Let’s Talk… Shopping Basket

We've taken a look at 10 different baskets to show you some of the different options available.

Quick Summary: For many of you, the shopping basket on a pushchair is a big feature and one that can be the big decider when choosing which one to buy. As a seemingly simple feature, there's lots of things to consider - Large or small? What kind of things will you be carrying? Do you need access from all sides? Does it need to be covered? The list goes on.

Uppababy Vista

The basket on the UPPAbaby Vista is vast. Not only is it wide, but long too, allowing you to carry pretty much any shaped item. As the seat sits high on the chassis, it's accessible from every angle. It can carry a massive 5kg, so plenty of room for your shopping bags, changing bags and a small elephant! Plus it can be converted into a tandem without taking up the basket space - that's impressive!

Uppababy Cruz

Alternatively, for urban adventurers, there's the Cruz, which is a scaled-down version of the Vista but still has a basket capable of taking 11kg!

iCandy Raspberry

Though not a massive basket, we love the storage pod on the Raspberry. For city dwellers who need a nippy little pushchair, the Raspberry has the ability to keep those all-important items safe. A big plus is that you can still access the pod, even with the pushchair folded!

Cybex Priam

It's not a big basket on the Priam, but we like the clever magnetic flap at the rear. Not only can it keep your bags safe and dry, but it can also be pulled fully out to extend the capacity.

Joolz Geo

We like the fact that in Mono, the Geo shopping basket can be removed from the pushchair and carried with its own set of integral handles. It's easily accessible from all sides, with the back of the frame folding down to make it even easier. Though there's no basket on the Joolz Geo in Duo or Twin mode, you can purchase Sidepacks, which are still a great option to carry around your essentials.

Graco Evo

Known for their voluminous shopping baskets, Graco are definitely one to check out if you need one to carry everything but the kitchen sink. Measuring 49cms long, 45cms wide and 25cms, there's definitely enough room for your changing bag and a few shopping bags.

Stokke Xplory

Instead of a usual shopping basket, Stokke has provided a bag with the Xplory that sits on a platform between the front wheels and is attached using two plastic clips. Though not the biggest space for keeping your stuff, it's well-designed and features an internal ‘net' bag to keep everything in place. The whole bag can also be removed and carried with the attached strap.

Bugaboo Donkey

The Bugaboo Donkey not only features a spacious under-seat basket but when used in Mono, it can also be extended to add on a side luggage basket. This basket can be easily removed from the frame and used with carry handles to transport your shopping.

Micralite Super-Lite

The shopping basket on the Micralite Super-lite is suspended from the frame between the front and rear axles. Though a tad on the small side, there's easy access from the front of the pushchair due to the shape of the chassis.

Silver Cross Balmoral

Going back to a traditional big, bouncy pushchair, the Balmoral's large shopping basket is a simple metal tray that clips onto the chassis. As it's flat and open, there's plenty of space for your shopping, though it isn't very deep.

Orbit Baby G3

As well as an under-seat basket, you can purchase a pair of handy storage pannier bags to fit onto the Orbit Baby pushchair.  With a carry handle added for one-step removal and carrying, they fold completely flat while still attached and have their own rain cover stored to keep their contents protected. Each pannier can carry 4.5kg of shopping, so a whopping 9kg on top of your usual basket! 

How do you find the basket on your pushchair? Do you wish it was bigger?

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