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Win a Mountain Buggy duet worth £579 - the world’s most compact, all-terrain side-by-side just got even better!

Holding true to Mountain Buggy’s DNA of adaptability, manoeuvrability, simplicity and durability, duet has proven itself to be a firm favourite for families of one or two children. The new enhancements available from October take an already popular award-winning model, into an exciting new direction.

Added to the slim chassis is the new one hand fast fold, providing a fluid and seamless transition from the upright to the compact! Block colour on the sunhood and new reversible plush seat liners offer a more stylish aesthetic. There is greater front wheel width for stability and the curvature and depth of the wheel rim has been developed for a more durable performance.

The ideal additional accessory for families who want convenience and longevity, joey – the clip-on tote bag, effortlessly transforms duet to a single buggy with loads of storage and a renewed weight capacity of 18kg.

The innovative carrycot plus accessory easily transforms like no other seen in the market. Offering three versatile parent facing modes that a parent would ever need: lie flat, incline for reflux babies and parent facing seat.

With over 20 years of pioneering all terrain adventure, Mountain Buggy are committed to staying ahead of the game.

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