Cosatto Swift Lite Supa Review

4.5 / 5
Cosatto are still serving up the colours in big dolops on their latest versions of the Swift Lite Supa. Delicious design and colour clashes will get you noticed but is this stroller purely a thing of beauty with no brains? Find out more!

Quick Summary: There is nothing dizzy about the Cosatto Swift Lite Supa, it's the pushchair equivalent of ‘Legally blonde', it looks fluffy and girly but it does everything that is required of a stroller and includes all the accessories in the price – serious bargain!

Whats good?

  • Happy
  • Attractive
  • Bright
  • Nippy
  • Well priced

Whats not so good?

  • Fixed height handles
  • Limited access to basket when seat in reclined position


2011 Swift Lite Supa Colours

2012 Product updates

There have been a few updates to this new 2012 model, and as well as a new special edition outfit, it features a new even safer hinge system for folding, always giving you peace of mind. If you want some more fun Cosatto have also added their signature ‘Dude' wheels to this model, bound to bring a smile to even the grumpiest dudes little face when he sees them cartwheeling by! Cosatto have not just stopped there, they've included some other parent friendly features – such as a toy loop to keep your little ones toys handy when on the go!

Fluffy stuff

Our test victim is the Swift Lite Supa in Dizzi Daisi and what a stunner it is. First impact is the styling, as with all the Cosatto pushchairs. The base colour is a dark chocolate brown, complimented with the contrasting colours of red, yellow, pink and coffee – it's a delicious combination.

The seat has a large flower in the back that reflects those found on the front of the footmuff , one chest pad and the side of the canopy. The canopy is lined with a cotton fabric embellished with the daisy chain motif which also forms the padded edge of the head hugger. ‘Cosatto' is emblazoned in the complimentary colours on the seat, the other chest pad, canopy and footmuff. Hardly featuring pink, this is the epitome of girly! The fabric is the same wipeable nylon throughout and a good base colour to deflect from any messy mishaps.

The footmuff is the finishing touch to this outfit. It is lined with super-soft red fleece and on the reverse fold has a kangaroo pouch to warm chilly mitts. The top can be zipped off to leave the red fleece liner or it can be reversed for use in the summer, revealing the same cotton daisy chain fabric found in the canopy.

The basket is around average in size for a stroller; it's not huge but adequate. Unfortunately the access is limited when the seat is reclined, so make sure you remove all you need before your munchkin nods off.

The mechanics

The technical side of the Cosatto Swift Lite Supa stroller has echoes of Maclaren in the recline and the fold. The recline latches are covered plastic bars located to the sides of the seat, simply lift both at the same time to lay your child back at one of four possible angles including fully flat for a newborn. Sitting them up is even easier; just raise the back of the stroller with your hand until it drops into the required stop on the ratchet – no straps, no zips – effortless!

When the seat is reclined, an apron at the back of the canopy fully encloses the head of the seat to protect a snoozing child from the elements. This apron has a viewing window allowing you to spy on your young passenger and the canopy has brackets each side to tension the ample hood.

The punch grip handles are foam covered and keep good control of the easy manoeuvrability of the Swift Lite Supa, however, they are not adjustable in angle or height.

The tread and the hubs of the wheels have been engineered to incorporate the iconic Cosatto stick man, his outstretched arms and legs making up the spokes – more inspired quirkiness. The EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) tyres ensure you are puncture proof wherever you go.

The five point harness can be set at one of three heights to suit your child, and the footrest can be angled anywhere between 0 and 180 degrees. I have to admit that I did have to look at the instructions to fathom out how to control the footrest angle, the small levers are not immediately apparent!

Fold and Go

The stroller fold is well known, but for those of you that haven't met this mechanism before, here's a brief outline. Press the red safety catch at the back of the stroller, on the right and then release the horizontal tension in the frame by lifting the lever centre-back, just below your knees. (The Cosatto Swift Lite Supa has a red button incorporated into this lever that you naturally press as you lift). The handles then contract and collapse towards the front wheels, a closing bracket automatically clips into place to hold it shut.

The Cosatto Swift Lite Supa has a handy, rubber gripped carry handle on the side to make transportation easy. It is at this point that you will notice the subtle clue in the title– it is incredibly light at only 6.3kg! It will fit in most cars with a folded size of 31 x 106 x 28 cms.


The raincover is a tailored PVC sheet that attaches around the rim of the canopy with a couple of poppers, and at the foot rest with a couple of straps. It's disarmingly simple but the design makes it possible to carry around at all times without losing the use of your basket in the process.


This wickedly nippy, seductively styled set of wheels is just what you need to look good and get around at speed. Car dwellers will find the weight and the simplicity of the fold a dream and the fashion conscious will be able to compliment any outfit with the five styles on offer.

The footmuff is gorgeous, it's not only well made and incredibly soft, I love the fact that it has a winter and a summer use and the kangaroo pouch for chilly mitts is a comforting touch to keep your toddler toastie.

The only minor glitches to be found in this dream machine are the limited access to the basket when the seat is reclined and the fixed position of the handles, which won't be everyone's cup-of-tea.

There is nothing dizzy about the Cosatto Swift Lite Supa, it's the pushchair equivalent of ‘Legally blonde', it looks fluffy and girly but it does everything that is required of a stroller and includes all the accessories in the price – serious bargain!

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