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2014 Pushchair Expert 12 days of Christmas!

Win a Koochi Speedstar San Fran worth £150!

Take a trip to America’s West Coast this season courtesy of the stunning new Speedstar San Fran from Koochi, which continues the label’s stateside sojourns with stunning style.

Showcasing iconic landmarks from San Francisco Calfornian city, the Speedstar San Fran combines great scenery with gorgeous design to make for a potent pushchair combination.

And you’ll be sure to bring that California cool wherever you go thanks to San Fran’s easy-on-the-eye palette, which continues Koochi’s tradition of using distinctive cityscapes while adding a splash of colour.

Yet this Speedstar’s not just a pretty picture – suitable from birth to 15kg, the stroller comes with an auto-locking compact flat fold, front and rear suspension and a super lightweight aluminium chassis.

The lockable swivel front wheels, quick-release rear wheels and easy breaking means those strolls up and down San Francisco’s hills will remain smooth, hassle-free and enjoyable for parent and child.

And when combined with the fleece-lined cosy toes, multi-position recline and adjustable calf support, the Speedstar San Fran shows it can handle comfort and convenience with effortless ease.

A parent-friendly wonder that screams stateside glamour, the Speedstar San Fran showcases a safety-friendly stroller for stylish, convenience-craving parents looking to conquer the city.

Head over to the Koochi website for more details on their pushchairs and car seats.

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