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Uppababy Vista 2012 Review

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Uppababy Vista 2012 Review
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Reviewed On: 01 Mar 2013
Sophie Bell
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Since their arrival from the US several years ago now UPPAbaby have taken the UK pushchair market by storm, becoming extraordinarily popular with their UPPAbaby Vista. We take a look at the most recent updates in our UPPAbaby Vista 2012 review.

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We think the 2012 UPPAbaby Vista really is a great pushchair - one of the best in fact. Make sure you check it out when making your pushchair decision.

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Uppababy Vista 2012 Review

The UPPAbaby Vista has been almost epically popular since it hit our shores back in 2010, always keen to move with the times UPPAbaby took a long hard look at the Vista for 2012 and released some new updates. Here we review the updated UPPAbaby Vista 2012 and compare it to the previous version.


The frame of the UPPAbaby Vista 2012 has a reassuringly robust feel. The pushchair finish is exceptional and the quality of the individual components really shines through to give a very pleasing pushchair.

The height of the foam covered bar handlebar on the UPPAbaby Vista can be altered with a simple squeeze button in the centre, giving a great range of options for taller and shorted people alike. The basket on the UPPAbaby Vista 2012 is huge; and this is no over-exaggeration. The high seating position and the construction of the basket itself mean there is both exceptional room inside the basket AND access to the basket is extraordinary; you could easily fit two large changing bags in there if you needed to.

The solid rubber wheels have a good feeling of quality to them. The rear wheels are a large diameter which should see you rolling easily over all the usual lumps and bumps you find on most day to day outings. The front wheels are where we see one of the first updates to the UPPAbaby Vista for 2012, the buttons for wheel lock and removal have a much better look and feel to them, also, they are less exposed to potential damage. Great suspension and a lock / swivel function (with an easy depress of two snibs) will find getting around off the beaten path easy. The comfort of your child is further enhanced with built in suspension within the frame rather then the rear wheels, so potholes are taken easily in the Vista's stride.

The brake on the  Vista is well thought out for urban mums, an easy toe poke depress to put it on and the same again to release. No visual indicator of the brakes engagement, but the ‘clunk' on and off is reassuring and the pushchair comes to a halt very swiftly once the brake is engaged.

Although not a lightweight, the Vista is very easy to push, the large rear wheels and all round suspension meaning it can glide across smooth surfaces and turn on a sixpence even with a large toddler on board. One aspect of the UPPAbaby Vista to note is it's width, with the spacing of the rear wheels giving a total width of about 64cm, the Vista is almost as wide as some side-by-side doubles you can now get in the UK, although that said the width does give it a great feeling of balance and stability.


The reversible seat on the UPPAbaby Vista 2012 is where we start to see a few more of the serious upgrades and changes in this latest version. The seat is well padded and feels comfortable, with a wipe clean fabric which co-ordinates with both the hood and the zip off cover on the swing away gate opening bumper bar. The seat back has been made shorter as the previous high seat back interfered slightly with the one handed recline mechanism with the handle in the lowest position. Although already a fairly spacious seat for a toddler, UPPAbaby have still given parents of taller children more scope for 2012, the hood now slides up the frame of the seat by approximately 10cm – giving some additional headroom.

The hood itself has great coverage, and features an integrated extended sunshade – giving great UV protection to your occupant; this can be concealed inside the hood when not in use. The zip on the front of the hood allows the insect net to attach quickly and easily. Another update for 2012 is found here – the peek-a-boo window on the hood now has magnetic closures instead of Velcro, a welcome addition for parents of light sleepers I am sure.

The five point harness on the UPPAbaby Vista is fully adjustable in terms of length, and the shoulder straps can also be alternated between three different height settings as your child grows. Super soft chest pads are included, and are secured to the top of the straps by Velcro – a neat touch. The harness buckle is easy to do up (each side can be done separately – handy for wriggly toddlers), and is simple to release with a nice designed push button.


The padded calf rest is fully adjustable, giving you a range of settings depending upon the comfort and requirements of your child, the adjustment is operated by two buttons on either side of the seat frame, although the calf rest can be lifted upwards without their use (although not if you have a sleeping baby – the ‘click' produced by this procedure is loud enough to startle even the heaviest sleeper! But this can be avoided if the buttons are depressed).

One of the most innovative new features for the 2012 UPPAbaby Vista is a further extension of the recline feature. Previously the Vista recline had four positions, with the most reclined being some 30 degrees above horizontal, making the seat only suitable for use from around 6 months. For 2012 UPPAbaby have cleverly included a fifth recline setting – a completely horizontal one. This means that an older child can now take a sleep in a flatter position, also by use of the BabySnug (sold separately) the seat is even flatter. All babies grow at different rates so if your baby outgrows the carrycot a little sooner than you hoped, there's a flatter recline position available.  

The seat itself is still as easy to rotate as ever, a simple depress of latches on either side to pop it off the frame, spin it round and slot it back on. The seat itself is nice and light and this is an easy job to do.


The UPPAbaby Vista 2012 is sold as a package with the carrycot included. The Carrycot itself is a really cosy place for a new baby, it is roomy enough for future growth and with all the same great details we saw in the 2011 version, plus more. For the 2012 the carrycot has been made suitable for use for overnight sleeping; both the mattress and the carrycot base  are now ventilated to keep sufficient airflow around your little one to prevent overheating. Continuing along this vein UPPAbaby have also made the hood of the carrycot into a breezy style hood – the rear quadrant of the hood can be unzipped and lifted to reveal a mesh panel – allowing a gentle breeze to blow through.


A nice and easy job once you've figured it out. You can fold the UPPAbaby Vista with the seat on in forward facing mode or for an even more compact fold you can fold it with the seat removed.

To fold - squeeze the height adjustment button on the handlebar and slide it down towards its lowest setting, simultaneously depressing a small button on the side of the handle bar to release the secondary lock. The handle should then drop down towards the floor and the pushchair will fold in half (with the calf rest sticking directly upwards if you've left the seat on). An auto-lock will engage to keep the pushchair folded.

To unfold – Undo the autolock and smartly raise the handle bar, the pushchair locks into the open position with a reassuring ‘clunk'.

The 2012 UPPAbaby Vista now also features a couple of rubber knobs on the handlebar so that if you choose to leave the Vista standing upright when folded it is less likely that the vulnerable foam of the handlebar will come into direct contact with the ground.


The UPPAbaby Vista 2012 has plenty of little improvements that make an already exceptional pushchair even more perfect.

The styling of the Vista has remained the same, with some fresh new colourways to update it, whilst on a practical level the addition of the fifth, horizontal recline position is a great idea – giving even more versatility to an already highly user friendly pushchair. Even the little adjustments are smart ones, parent friendly and cunningly adding value without altering the classic UPPAbaby styling – magnetic closures, improved suspension and overnight sleeping carrycot... all working together to keep giving you and your little one time to enjoy the vista.

We think the 2012 UPPAbaby Vista really is a great pushchair - one of the best in fact. Make sure you check it out when making your pushchair decision. 

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