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UPPAbaby Vista V2 Review

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UPPAbaby Vista V2 Review
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Reviewed On: 15 Oct 2020
Sophie Bell
Pro Reviewer
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What’s good
  • Suitable from birth
  • Carrycot and seat in the box
  • Converts from single to double pushchair
  • Can travel with up to 3 children (with additional accessory)
  • Huge shopping basket even in tandem configurations
  • Beautiful drive over multiple terrains
  • Luxury finish
What’s not so good
  • We couldn't really find any!

Review Content

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Review
Our verdict

Just when we thought we had found perfection in the 2019 UPPAbaby Vista, along comes this model, the Vista V2 and in all honesty it's hard for us to point out a better single to double pushchair. 

As single pushchairs go, it ticks all of the boxes. The stroll anywhere wheels, superb size seat unit, extremely large basket and easy fold are just a few features that make the Vista V2 a parents dream. Add to that, the Vista V2's ability to grow with your family, this is the only pushchair you will ever need to buy to transport 1, 2 and even 3 children - which means that over time you get incredible value for money out of this fabulous package!

UPPAbaby have really excelled themselves with the improvements that they have made to this 2020 VISTA V2. 

The newly designed wheels are made from a soft PU material and they really do give a smooth and gentle ride for baby. We pushed the VISTA V2 over grass and on park paths as well as on pavements and through the supermarket. The wheels gave for smooth handling and travelled really well wherever we wanted them to take us. The front wheels swivel with ease and overall the VISTA feels as light as a feather to push, even when used in double configurations or with a PiggyBack Board in tow. There is also the option to lock the front wheels into a fixed position to help you to drive over rougher ground. We love the green indicators on the front wheels to show you quickly and clearly if the wheels are in a fixed or swivel position. We love the soft feel of the shock-absorbing suspension. It absorbs even the slightest of bumps and has a gentle and subtle spring to it.


The brake is operated by a nice large pedal next to the back right hand wheel. It is pressed on to engage the brake and pressed again to disengage. The pedal is of such a size that even in a double configuration with an extra car seat, carrycot or seat, we could still use the pedal with ease and weren't ever fumbling around with our feet trying to engage the brake.

The basket on the VISTA V2 is one of the biggest there is and has handy storage pockets. The back is spring loaded for easy access. Because of the sheer size, you will struggle to run out of space with this pushchair!


You do not need to worry if several different adults will be pushing the VISTA V2 as the extendable handlebar has a great range from 100-108cm as well as being covered in premium, full-grain leather for extra grip while pushing the baby.

Seating options

The real beauty of the VISTA V2 lies in the fact that not only is it an exceptional single pushchair but it also has the ability to quickly and easily convert into a tandem pushchair and even a pushchair for three children if you use the PiggyBack Board for your toddler or younger child. There are nine basic ways to set the VISTA V2 up as a double pushchair - which means you can make it work for your family, whatever the situation.

In the box, you get a carrycot and a toddler seat but if you wish to turn your pushchair into a double you will need to purchase the Upper and Lower Adaptors. If you wish to use the pushchair for two children of the same age you can buy an extra carrycot or a RumbleSeat. Once you have these the opportunities seem endless!

1. Toddler seat and RumbleSeat world-facing

This is a great option if you have two children of the same age - you will need to use the Upper Adaptors for this configuration, which makes the toddler seat sit higher than the RumbleSeat meaning both children can have a clear view of the road ahead! The RumbleSeat comes with its own adaptors included.


2. Toddler seat parent-facing, RumbleSeat world-facing

We loved being able to set the VISTA up in this mode. It shows that UPPAbaby has recognised that each child has different needs. In this mode you can chat to one child whilst the other takes in the world around them. Using the Upper Adaptors means that the parent facing toddler seat is brought into a higher position, perfect for chatting and interacting with your child. Again, the RumbleSeat comes with its own adaptors.


3. RumbleSeat and toddler seat both parent-facing

Using the Upper Adaptors, both children can face their parents with an uninterrupted view. We were really pleased to see that there was still plenty of room to get each child in and out of the seats and it's even possible to recline both seats fully too.


4. Toddler seat parent-facing and carrycot parent-facing

This mode is fab for those early days with a newborn and toddler. Whilst your newborn naps in the shelter of the carrycot on the Lower Adaptors, the toddler can be close to their parent whilst mounted on the Upper Adaptors.


5. Two carrycots

Perfect for newborn twins, two carrycots can sit on the frame of the VISTA. Although the hood of the bottom carrycot does touch the back of the higher carrycot when fully extended, there's still plenty of room to get both babies in and out.


6. RumbleSeat, toddler seat and PiggyBack board

One of the most fabulous features of the VISTA is the ability to travel with three children on the chassis with ease! The PiggyBack Board can be added to the rear of the frame and is perfect for your growing toddler to stand on and hitch a ride when their little legs can't carry them any longer. Your older toddler or child just stands on the PiggyBack Board and holds onto the sides of the pushchair handlebar to keep their balance. When not in use it can be flipped up out of the way.


7. RumbleSeat parent-facing and car seat

Perfect for quick trips in and out of the car when you don't want to wake your baby, your toddler can rest easy in the lower RumbleSeat whilst baby can be close at hand so you can keep a careful eye on them. You can still recline the RumbleSeat if your toddler needs a nap whilst you are out too.

8. RumbleSeat world-facing and car seat

Another great option for when you want to keep a close eye on your newborn in their car seat but your toddler is wide awake and wants to take in the world around them. The UPPAbaby MESA i-Size fits straight onto the frame, but you will need car seat adaptors for other brands.


