Jennifer Metcalfe & her Baby Elegance Cúpla Duo

Jennifer Metcalfe is due her first child in June and has been pictured taking her Cúpla Duo travel system from Baby Elegance for a test drive.

Quick Summary: Baby Elegance is a family run company with a reputation for producing affordable and quality baby goods.

Jennifer's choice from the range, the Cúpla Duo is available in grey, navy and black. The versatile pushchair is available in single configurations but can also be adapted to a double as your family grows - perhaps Jennifer and boyfriend Greg are planning for the future?!

Built to cater for newborns, toddlers and twins, the sophisticated dual system is a long-term solution for any modern family.

Have you seen the Cúpla Duo from Baby Elegance?

To see their full range, visit their website 

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