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Good news! We have teamed up with Bare Biology to give one lucky winner a wonderful pack including a three-month supply of Bump & Glory and a full-size Pai Skincare pack.

Bare Biology is delighted to announce its best-selling Omega 3 Bump & Glory is back in stock. To celebrate, the brand has linked up with Pai Skincare for a match made in mum-to-be heaven! The midwife-approved Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed Stretch Mark System helps prevent and improve the visible effects of stretching on the skin. Using the cream in the morning and the oil at night, this innovative and complete system promotes soft and supple skin. Bare Biology customers receive a free sample-size pot of the skincare duo while stocks last, but we have a full-size set with three pots of Bump & Glory to give away!
Rich in Omega 3 DHA, Bump & Glory is perfect for pre-conception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. One daily capsule provides an unrivalled dose of 560mg DHA and 40mg EPA, which is equivalent to a large tin of sardines (including the bones!).
DHA is essential for the growth and development of babies' eyes and brains. The European Food Safety Authority has confirmed there is a clear relationship between DHA and babies' normal brain development.
Our bodies are very clever. They give mum's DHA to the baby through the placenta and breast milk so the brain and eyes can develop. Around 20% of a baby's brain should be made of Omega 3 fatty acids. That's why it's good to keep supplementing with a high-quality fish oil when breastfeeding.
Bare Biology is proud of its 5* IFOS certification for purity and freshness. Its fish oil is free from any heavy metals or contaminants and is safe for mummy-to-be and baby. The capsules contain fish oil from wild, sustainable fish and never repeat on you. They are cased in fish gelatin (never pork or beef) without added flavours or preservatives. Unlike cod liver oil they do not contain Vitamin A, which can be harmful during pregnancy.


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