9. Two car seats

You can set the VISTA V2 up for twins in their car seats from birth. We found this option really handy for quick car trips or quick trips to the shops to get the essentials.

The adaptors required to fit two car seats will depend on the seats you are using.  The UPPAbaby MESA iSize car seat fits straight on to the VISTA chassis and the UPPAbaby Upper and Lower Adaptors. Other approved seats will require Upper and Lower Maxi-Cosi style car seat adaptors. 


The pushchair seats themselves will not disappoint. The main toddler seat has been made deeper and taller than previous models which is great as it can last your child longer. The new fabrics that cover the pushchair canopy are effortlessly classy as well as being hard wearing and usable. 

The canopy has always been a super feature of the VISTA and the upgraded canopy on the VISTA V2 is no exception. There is a zip open section which is practical and clever. It extends all the way down to the bumper bar meaning that baby was fully protected from harmful rays and even wind and rain too. The viewing window in the top of the hood is nice and large and there is also a second viewing window that can be used when the expandable panel is zipped open. These windows don't just provide parents with a window into their little ones world but they also act as a way to let light into babies space and ventilation into the seat unit also. For taller toddlers, you can slide the canopy higher to give more head room.


There is a one handed recline system on both the main toddler seat and Rumble Seat. The recline is operated by a button on the back of the seat and has 5 positions to suit your child throughout a range of ages. As well as fully reclining whilst your baby naps, we found it really useful that the seats sat bolt upright too - nosy toddlers could sit comfortably and take in the world instead of straining and pulling themselves up against the bumper bar. Also handy when sitting up to a table.

For younger babies or when toddlers are napping, the main seat has an adjustable leg rest so that little people can stretch their legs out and really nap in comfort. When your child's legs extend past this leg rest, there is a foot rest on the chassis of the pushchair that they can rest their feet on so that their legs aren't dangling uncomfortably. There is no adjustable leg rest on the RumbleSeat, instead your child rests their legs in the vast space of the pushchair basket.


Another feature on the seats of the VISTA V2 is the great 5 point harness system. The shoulder straps have neat but nicely padded shoulder protectors to make the harness comfortable for your child and the unique U-shaped UPPAbaby buckle is extremely easy to use. We loved how easy the harness was to adjust by just pulling the straps in one single motion to tighten the harness to the correct size for your child. The shoulder height is easily adjusted without the need to reroute the harness.

Both the main toddler seat and the Rumble Seat of the VISTA come complete with their own fully swinging bumper bar. A small button on the side of the bumper bar housing releases it and makes it easy to get baby in and out even with just one hand. 


The carrycot comes as part of the VISTA V2 package. It can clip straight onto the frame without any adapters or it can be raised into a higher position using the Upper Adapters, making it easier for you to see in to baby and interact with them when they are awake 

You can use the carrycot in any of the many configurations mentioned earlier. There is also the option of purchasing an extra carrycot if you want to use the VISTA V2 for twins.

The carrycot has its own sun hood which locks into place and is adjustable using the buttons on either side of the hinges. The hood and carrycot body features the same new gorgeously woven fabrics that we see on the new VISTA V2 seat unit as well as a sun visor which drops down to give the ultimate protection for any baby lying in the comfort of this fabulous carrycot.


The size of the carrycot is also quite impressive. It is regularly said of the importance for baby to lie flat for the first 6 months of their life to encourage correct development of their bones, muscles and vital organs - this carrycot allows this with ease.

The lining is sumptuously soft and can be zipped out in a jiffy if it needs to be washed - which is very useful if you have a refluxy baby or indeed experience one of the many nappy explosions that we all know happen!

There is a mattress provided which is covered in an easily removable and superbly soft cover. The mattress cover also has a really clever breathable and waterproof inner liner to protect against those newborn accidents!

The VISTA V2 carrycot is impressive at that, but the fact that it can be removed from the pushchair frame with one hand and in one smooth motion makes it even more desirable! In the centre of the hood frame you will see a grey button. Just push and slide to the side and the carrycot will lift off the pushchair frame without waking any sleeping babies. This positioning of the handle also means that there's no need to bend when you are lifting it from the floor, or need to move a bumper bar out of the way when you are placing or removing the baby. And even better, as the carrycot has been approved for overnight sleeping, you can pop it onto the additionally available carrycot stand and use it as a moses basket - fuss free and practical - just the way we like our parenting products to be!

It is also worth mentioning that the carrycot, like the toddler seat, comes complete with its own raincover and mosquito net, so you really are equipped with everything you might need for every eventuality.


The VISTA V2 fold is easy to operate just like the other features we have discovered thus far. It is operated by pulling upwards on the buttons on either side of the handlebar which then drops towards the floor, folding into position and locking with its own chassis auto-lock. The footrest then tucks in to create a free standing parcel, that although not tiny, is still convenient in the sense it can be stood in corners without the need to be precariously balanced against the wall. There's no need to even remove the seat (as long as it is in the forward facing position). Removing the seat does make the fold lighter and easier to carry and lift, but if you're in a hurry, it's great to know you can fold the pushchair with the seat still in place. Also, you never need to lift the weight of the VISTA when folding or unfolding.

As a full sized travel system and single to tandem pushchair, we won't deny that the VISTA is bigger than single pushchairs when folded but we didn't find it too big to manage and store, especially if we removed the back wheels, which pop off in a jiffy.

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