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Easywalker MINI Stroller


The luxury touches make this pushchair stand out from the crowd, and make it feel that little bit more special. The leather handlebar, the gated bumper bar and the adjustable hood height all make for a practical and premium quality pushchair that will outlast the competition and provide you with a flexible and sturdy everyday stroller that would be a joy to own.

Easywalker MINI Parent Review

I live in Bath with my husband Simon and our 3 children, Seb aged 5, Dominic aged 3 and Polly, 4 months. Seb made history last year as the first child with Down’s syndrome to model in a major TV ad (M&S) and our campaign work keeps us very busy. He is full of beans, charms the pants off everyone and thinks he is Buzz Lightyear. Dominic is quiet but quirky. He is OBSESSED with elephants, robots and dinosaurs. Polly (so far!) seems pretty chilled and enjoys the mayhem around her. We lead a really typical family life and love getting out and about in our beautiful home city, especially walking and boat spotting along the Kennet & Avon canal.

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