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Win an Ibelieve Buggy in your choice of colour together with nappy bag, rain cover and cosy toes – worth £245!

Ibelieve Buggies are stylish, fun and innovative. Brand new to the UK, they are designed with a complete attention to detail and are manufactured to the highest standards. Their combination of uncompromising quality and great value for money means that an Ibelieve buggy is a must have for every new parent.

The buggy's seat has three reclining settings and can be set up in a forward or rear facing position.  Its super lightweight aluminium frame has a removable seat cover for easy cleaning. What's more, the 12" air tyres at the rear and 7" rubber tyres with 3 suspension settings at the front, will help you glide over the rough stuff with ease.

Folding the buggy is simple. Pull two catches, and the whole buggy folds down to only 96 x 59 x 40 cms - it's simple and fast!

You'll have nothing to worry about from a safety point of view either, because the buggy comes with a 5-point safety harness and foot brake to lock the rear wheels. It's available in a choice of colours – pink, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, black and white - and you can give your buggy an instant makeover, simply by changing its canopy.

All Ibelieve buggies come complete with cosy toes, nappy bag and rain cover, so you get everything you need in one package and at no extra cost. What’s more, you can use any Ibelieve buggy in conjunction with one of our car seats or bassinets to look after your little one right from birth.

Ibelieve Buggies are available exclusively at www.yourbuggyshop.com

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