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Just Another Baby? We don’t think so! The online retailer Just Another Baby? provide baby products which aim to take the stress out of parenting. Their product selection choices come directly from their own experience of trying to get their babies to sleep, feeding and weaning them and keeping them warm and safe. Just Another Baby? offer a fun, reliable and honest online shopping experience, and we like to think that they’re just that little bit different from the multinationals and high-street stores.

This week Just Another Baby? are giving away a bundle of fabulous Boon feeding products! From the first stages of weaning your baby to the more independent feeder this great range of colourful, sturdy feeding tools helps to make mealtimes a little less messy!

The winner of this Boon feeding bundle worth over £45 will be the proud owner of a Boon Squirt Feeding Spoon, a Benders Fork and Spoon Set, a Fluid Sippy Cup, a Groovy Plate, a Catch Bowl and a Modware Fork and Spoon set for the more advanced feeder.

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