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The Joie i-Spin 360 is the new i-Size version of the much-loved spin 360, which not only meets the very latest safety testing standards but incorporates other improvements to its protection and functionality too.

We have one to give away!

The spin 360 has proved hugely popular with parents since its launch - unsurprisingly given its comfort levels for little passengers and the back-saving convenience of its full rotation for mums and dads, not to mention the freedom to keep toddlers rear-facing until age 4 or turn them forward-facing earlier if desired. Now the i-Spin 360 takes all those benefits and adds i-Size safety credentials, Guard Surround Safety panels that auto-engage when the harness is tightened, and Smart Ride lock-off that helps keep baby rear-facing until it's safe to turn forward (from 15 months). Plus an additional recline position, taking the total to six, forward and rear-facing. The easy mechanism to rotate the seat has also been moved from under the front to both sides, making it much simpler to access.

The Joie i-Spin 360 is suitable from birth until your baby reaches 105cm in height (approximately 4 years old), and comes with a Grow-with-me infant insert consisting of three individual pieces for a custom fit at any stage. It is available in Coal, Grey Flannel and Deep Sea.


If you would like to win the new Joie i-Spin 360, enter now!

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