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TFK Twinner Twist Duo Review

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TFK Twinner Twist Duo Review
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Reviewed On: 05 Jan 2012
Helen Taylor
Expert Reviewer
Helen's Verdict:
3.5 / 5

TFK are breaking into the pushchair market in the UK with their range of urban and all terrain vehicles. We have the Twinner Twist Duo in at Pushchair Expert HQ for review...

Review Summary


The TFK Twinner Twist Duo is a large pushchair that will accommodate two children with room to spare. It's manoeuvrability on all terrains is exceptional and, although not recommended, thanks to the hand activated brake it can be used as a jogging pushchair with the front wheels locked into the unidirectional setting.

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What’s good
  • Spacious double
  • Hand brake
  • Superbly manoeuvrable
  • Pockets everywhere
What’s not so good
  • Busy design
  • Coarse fabric
  • Overstitched
  • Multi-stage fold, zip recline

Review Content

TFK Twinner Twist Duo Review

In the same vein as the Joggster Twist, the TFK Twinner Twist Duo is an all terrain pushchair that can carry siblings or even twins, in seats, carrycots or car seats.

Aimed at ‘outdoorsey' parents, it brings a smooth freedom to allow you to get out and about with ease, whether you're nipping around town or trudging through the countryside.

The four air tyres, 30cms at the rear and 25cms at the front, provide an excellent cushion against rough terrain. The front can be locked off using the large dial situated above the front wheels. The red buttons on the top of the dials dislocate the wheels in an instant, whereas pressing the buttons in the centre of the hubs of the rear wheels will surrender them from the chassis. It's not only the air tyres that are great shock absorbers but the frame has built-in suspensions making your double load more comfortable as well as easier to push.

In terms of baskets, the Twinner Twist Duo's is large, but being slung beneath the width of two seats you would expect it to be. It's here you begin to see that it is effectively two separate pushchairs joined at the hip. Access to the large basket is hindered slightly buy the central support bar that reaches down to the back axle but this doesn't diminish the space you have to play with.

The footrest is very mechanical in its design but also effective. It can be raised or lowered by first flattening the footplate then sliding it up or down into one of the three positions for your small/medium/large passenger. It can also be supported by a metal prop that can be stood upright to support the calf/foot rest in a horizontal position then neatly folds away under the calfrest when not in use.


If we work our way up this sturdy off roader, we come to the two seats. The fabric is a durable nylon with reflective stitching accents on every seam. If you are a fan of Kipling bags from the continent, you will love the TFK products. To the rear of the seat is the means by which the seat is reclined; a set of zips incline or recline the seat between fully horizontal to sitting up straight. The 5-point harness in each seat ensures that any budding escape artists are restrained from performing their party piece whether they are large or small because the shoulder height can be very easily adjusted to one of two positions. No rethreading or messing about breaking your nails; undo the clips at the top of the straps then feed them under the lower horizontal ribbon before doing up the clips again. The incorporated seat pad is made from ‘Airgo' a breathable seat material so that on hotter days your toddlers aren't stuck to their seats.

Individual canopies put a stop to any arguments of preference. Both have large viewing windows in the top covered by Velcro-shut flaps, brackets to keep them rigid when open and flip out sun visors to shade the glare.

The double seating arrangement can be spanned by one large bumper bar or when using it in the carrycot/seat combination a single bar is provided.


The TFK Joggster Twist can take two carrycots, two car seats or a seat/carrycot combination. The seat is removed by undoing the poppers that surround it and unclamping the hood. When the frame is naked, attach the carrycot adaptors and then clip the carrycot onto the two bars. I love the fact that the carrycots are attached at two points on the frame, this eliminates wobble and rocking.


The carrycot itself is sturdy and robust. The canopy/handle cannot be folded down until a red button has been pressed near the hinge. The good thing about this is that if you have any sort of accident with your pushchair, the handle acts as a roll bar, protecting your baby. The rear of the canopy can be opened up to reveal a meshed panel that allows ventilation on hotter days.


Apart from the large basket under the seats, there are also pouches on the side and zip pockets on the rear of each seat, so you are never going to be stuck for space.


The wide handle offers complete control to your pushchair; steering and braking are at your fingertips. The brake lever looks like those you find on bicycles and when applied, it has an instant reaction from the disc brakes on the rear wheels. The red lever next to the brake holds the brake on when you want to park and you want to be sure it stays where you left it!

The handle can be adjusted from 85 to 111cms ensuring it will accommodate all height differences.


Firstly, close the canopies, fold the bumper bar down to it's lowest setting and flip the footplates up. Then unclip the black paddles either side of the frame and lift the red safety loop on the left. Holding onto the two black struts that stick out at the sides, step on the basket and the rear wheels will be free to slide under the already folded top half of the pushchair, The frame is held shut by a rather rudimentary strap with eyelet that fits over a peg on the opposing side of the frame.

To open, undo the locking strap, roll the rear axle out towards you, then grab the handle. Be sure to close the black paddles on each side of the frame and step on the rim of the basket to lock the frame rigid once more.


The TFK Twinner Twist Duo is a large pushchair that will accommodate two children with room to spare. It's manoeuvrability on all terrains is exceptional and, although not recommended, thanks to the hand activated brake it can be used as a jogging pushchair with the front wheels locked into the unidirectional setting.

I love the full control you have over this pushchair, it really feels like you are in charge. The fold is relatively compact for a side-by-side double. I like the idea, although not execution, of multi positional footplates, they seem a little primitive in their engineering although they actually do a good job when you see them in action.

Unfortunately, apart from the reflective stitching that has been used liberally all over the seats, the fabrics on the Twinner Twist Duo seem very under engineered compared to the work that has gone into the mechanics of the frame. The texture makes the pushchair slightly rough to the touch. Plus, with so many accents; the stitching, the pockets, the flaps and logos make it quite a busy feast.

You will never be short on storage with the Twinner Twist Duo as there are pocket everywhere and the huge basket is completely necessary with two passengers on board but the central pillar to the frame does limit access to almost limitless space under the seats.

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