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Win 1 of 2 Cosatto Supa strollers in your choice of C-Rex, Poppidelic or Pixelate worth over £195 each.

Meet Supa, the cleverest umbrella stroller out there. You’ve never seen so many fab features as on these revolutionary rollers. And Cosatto are giving away one of these souped-up strollers with attitude to two lucky winners. The lucky pair can take their pick from three extraordinary designs: prehistoric pal C-Rex, flower-power friend Poppidelic or space-age sidekick Pixelate

Packed with futuristic features, Supa outfoxes the ordinary with a super smart free-standing folded option and fantastic one-handed, four position recline (including newbie lie-flat option so suitable from birth). Responsive Supa is a smoothie with intuitive features such as lockable front swivel wheels and adjustable handles for mum and dad.  Superheroes get in-flight entertainment thanks to the multimedia gadget pocket in the hood with speaker. Supa is Cosatto cosy thanks to the free reversible 4 way Cosy Toes with kangaroo pouch and reversible zip-off fleece liner.

Pattern Power

Get flowered-up and powered-up with Supa Poppidelic pushchair – it’s a bloomin’ bouquet on wheels for pushing your little petal. Or check out C-Rex – he’s king of the pushchair jungle. With diddy dinos dancing in camo colours, the pattern is anything but prehistoric. Want something more digital? Make like a multicolour Midas and download Cosatto’s Supa Pixelate pushchair. There’s never a dull moment with this stroller symphony of colour. 

Find your Supa powers here. 

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