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Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Parent Review

I’m Helen and I live with my husband Keith in Lincolnshire, we are first time parents to our beautiful baby girl Emily who arrived safe and healthy just a week before my 40th birthday. I’m currently on maternity leave from my full time job as an Assistant Accountant for a local company and am a full time Mum to Emily and housewife dare I say, we usually manage to have dinner on the table by the time Keith gets home from work but don’t always manage to get all the housework complete although now Emily is getting a bit older this is getting easier. We love going out with the pushchair for our daily walk and enjoy being outdoors especially after years of being stuck in an office behind a desk, we are lucky to live within two miles of our local town and if the weather changes we can catch the local bus back home, (although we always carry the trusty rain cover just in case), for family time we like to go on days out and explore different places and as we usually end up arriving at our destination around lunch time, we love searching out great places for a tasty lunch we both have a passion for good food and love to cook and eat out as often as we can.

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Review

Mountain Buggy are the equivalent to Range Rover in the ‘brand to be seen with‘ stakes. In some families, neither have ever seen more than a tarmac pavement or road, but both are designed for bigger adventures. We have the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle in for test to see if it has brains as well as brawn.

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