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2014 Pushchair Expert 12 days of Christmas!

Win a Cosatto Supa Hipstar worth £200

Parents are sure to be star-struck this season after the unveiling of the new Supa Hipstar, an award-winning stroller sporting an urban twist on a classic Cosatto pattern.

Winner of the Mother & Baby 2015 Best Lightweight Buggy/Stroller award and sporting the new Hipstar design – an update of Cosatto’s iconic All Star colourway – this superbly-designed stroller is sure to turn heads.

But while the super-sized, distressed-looking stars and red-and-black palette add an authentic feel, the stellar overall design proves there’s definitely substance behind this Supa’s style.

Suitable from birth, the Supa is packed with useful features, including a fully removable seat unit for easy cleaning, lockable front wheels and a one-handed, four position recline with adjustable calf support.

And with its lightweight aluminium chassis for convenient carrying, free-standing, compact umbrella fold with auto-lock, the Supa remains the pushchair of choice for space-starved, convenience-craving families.

The hood is also firmly 21st century – containing a gadget pocket with in-pushchair speaker, Supa can turn into a four-wheeled cinema at a moment’s notice – perfect for keeping baby happy during long journeys.

So if you’re on the lookout for a practical, slickly designed stroller this season, Supa Hipstar’s balance between style and substance might just fit the bill for your little one.

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