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Hippychick is your best friend when it comes to pushchair accessories, offering a host of innovative yet practical ideas to help you when you're on the move. 

That's why we've teamed up with them to offer you the chance to win a bundle of goodies you never knew you needed but, once you have them, won't be able to live without – we guarantee it!

Each bundle, worth almost £50, includes:

* A My Buggy Buddy Lock – on the back of a recent report about the fact that 1 million buggies have been stolen in the UK, a lock is an absolute must. The My Buggy Buddy Lock, available from www.hippychick.com, is part of a range of accessories developed by an ex-police officer. The lock has a universal fitting and an easy-to-use combination mechanism. 

* An Abeille blanket – perfect for the pushchair, Abeille blankets are gorgeously soft, 100% cotton, classic blankets and available in a range of stylish shades. But Abeille blankets are not just about good looks. Cellular blankets have a unique construction that traps air, enabling babies to maintain a constant body temperature whether it's cold or warm, without danger of over-heating or suffocation. Their soft composition is also ideal to sit directly next to a baby's delicate skin. 

* The Hippychick Packasuit – an ideal solution to the unpredictable British weather, these fabulous all-in-one kids' waterproof suits are packable, lightweight and breathable, yet still warm and cosy. They fold away neatly in their own little compact bags, making them easy to take with you on days out with the family. 

Available in four striking colours - pink, red, purple and blue - with contrasting detailing and seven sizes to fit children from 12 months to 7 years.

If you'd like to win one of these fantastic bundles, enter now!