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We're excited to have teamed up with Close to give you the opportunity to win a Caboo +cotton blend carrier in Phantom AND a Caboo DXgo in Steel,
worth £130.98!

With the introduction of Caboo DXgo, Close now have a carrier for every age and stage of carrying. So you can choose the right carrier, perfectly suited to both the age of your baby and your lifestyle, without any compromise.

Start with the Caboo +cotton blend carrier to get the best positioning, fit and support from day one and when you are ready, transition to Caboo DXgo for that next stage of
carrying as your little one becomes more independent.

All the Close newborn speciality carriers are designed to be used from day one (2.75kg upwards). Caboo is incredibly easy to use and, thanks to the clever ring system, there is no need for tying. Baby is correctly supported in the optimum position for their developing hips and spine and when your baby is ready (from around six months) you can move on to use Caboo DXgo on the front, progressing to using it on your back from around 8 months until 36 months (20kg).


For your chance to win, enter now!

(Don't forget that if you're a VIP member, you will receive 25 automatic entries into the draw)

You can find out more about the Caboo range at www.closeparent.com
or on Instagram and Facebook