Running Buggies – What’s the difference between a fixed and swivel wheel?

Have you ever wondered why some running buggies have a fixed front wheel and others have a fixed front wheel? We explore why to help you choose which is the best for you…

Quick Summary: We explore why to help you choose which is the best for you…

Fixed Front Wheel

Many people might find getting used to a buggy with a fixed front wheel quite tricky but If you're a hadr core runner, then you'll understand the importance of a fixed front wheel to help with stability and control when running (especially if you're picking up speed!). The fixed front wheel eliminates the dangers of the front wheel wobbling or becoming ‘un-locked' making it a lot safer for sprinting and longer runs.

You will often find that the length of the wheelbase is significantly longer in a fixed front wheel pushchair, again to provide increased stability and a smoother ride for your all-important little passenger. You will often find that the fixed front wheel running buggy is solely used for running and not used for nipping to the shops as they are slightly less manoeuvrable in urban and shop environments.

The Out'n'About Nipper Sport and Nipper Sport DoubleThe Thule Glide and Bugaboo Runner are examples of running buggies with fixed front wheels.

Swivel Front Wheel Buggy

Swivel front-wheel running buggies have a front wheel which has the option to be locked into a fixed position.  As well as being able to rotate 360 degrees (fab if you plan on using the pushchair day-to-day basis on streets and in shops!), it can also be locked off for when you do go on your runs. It is always recommended that you fix the wheel when running, so to avoid tipping and wobbling of the pushchair. Running buggies with swivel front wheels are also often used for off-roading and all-terrain walking. The Mountain Buggy TerrainOut'n'About Nipper V4 Single and Double, Burley Solstice and Thule Urban Glide are just a few of the running buggies with swivel front wheels.

But the big question is, which should you choose...

If you only ever plan on running with your pushchair, then definitely purchase one with a fixed front wheel. But if you don't want to have lots of pushchairs gathering dust and taking up valuable storage space, a swivel front wheel is a great option if you plan to run with your pushchair as well as use it on a day-to-day basis too.

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