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We've teamed up with Dr Brown's® to give three lucky winners a fantastic feeding prize bundle worth £140, including an Options+™ Gift Set with
anti-colic bottles and the parenting essential of an electric steriliser

Dr Brown's has over 20 years' experience helping parents combat windy colic and is launching a new enhanced design bottle with an improved breast shaped teat in August.

This is a first peek at the new Dr Brown's Options+ Anti-Colic Bottles, which will be available from 1st August and are the only 100% Vacuum Free feeding bottle on the market. They can be used from birth to help prevent windy colic developing. When baby is past the age when colic usually occurs you can simply remove the unique green vent system and continue to use as a teat vented bottle - so there is no need to buy lots of different bottles or over-the-counter remedies.

The Dr Brown's Options+ Gift Set contains everything you need to start your feeding journey and the Dr Brown's Electric Steriliser was featured in The Independent Ten Best Sterilisers, hailed for its ease of use. View the full range at www.cmsshop.co.uk

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