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UPPAbaby Vista 2015 Review

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UPPAbaby Vista 2015 Review
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Reviewed On: 02 Feb 2015
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

It does everything a parent requires with no fuss and, has every function a pushchair needs, perfected. Perhaps the venting in the hoods is designed for hotter climates, aside from this, there is nothing I don't like about the UPPAbaby Vista 2015.

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The UPPAbaby Vista has always been about ultimate, carefully designed, functionality. The 2015 version carries this torch and runs off into the distance!

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UPPAbaby Vista 2015 Review
Pushchair review

Excitement has been building in the run up to the UK launch of the 2015 UPPAbaby Vista since its international debut in Las Vegas in September.  UPPAbaby are now almost there and both models will arrive in UK retailers next week. UPPAbaby UK are already reporting advance orders for the new model which brings up to date styling and extra features to the range. 

The Vista has always been a versatile product but the 2015 version makes a massive leap forward in it's ability to grow with your family and carry two children, even twins.  A simple £40 upgrade allows you to fit both your carry cot and seat unit to the chassis but there are also other options which make this one of the most versatile pushchairs on the market.  The twin option is new for UPPAbaby and Vista will now carry twins in comfort with two full size carry cots, two car seats or two seat units.


The new UPPAbaby Vista chassis has clearly had a serious makeover.  Slightly longer (the already enormous basket just got bigger), somehow cooler, the new chassis looks the part in the carbon colour option we have here to test. It mimics Apple's colour choice for the iPad and I can see why they chose it, it looks awesome! The other chassis colour is silver, so there is a choice for everyone.

The first thing that strikes you is the uncluttered nature of the design. Any element that actions something is coloured light grey, everything else including the bolts and rivets are colour coded to match. This is a really cohesive design. Look closer and you will see the work that has gone into designing elements like hinges to look just ‘so'. It is deeply impressive.

Of course, the Vista has always been about more than just looks. Its functionality has always come first and this is what the consumer has taken to. The 2015 UPPAbaby Vista takes this several stages further. You can now add adaptors to raise the main seat allowing the fitment of two car seats, two carrycots, two main seats and various combinations of the three. This is a huge step forward making the new Vista extremely versatile. I will talk more about this later.


The most striking feature of any UPPAbaby Vista is the basket. It is huge, measuring 70cm x 42cm x 25cm. Accessibility is excellent when the seat is either parent or world facing. At the rear of the basket the aluminium spar that connects the two main rear swing arms, does intrude, but this won't cause any problems due to the sheer size.

Holding the Vista stationery is handled by a press-on, press-off brake located on the right hand side. This is the perfect brake solution for flip-flip lovers - no more hurty toes! Brake action is light and there is a lovely click for on and a click for off with a corresponding status indicator on the brake pedal.

The UPPAbaby Vista has solid rubber tyres on both front and rear wheels. Totally puncture proof, these tyres also glide effortlessly across hard floors making the Vista an excellent urban drive.

Front wheel locks are activated and released by pushing the grey button on top of the front wheel hubs - an improvement on the sliders on the first Vista.

Suspension is handled by the shocks up on the rear trailing arms. With front suspension in the wheel housings for frontal impact and comfort. There is a surprising amount of suspension travel especially at the rear which is good as it means pavement cracks and lumps and bumps are not transferred directly into the seat.

Finally the handle slides smoothly in and out at the squeeze of button settling into one of 3 positions. The height range is excellent it will certainly be comfortable to virtually all who push the Vista.

The 2015 UPPAbaby Vista chassis really impressed. It is beautifully made, has clean lines and looks the part. I love some of the design detail and especially love the way the product is finished. Oh yes, and did I mention the basket is HUGE!

Main seat

The Main seat of the 2015 Vista follows the clean simple design lines of the Chassis, better still it has been designed with UPPAbaby's attention to functionality. It has a seatback height of 50cm and a minimum width of 30cm.

Reclining the seat is done by squeezing the button at the top of the seat and moving it to one the 6 predetermined positions. In parent facing mode you have to go round the front of the pushchair to recline the seat. With the seat facing away, the handle can get a little in the way as you recline the seat from behind the pushchair. The recline is easy, quiet and has a great range of adjustment.

While we are on the subject of adjustable ergonomics, we should discuss the footrest on the UPPAbaby Vista 2015. With a range of adjustment across 3 positions, the footrest provides excellent support for your child's legs whatever their age and however you have the seat positioned.

The tough seat fabrics are wipe clean or hand washable and will no doubt last for the life of the pushchair, they feel incredibly durable but smooth to the touch at the same time. This durable feel fabric has become something of an UPPAbaby trademark and from an owners perspective will ensure your pushchair looks as good as new throughout its life.


