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Carry your little one exactly how it suits you both best with the new Hana Expand Baby and Toddler Carrier. We've got one to give away!

The Hana Expand Carrier is simple to use and smart to wear. The carrier is designed to make adjustments easy and intuitive - the width can be smoothly perfected just by sliding the body along to the right size to your baby. The same can be done with the height, so you can be sure your child is well supported while being carried.

The wide range of fit means it's suitable from 7.7lb all the way up to 44lb. Ideal to keep from birth till toddler, or to share between two children - hug your newborn on your tummy, or change it to toddler size if your big kid needs a leg up!

The Expand offers ultimate versatility for you and your little one. Your child can be on your front or on your back, whichever is most suitable, and the shoulder straps can be worn straight down in an H position or, if you prefer, crossed to form an X on your back. Obtain the Expand Strap for the carrier, and you can even cross straps on your chest!

The Expand carrier comes in a range of four colour combinations. Made of organic cotton, you can be sure this carrier is completely harmless to your baby's health, and of course also has a lower eco imprint.


Enter now for your chance to win!

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Love carrying your baby or really keen to try? Hanababy is looking for testers to try out and review the Expand carrier and share their thoughts and photos. If you're interested, find out more and apply here now!