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The Yo 2 is Cosatto's modern classic buggy which just got even more exclusive.

ONE lucky winner can win one this month!

Packed full of features and accessories, the Yo 2 pampers your little pip with it's luxury fabrics, smooth handling, snug stuff and a statement curved profile.


The lucky winner will receive an A-list Yo 2 pushchair in the exciting fabric pattern of their choice.

The Yo 2 is Cosatto's ultimate from birth stroller with deluxe features such as an extendable hood and a padded bumper bar.

It's compact and manoeuvrable whilst still featuring in large, wide seat unit, extendable hood and luxury headrest.


The lucky winner can choose from 1 of 4 exciting fabric colours: Go Brightly, Golightly 2, Magic Unicorns and Monster Arcade.

What are you waiting for?! Enter now!

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