phil&teds recall

With a notice on the front page of their website, phil&ted’s are open and clear cut about their product recalls. The New Zealand based company announced last Wednesday that their Classic V1 and Sport V2 single jogging pushchairs pose a risk of cuts or amputation in the hinge mechanism.

Two incidents involving cuts and one involving a fingertip being cut off have been reported in the USA, so 22,000 pushchairs in the States and another 7,200 in Canada are included in the recall. However, if you own one of these models it is best to check your product number....just in case!

The V1 Classic was sold with a red seat only and has serial numbers 0308/0001 to 0510/0906 on the inside of the folding hinge.

The V2 Sport was sold in red, orange, green, black, charcoal, navy, and a graffiti print, and has serial numbers 0308/0001 to 0510/0840 on the inside of the hinge.

Of the phil&ted's pushchair range only these two are affected by this recall to repair. All other models have different hinge mechanisms and are unaffected.

phil&ted's are providing a hinge cover to fix the problem, if you would like to order one, go to their website or straight to their recall repair form.

This is how they recommend you identify the affected pushchairs:

The Sport v2 and Classic v1 were manufactured between March 2008 and May 2010.

Affected serial numbers (located on the inner face of the main hinge, underneath the seat):

Sport V2 affected serial numbers - 0308/0001 to 0510/0840
Classic V1 affected serial numbers - 0308/0001 to 0510/0906

The strollers have the codes ‘SPv2’ (sport v2) or ‘E3C’ (classic v1) printed on the wrist safety strap attached to the stroller handle.

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