The hood attaches to the sides of the seat with plastic clasps, fitting takes seconds as does removal. Coverage is excellent with the main hood coming up to 90 degrees from the seat, reach in though, and you can grab hold of the silver hood extension shade. Pulling this out adds considerable additional coverage cocooning you child nicely. The trick I really like is the ability of the hood to slide up and down on the frame. This is great to use with children of differing heights, as your child grows, or even just to make things a little more cosy at naptime.

On top of the hood you will find a viewing / venting flap. This can be moved back and forth and is held shut using magnets (nice and quiet). When open, you use a toggle and loop to hold it there. I like the vented panel for summer months, however, I think it would be good to have a better ‘seal' around the panel as during winter/windy days I can see crosswinds blowing in through the vented panel due to the loose edges on the flap.


Unsurprisingly, for a product where such care and attention has been lavished on functionality, the bumper bar is of course gate opening. It is covered in wipeable, smooth, hard but compressible foam making is really easy to wipe clean.

The 5 point harness, is easy for a parent to open as it has a nice large button in the middle. The force required is of course designed so a mini Houdini cannot get the harness open themselves. Shoulder adjustment initially looks like a seat fabric removal job, until you discover there are individual loops for each position. Simply slide out the shoulder strap from its current loop and slide it onto a new one - job done..

The UPPAbaby Vista 2015 comes with a raincover and mosquito net. Both are quick and easy to fit to the main seat. The window in the raincover is designed to provide some extra venting as it has a mesh panel behind it. If you want to get quickly inside the raincover you will need to remove it. It is a small thing, but I would have preferred to have no mesh panel present and to be able to get a hand quickly inside.

Removing the main seat is as simple as grabbing the bumper bar on both sides, pushing down the silver buttons and lifting the seat away.

The carrycot

The UPPAbaby comes packed in 1 box, however within this are two boxes, one of which is dedicated to the carrycot. This is an excellent idea, as not only do you collect 1 box from the shop, but you have a box to store your carrycot in once you have finished with it. It even comes in its own storage bag.

Internally the carrycot is lined and beautifully soft. Measuring 72cm x 34cm x 16cm, it is really roomy ensuring even the largest of babies will have plenty of space. The base is vented and when combined with the lovely comfortable mattress allows for overnight sleeping.

One feature I particularly like is the ability to remove the carrycot from the chassis using just one hand. On top of the handle, you will find a grey button, press and slide this across and you can lift the carrycot off the chassis.

The handle also doubles as the hood mechanism. The hood sits up giving 90 degree coverage, however UPPAbaby have included a pull out visor which provides almost 180 degree shade. This element has side mesh panels built in to vent the hood and let some cool breeze in, perfect for summer but for winter in the UK? Hmmmmm, not so sure…

Within the carrycot box you also get a dedicated mosquito net and raincover.

When one becomes two

Of course the big news about the UPPAbaby Vista 2015 is the ability to convert it to hold two children.

You just need to purchase additional upper and lower adaptors - they cost only £20 each. This will allow you to carry two children in the carry cot and seat unit or car seat using your original Vista. Throw in a Rumble Seat  to have two seats which, depending on the configuration, at least one will recline. Add an additional carrycot up-top for new born twins. It is a brilliant, relatively low cost solution for a growing family.

If you are a lover of a really, really high seating position, you could just purchase the upper adaptors and use them to raise the main seat or carrycot.

This clever solution really does make the Vista 2015 a very compelling purchase for the first time parent. From day one, you can be safe in the knowledge that if and when the time comes, you just need to purchase the adaptors to cater for two children.


Folding the UPPAbaby Vista 2015 is simple and can be done with the seat in place in forward-facing mode.

1. Activate the brake.
2. Pull the light grey toggles on either side the handle towards you.
3. Drop the handle down.
4. The auto lock will engage as you fold the chassis.

The pushchair will stand once you have folded it if you fold it with the handle at maximum height.

Of course, you can also fold the Vista without the seat in place which may be easier if you are placing it in a car.


The UPPAbaby Vista has always been about ultimate, carefully designed, functionality. The 2015 version carries this torch and runs off into the distance!

If you are a first time parent searching for your first pushchair, you should look very carefully at the Vista 2015. The design, style and convenience of its size will make your life as the owner a breeze. Consider that you only need to spend £40 on a set of adaptors if and when your next child makes its appearance and, well see what I mean?

It may not be as ‘de riguer' as some, or as designer as others, but there is no doubting why people buy this pushchair again and again. It does everything a parent requires with no fuss and, has every function a pushchair needs, perfected. Perhaps the venting in the hoods is designed for hotter climates, aside from this, there is nothing I don't like about the UPPAbaby Vista 2015.

Many people ask me what my perfect pushchair is. I always say the same thing. What is perfect for me, is not necessarily perfect for someone else. However, I think UPPAbaby may have cracked it with this. It is brilliant and probably perfect for everyone - go and buy it!

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