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Win a Fabulous Jané Trider and the winner gets to choose from 4 fabulous colours!

The TRIDER is the latest addition to the Jané family. It offers you a chassis with minimalist style but with all the benefits of an extreme design.

The TRIDER has adjustable rear suspension with shock absorbers which means, no matter what the terrain, it will make the ride a lot more comfortable for your baby. The seat unit of the Jané TRIDER is reversible, so baby can enjoy trips out facing the street or travelling backwards, facing the parents. Jané has also thought about your baby’s health when it comes to the height of the pushchair seat. The seat is now in a higher position to help keep the baby away from pollution and car fumes.

Jané have also made a ‘C’ shaped curve at the rear of the TRIDER, this means even the tallest of parents will be able to use the TRIDER. The idea of the ‘C’ structure allows you to take longer strides and makes room for your feet whilst pushing the pram. There will be no problems fitting the TRIDER into your car; the incredibly compact fold is great for smaller cars. 


Jané products are available from most leading high street specialists and quality independent nursery shops in the UK and Ireland. For a full list of stockists visit www.johnstonprams.co.uk

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