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One parent, one child, one wheel... and we have one up for grabs!
The Mountain Buggy unirider offers a unique riding experience that develops balance and confidence for your child - and allows you to get from A to B quickly and easily while your little one has fun.
Ideal for all those day-to-day short trips, the unirider has a 12" air-filled tyre to tackle all terrain and provide suspension, meaning it performs as well over rougher ground as it does along the pavement. Tough and durable, it's also compact and lightweight so it's easy to lift over small obstacles.
When running, the unirider can be pushed effortlessly with one hand.
Designed in collaboration with a British dad-inventor who found his toddler was getting frustrated with time in the pushchair, the unirider is recommended for around age 2-5 years old, depending on the individual child. Two different foot positions means it accommodates your growing rider. 

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