As with most strollers, it is tricky to access the basket when the seat is reclined.


The fold replicates that found in virtually any umbrella stroller; step on the red bracket on the right of the frame, then release the tension in the back of each chair by lifting the black knob on each side with your foot. The handles then fold down towards the front wheels and the auto lock brackets confirm closure with a click.

Opening is even easier. Release both the locking brackets on either side of the chair, unfold the handles and stamp on the back knobs at the back of seats and's open!

The fluffy stuff

As most of us buy our pushchair on looks, the Cosatto You2 will definitely catch your eye. It comes with two fleecy head-huggers and two fleece lined footmuffs. The left side of the pushchair is themed with the turquoise owl sitting in his half of the pea-green boat. The right is themed with the mustard/yellow pussycat occupying the rest of the boat – so cute!

The cotton lining of the canopies compliment the predominant colours of each seat; in turquoise and yellow stars. The same fabric covers the back of the footmuffs so that you can zip-off the top layer and reverse the bottom to make a comfortable summer seat liner.

Also included are two insulated bottle holders, one saying 'The owl looked up to the stars above' and the other 'They sailed away for a year and a day', gorgeous and useful additions.


There is nothing ground breaking in the technology of this pushchair, however, the fabrics are outstanding and the design is uniquely Cosatto. It's bold, eye catching and really desirable.

Although the RRP is £250, we have found that the Cosatto You2 is being sold for around £200 virtually everywhere, which makes this an fantastic price point for anyone needing to transport 2 children in an urban environment.

Lightweight, easy-to-use, easy-to-fold, the You2 is nothing short of good looking and uncomplicated, a combination most women would pay a lot more for!

The Cosatto You2 is not built to last forever but should anything go wrong with it, you are covered by an incredible 4 year guarantee.

Great value and a break from the norm, the Cosatto You2 delivers a practical product with absolutely everything included. Keep up the good work Cosatto.

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