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Going on holiday or enjoying sunny days at home with your
little one, SnoozeShade is a parenting must-have
- and we have five to give away!

SnoozeShade is the world's best-selling range of baby sun and sleep shades. It was invented by a British mum, Cara Sayer, when she became frustrated with hanging blankets or coats, etc, over her baby daughter's pram. She wanted something that would protect Holly from the elements - sun, wind, bugs - and could help her sleep when it was naptime and they were away from home. SnoozeShade Original launched in 2010 and the rest of the brand's range of products have been developed from customer requests. These now include versions for older toddlers, car seat canopies and covers for travel cots and cots.

The SnoozeShade range is endorsed by the Melanoma International Foundation, recommended by leading baby experts and has won over 70 awards worldwide... And all this came about because a baby needed help to nap on-the-go.

Safety is at the heart of every SnoozeShade product, each one is designed to meet the strict safety standards of a toy for a newborn (this is unusual for most baby accessories). Every claim SnoozeShade makes about its products is backed up by independent scientific laboratory testing. All SnoozeShade products are made from a special soft air-permeable fabric and give maximum sun protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. 

SnoozeShade Original was the world's first blackout blind for pushchairs and it blocks 99% of UVA and UVB (UPF50+) and can be used safely indoors and outdoors.

SnoozeShade, the universal-fit baby sleep and sun shade, can help if you:

·       worry about protecting baby's delicate skin on a sunny day

·       want to encourage good sleeping habits on-the-go for your baby

·       fight with the parasol or umbrella to keep the sun out of baby's eyes

·       find that baby finds it hard to nap when it's sunny and bright 

·       notice that your baby finds it hard to switch off regardless of how tired they are

·       get tired of blankets over your pram falling off or blowing away

It's great for every day, holidays, in restaurants or any time baby has to get some sleep in the stroller or needs extra shade from the sun.

Use from birth in four ways to help baby sleep or give protection from sun, wind, chill, light rain and insects.

The 'sneak-a-peek' zip means you can quickly and easily check on your baby without having to lift the whole cover up and let in lots of light which can wake baby.


To find out more about SnoozeShade, visit www.snoozeshade.com

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