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How do I submit a road test?

We would love to hear about your experiences with your pushchairs. Every road test submitted will be entered into a monthly prize draw where you could win £20.00 of love to shop vouchers.

To submit a road test, please follow the guide we have provided here to ensure that the content fits our format. If you have a blog or a website, we would be happy to provide keyword based links to your site. Simply let us know the keyword/s and give us the links.

Once completed, email your road tests to:

Road test format - items in bold must be completed for us to use the road test.

Name of tester:
Pushchair Brand:
Pushchair Name:

Introduction please include the following:

  • Your Name, age and location.
  • How many children you have.
  • List your previous pushchairs if any.
  • How you use your pushchair and what you look for when buying a pushchair.

About your pushchair:

  • Where you bought your pushchair and the price.
  • Why did you buy this particular pushchair model?
  • Describe the functions that work well and those that don't.
  • What could be done to improve this model if anything?


  • What are your overall thoughts about this pushchair?
  • Would you recommend on to friends and family?
  • Do your children enjoy being in it?

Plus points: (Limited to ten words)
Negative points: (Limited to ten words)

Star Rating out of 10: (10 stars is the highest)

Link to the full review or your blog or website (optional): (cut and paste this from the link in your browser)

Keywords that you would like the link to be behind (Max 2) (optional):

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