New generation Baby Style launches Hybrid Edge 2

BabyStyle's Hybrid was a definite show-stopper when it launched back in 2016, combining a very clever single-to-tandem concept with a contemporary urban look and a host of practical features and luxury touches.

Quick Summary: Now the new and updated Hybrid Edge 2 is here - it's still the Hybrid, but all grown up!

Officially launching next week, the Hybrid Edge 2 is a very different pushchair at first glance. It sits up higher, giving a sleeker and less chunky feel to the overall shape, the fabrics are softer and smoother, and there's no sign of the futuristic Expression wheels, which certainly divided opinion on the original Hybrid. Look closer, though, and there's no doubting the DNA of this attractive stroller.

The distinctive tapered structure of the chassis front is there, offering sturdiness and stability within a minimalist, almost industrial-style, compact footprint - and, of course, the innovative changeable back axle remains at the core of the new-look Hybrid.

Creating an easily manoeuvrable and reasonably small-folding pushchair that still gives both passengers a comfortable ride in tandem mode is a longstanding challenge in the pram world. Some brands have opted to prioritise space, a multitude of seating configurations and equal views over nippy handling and a car boot-friendly package, while others have restricted room for two in favour of producing a buggy you can take anywhere and that ticks parents' boxes as a single. BabyStyle's solution with the Hybrid was a stroller that literally grew to accommodate a second baby by simply switching the neat and nifty rear axle for a larger tandem version.

A multi-award winner with the original Hybrid, this game-changing design works even better on the Hybrid Edge 2, thanks to the extra room the new pushchair provides vertically too.

Whether set up for one child or two, the second-generation Hybrid also offers all the convenience of a travel system. The pushchair is compatible with a range of infant carriers, including Maxi-Cosi and BeSafe seats, using multi-car seat adaptors that can be purchased as an additional accessory for £25.

The height increases that help to separate the elements in tandem mode and give both passengers a sense of spaciousness can also be used on the Hybrid Edge 2 as a single. They make a significant difference and we love the way they raise baby closer to your face as you push in the carrycot or parent-facing seat, as well as the social aspect of having your toddler at table level forward-facing in a restaurant or cafe.

Other definite parents (and passenger) pleasers are the extendable hood with sun visor and ventilation panel spanning the curvature of the canopy, and the all-round suspension and puncture-proof rubber tyres for a smooth ride. The basket is a decent size (you do lose capacity in tandem mode but that is to be expected), and the handle has 12 height positions from 87 to 111cm. The all-important fold is straightforward and compact, measuring 71 x 60 x 30cm.

The new fabrics have a luxurious soft-touch finish and come in a simplified, modern palette of Lagoon, Mist and Slate. Matching changing bags and footmuffs are £50 each.

The Hybrid Edge 2 is available from 30th August 2019, priced at £499. It is suitable from birth with the addition of the carrycot (£149) or a compatible infant carrier, while the reclining bucket seat on the pushchair can be used from 6 months up to a maximum weight of 15kg. The tandem axle costs £50 and the tandem seat - should your sibling age gap mean you need one - is £129.

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